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Known Bugs


Gyrocopter has no teleport animation
Most heroes have a teleport animation. The following heroes, transformed heroes or creep-heroes are missing a teleport animation: Dark Seer minimap icon.png Dark Seer, Dragon Knight minimap icon.png Dragon Knight during Elder Dragon Form, Gyrocopter minimap icon.png Gyrocopter, Juggernaut minimap icon.png Juggernaut, Legion Commander minimap icon.png Legion Commander, Leshrac minimap icon.png Leshrac, Lina minimap icon.png Lina, Lone Druid minimap icon.png Lone Druid during True Form, Lycan minimap icon.png Lycan during Shapeshift, Nature's Prophet minimap icon.png Nature's Prophet, Nyx Assassin minimap icon.png Nyx Assassin, Phantom Assassin minimap icon.png Phantom Assassin, Phantom Lancer minimap icon.png Phantom Lancer, Puck minimap icon.png Puck, Queen of Pain minimap icon.png Queen of Pain, Sand King minimap icon.png Sand King, Silencer minimap icon.png Silencer, Spectre minimap icon.png Spectre, Lone Druid Spirit Bear icon.png Spirit Bear, Sven minimap icon.png Sven, Techies minimap icon.png Techies, Templar Assassin minimap icon.png Templar Assassin, Terrorblade minimap icon.png Terrorblade (default and during Metamorphosis), Tiny minimap icon.png Tiny, Ursa minimap icon.png Ursa, Vengeful Spirit minimap icon.png Vengeful Spirit, Visage minimap icon.png Visage, Warlock minimap icon.png Warlock, and Witch Doctor minimap icon.png Witch Doctor.
25 November 2018

Homing Missile[edit]

Homing Missile's recharge time is wrong on level 2 and higher
When choosing the level 25 talent which replaces the cooldown with 3 charges, the recharge time is supposed to be equal to the cooldown on the same level. However, when on level 2 or higher, only the very first charge uses the correct recharge time (without taking cooldown reduction into account), while all other charges use the level 1 cooldown (taking cooldown reduction into account) as recharge time, taking significantly longer to recharge than the first charge.
Ancient Apparition's Cold Feet has this issue as well.
8 September 2017

Rubick's stolen Homing Missile copies the charge talent
Rubick generally does *not* copy talents of spells. However, he does gain the charges of Homing Missile when stealing it, going against the rule of not copying talents.
The same goes for a stolen Cold Feet, where Rubick also copies the charges talent.
21 February 2017

Homing Missile does not have infinite charges in -wtf mode
The wtf mode grants charge-based spells infinite charges. However, it does not do this for spells which do not have charges from the beginning. This means that Homing Missile does not have infinite charges in this mode.
Other spells affected by this are Cold Feet, Rupture and Demonic Purge
21 February 2017

Homing Missile's recharge timer on the status buff visually resets when respawning, causing its cooldown to desync with the charges
When a charge is currently recharging, respawning during it causes the green sweep on the status buff icon to reset, while the actual recharge time is unaffected and continues normally. This can cause the cooldown to desync with the recharge time if the last charge is getting used after respawning.
Other spells affected by this are Cold Feet, Rupture, Stone Remnant, Fire Remnant and Demonic Purge.
24 April 2017

Flak Cannon[edit]

Recasting Flak Cannon does not reset the charges
When the Flak Cannon cooldown is shorter than the duration, it is possible to recast the ability while there are charges left. Doing so will reset the buff duration, but keeps the previous amount of charges. This can happen with multiple sources of cooldown reduction, Refresher Orb icon.png Refresher Orb, Refresher Shard icon.png Refresher Shard and WTF mode.
4 February 2018
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