Golden Severing Crest

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Golden Severing Crest
Cosmetic icon Golden Severing Crest.png
Razor icon.png
Rarity: Immortal
Slot: Head

To face the guardians of the Narrow Maze is to deny eternity itself. Yet there are those who would dare defy their fate and strike at the source of their torment, only to be thrown down time and again. These insolent few may soon find themselves flung to the darkest reaches of the herebetween, and left to wander fateless, for all eternity.
Created By
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This item comes with customizations for Static Link icon.png Static Link. It is a Genuine, golden version of Severing Crest.


Customization Type Preview
Ambient Effect Golden Severing Crest portrait.gif
Golden Severing Crest ambient.gif
Static Link icon.png Static Link Effect Golden Severing Crest Static Link preview.gif

Ability Icon[edit]

Static Link icon.png Static Link
Golden Severing Crest Static Link.png


  • This item's model is identical to Severing Crest, but comes with different textures and particle effects.