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Movement speed advantage required for a given attack efficiency when chasing

Movement speed (sometimes abbreviated as move speed or MS) is the speed at which a unit can move. Movement speed can never be lower than 100, and is usually capped at 550. Some heroes have abilities that allow them to move above 550 movement speed. Every unit has a base movement speed, but it can be altered by abilities and items. The average base movement speed is 298. The Agility attribute symbol.png agility attribute grants 0.05% (0.05% to agility heroes) movement speed per point.

Movement speed is expressed in units per second.


There are several different orders which make the unit move.

Move command[edit]

The default move command, bound to the right mouse key, but can also be bound to a hotkey (default: M). When targeting the ground, makes the unit move to that point, or until unable to get closer to the point (i.e. target is out of reach). During a move command, the unit does not automatically attack enemies on the way.

Follow command[edit]

The follow command is merged in with the default move command, and is executed with the same keys. To follow a unit, the move command has to be given on the desired target to follow. When targeting an allied unit with the move command, makes the unit follow the allied unit, until a new order is given or until the targeted unit dies. The follow range for most units is 100, meaning a unit ordered to follow another unit attempts to stay within 100 range of the targeted unit. Mobile ward type summons (such as { Healing Ward) have a follow range of 250. In order to follow enemy units, the move command hotkey must be used, since a right-click on an enemy automatically orders an attack on it.

Patrol command[edit]

The patrol command (no default hotkey set), makes the unit move back and forth between its starting location and the targeted point, until it is given another order. A unit can be given multiple points to patrol. When doing so, the unit moves to the targeted points in the same order in which they were given. Upon reaching the last point, it moves back in reversed order. Just like the move command, the unit does not automatically attack enemies it crosses while patrolling.

Attack-move command[edit]

Identical to the move command, with the difference being the ordered unit attacking any enemy they cross while moving. This order can be given by giving an attack order onto the ground. To do this, the attack hotkey must be used (default: A). If the unit crosses no enemies during an attack move order, it essentially acts as a move order. When an enemy gets within the unit's acquisition range, it goes towards that enemy and attacks it. If the target can no longer be attacked for any reason (dies, becomes ethereal or invulnerable, turns invisible or loss of sight over target), the unit resumes moving towards the targeted point, continuing from its current location. It does not trace its way back to where it left the path to attack an enemy.

Movement speed stacking[edit]

Flat movement speed bonuses are simply added to the base movement speed of the unit, while percentage based bonuses get all summed up and then applied to the unit's total movement speed. However, most item-based speed bonuses have stacking restrictions. Passive movement speed bonuses from items are separated into groups. The movement speed bonuses of the items in their groups do not stack with each other or with multiple of themselves, but do stack with the bonuses from items from the other groups.


Movement Speed = (Base + Σ Flat Bonuses) × (1 + Σ Percentage Bonuses - Σ Slows)

Movement speed comparison[edit]

Below is a comparison of the movement speeds of all heroes.

Heroes (melee) Heroes (ranged) Base MS Boots of Speed (500)Power Treads (1450)Phase Boots (1480)Arcane Boots (1400) Guardian Greaves (5375) Tranquil Boots (1050) / Tranquil Boots (Broken) (1050) Boots of Travel 1 (2500) Boots of Travel 2 (4500) Phase Boots (1480) Phased
Legion Commander, Meepo Keeper of the Light, Pugna 330 379.5 386.1 415.8 / 389.4 435.6 445.5 452.1 / 412.5
Abaddon, Lifestealer, Ursa Leshrac, Lone Druid, Luna, Skywrath Mage 325 373.75 380.25 409.5 / 383.5 429 438.75 445.25 / 406.25
Chaos Knight, Naga Siren 320 368 374.4 403.2 / 377.6 422.4 432 438.4 / 400
Bounty Hunter, Lycan, Wraith King Enchantress, Gyrocopter 315 362.25 368.55 396.9 / 371.7 415.8 425.25 431.55 / 393.75
Anti-Mage, Clockwerk, Earthshaker, Elder Titan, Mars, Sven, Terrorblade Death Prophet, Outworld Devourer, Techies 310 356.5 362.7 390.6 / 365.8 409.2 418.5 424.7 / 387.5
Alchemist, Beastmaster, Brewmaster, Ember Spirit, Magnus, Monkey King, Nyx Assassin, Pangolier, Phantom Assassin Bane, Chen, Dazzle, Shadow Fiend, Templar Assassin 305 350.75 356.85 384.3 / 359.9 402.6 411.75 417.85 / 381.25
Centaur Warrunner, Dark Seer, Faceless Void, Juggernaut, Kunkka, Omniknight, Slark, Tidehunter, Tusk, Undying Oracle, Witch Doctor 300 345 351 378 / 354 396 405 411 / 375
Axe, Bloodseeker, Dragon Knight, Underlord Disruptor, Lich, Zeus 295 339.25 345.15 371.7 / 348.1 389.4 398.25 404.15 / 368.75
Bristleback, Earth Spirit, Night Stalker, Ogre Magi, Phantom Lancer, Riki, Sand King, Slardar, Spectre, Timbersaw, Tiny Ancient Apparition, Batrider, Clinkz, Dark Willow, Enigma, Grimstroke, Huskar, Jakiro, Lina, Lion, Mirana, Nature's Prophet, Puck, Queen of Pain, Rubick, Shadow Demon, Silencer, Tinker, Troll Warlord, Vengeful Spirit, Warlock, Windranger 290 333.5 339.3 365.4 / 342.2 382.8 391.5 397.3 / 362.5
Doom, Spirit Breaker Drow Ranger, Razor, Shadow Shaman, Sniper, Storm Spirit, Visage, Winter Wyvern 285 327.75 333.45 359.1 / 336.3 376.2 384.75 390.45 / 356.25
Pudge Arc Warden, Invoker, Io, Morphling, Necrophos, Phoenix 280 322 327.6 352.8 / 330.4 369.6 378 383.6 / 350
Broodmother Crystal Maiden, Medusa, Venomancer, Viper, Weaver 275 316.25 321.75 346.5 / 324.5 363 371.25 376.75 / 343.75
Treant Protector 270 310.5 315.9 340.2 / 318.6 356.4 364.5 369.9 / 337.5

