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Golden Chaos Fulcrum

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Golden Chaos Fulcrum
Cosmetic icon Golden Chaos Fulcrum.png
Chaos Knight icon.png
Chaos Knight
Rarity: Immortal
Slot: Shield

Bound to purpose on the hunt for the pale rider, the Golden Chaos Fulcrum strains even against the order of its own existence as it bends reality to devour rays from the first Light.
Created By
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  • Very minor custom loadout and loadout spawn animations not shown. They are identical to the default animations, but displayed from a different angle.
Customization Type Preview
Ambient Effect
Reality Rift Effect

Ability Icons[edit]

Reality Rift
Golden Chaos Fulcrum Reality Rift icon.png



  • This item shares a model with Chaos Fulcrum, but comes with different textures and particles.
  • This item shares aesthetics with Chaos Arbiter.