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Great Sage's Reckoning Bundle

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Great Sage's Reckoning Bundle
Cosmetic icon Great Sage's Reckoning Bundle.png
Rarity: Arcana

Though his misdeeds have long been forgiven, the thrills of Sun Wukong's crimes live on. Relive three legendary trials from his earliest adventures with the Great Sage's Reckoning.
This Monkey King Arcana bundle includes Great Sage's Reckoning Arcana head item with four dynamic styles that change depending on the level of his Ultimate ability, custom animations, Great Sage's Reckoning Loading Screen and Emoticon, and Taunt: Goin' Bananas.
Created By
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Customization Type Preview Bound To
Ambient Effect
(Timeless Tale)
(Rumble in the Deep)
(Immortal Path)
(King's Crucible)
Primal Spring1
(Cast & Landing)
(Rumble in the Deep)
(Immortal Path)
(King's Crucible)
(Rumble in the Deep)
Haste2 Animation Great Sage's Reckoning Haste.gif

1 Timeless Tale style uses default effects.
2 Triggered when movement speed is above 500. Monkey King rides the nimbus intermittently, not all the time.

Hero Icons[edit]

Customization Preview
Minimap icon Great Sage's Reckoning Monkey King minimap icon.png
Top icon Great Sage's Reckoning Monkey King icon.png

Ability Icons[edit]

Customization Preview Bound To
Tree Dance Great Sage's Reckoning Tree Dance icon.png
Primal Spring Great Sage's Reckoning Primal Spring icon.png


Timeless Tale Rumble in
the Deep
Immortal Path King's
Great Sage's Reckoning Portrait.png Great Sage's Reckoning Portrait 2.png Great Sage's Reckoning Portrait 3.png Great Sage's Reckoning Portrait 4.png

Voice Responses[edit]

Customization Preview
Modified Responses

New Lines

Leveling Up

  • ▶️ r Some of the tales you hear about me are truer than others.
  • ▶️ r The origins of my staff? How much time do you have?
  • ▶️ r I should have known a weapon worthy of my talents wouldn't be found in an armory.
  • ▶️ r I didn't find this staff by chance, it called out to me. It longed to take part in my legend.
  • ▶️ r The Narrow Maze is only a labyrinth if you stick to the path.
  • ▶️ r I was fearless before I was immortal. But now -- haha -- the gods fear me!
  • ▶️ r It wasn't my name alone purged from the underworld's ledger. My army will outlive you all.
  • ▶️ r My enemies thought the flames would consume me; they made me stronger!
  • ▶️ r Fire in my belly, fight in my blood.
  • ▶️ r Some legends burn out. I tend to flare up and leave the place in shambles.

Riding the Nimbus cloud




  • The oldest tales say he hatched from a magic stone, bursting one day from a massive boulder that had borne silent witness to the entirety of creation. But only children and fools put stock in such things.
  • To seek a weapon worthy of his talents, Sun Wukong called upon the King of the Eastern Seas, known hoarder of many great treasures lost to the lands above. He found a gold-banded staff of remarkable dimensions shining in the blackest depths.
  • Not content to live as the greatest warrior of his own time, Sun Wukong traversed the path to the underworld to steal his name from the Book of Life and Death and become a living legend for all of time. But nothing comes without its price.
  • Determined to restore balance to nature and prevent further crimes, Sun Wukong's enemies conspired to lock him in a furnace, intending to purge his heavenly powers in the purifying flames of the Eternal Crucible. The flames only made him stronger.


  • This bundle was released at the same time as Monkey King minimap icon.png Monkey King.