Movement speed granting talents[edit]

The following heroes have a talent that grants them bonus movement speed.

Bonus Level 10 Level 15 Level 20 Level 25
Left Right Left Right Left Right Left Right
Movement speed
  • Beastmaster minimap icon.png +20
  • Centaur Warrunner minimap icon.png +20
  • Chaos Knight minimap icon.png +20
  • Clockwerk minimap icon.png +20
  • Enchantress minimap icon.png +20
  • Juggernaut minimap icon.png +20
  • Lich minimap icon.png +20
  • Mars minimap icon.png +20
  • Keeper of the Light minimap icon.png +25
  • Nature's Prophet minimap icon.png +25
  • Underlord minimap icon.png +25
  • Abaddon minimap icon.png +20
  • Bounty Hunter minimap icon.png +20
  • Bristleback minimap icon.png +20
  • Drow Ranger minimap icon.png +20
  • Elder Titan minimap icon.png +20
  • Naga Siren minimap icon.png +20
  • Pugna minimap icon.png +20
  • Sand King minimap icon.png +20
  • Skywrath Mage minimap icon.png +20
  • Terrorblade minimap icon.png +20
  • Tidehunter minimap icon.png +20
  • Tiny minimap icon.png +20
  • Enigma minimap icon.png +25
  • Grimstroke minimap icon.png +30
  • Lifestealer minimap icon.png +25
  • Axe minimap icon.png +30
  • Leshrac minimap icon.png +30
  • Luna minimap icon.png +30
  • Nyx Assassin minimap icon.png +30
  • Shadow Fiend minimap icon.png +30
  • Dark Willow minimap icon.png +35
  • Templar Assassin minimap icon.png +25
  • Earthshaker minimap icon.png +30
  • Outworld Devourer minimap icon.png +30
  • Shadow Demon minimap icon.png +30
  • Sven minimap icon.png +30
  • Tinker minimap icon.png +30
  • Zeus minimap icon.png +30
  • Batrider minimap icon.png +40
  • Bane minimap icon.png +50
  • Legion Commander minimap icon.png +35
  • Dazzle minimap icon.png +40
  • Gyrocopter minimap icon.png +40
  • Night Stalker minimap icon.png +40
  • Oracle minimap icon.png +50
  • Techies minimap icon.png +50
  • Ogre Magi minimap icon.png +75

Besides these, the following heroes have other specific movement speed talents

Specific cast range talents

Movement speed granting abilities[edit]

Movement speed granting items[edit]

Items based on Boots of Speed[edit]

Multiple Boots of Speed icon.png Boots of Speed or other derived items do not stack.

Items based on Yasha[edit]

Multiple Yasha icon.png Yasha or other derived items do not stack.

Items based on Wind Lace[edit]

Active abilities of items[edit]


Haste sets the affected unit's minimum movement speed to a certain value. This means during its effect, a unit's movement speed cannot go below that value. So when a unit has more movement speed than the set value (e.g. Bloodseeker minimap icon.png Bloodseeker with his Thirst), slow effects cannot bring it below the value set by the haste.

Version history[edit]

  • Movement speed bonus from Agility attribute symbol.png agility now applies to all heroes, instead of only to agility heroes.
  • Reduced agility movement speed bonus from 0.06% to 0.05%.
  • Agility attribute symbol.png Agility heroes now gain 0.06% movement speed per agility point.
  • Maximum movement speed increased from 522 to 550.
  • Agility attribute symbol.png Agility no longer grants 0.01 movement speed per point.
  • Move speed bonuses no longer stack.

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