Golden Lamb to the Slaughter

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Golden Lamb to the Slaughter
Cosmetic icon Golden Lamb to the Slaughter.png
Shadow Shaman icon.png
Shadow Shaman
Rarity: Immortal
Slot: Weapon

Invented long ago as a way to combat insomnia, this spell will have you counting sheep in no time. Provided you can only count to one. With a wave of his wand, Shadow Shaman can clad even the deadliest wolf in sheep's clothing.
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This item comes in Genuine quality.


Customization Type Preview
Ambient Effect Lamb to the Slaughter ambient.gif
Hex Effect Golden Lamb to the Slaughter Hex preview.gif
Model Hex lamb golden model.png

Ability Icon[edit]

Golden Lamb to the Slaughter Hex.png



  • This item's internal name is Sheepstick, a reference to the hex model used in DotA 1.
  • This item's model is identical to Lamb to the Slaughter, but comes with different textures and particle effects.
  • Lamb to the Slaughter is a well-known short story by British writer Roald Dahl.