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Gilded Edge

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Gilded Edge
Cosmetic icon Gilded Edge.png
Slark icon.png
Rarity: Mythical
Slot: Weapon
Created By
Valve logo.svg
TI 5 Secret Shop The International 2015 Special Edition SteelSeries APEX M800 Keyboard

This item comes in Genuine quality with purchase of The International 2015 special edition of SteelSeries APEX M800 Keyboard. The keyboard was only available from The International 2015 Secret Shop, where it quickly sold out.


Customization Type Preview
(Weapon & Body)
Effect Gilded Edge Ambient.gif



  • This item's internal name is Gilded Justice.
  • This item is based on the in-game item, Silver Edge icon.png Silver Edge.
  • This item's model is identical to Pale Edge, but comes with different textures and particle effects.
  • This item was originally slated to come with the SteelSeries DOTA 2 M800 Keyboard during The International 2015, but was never released for reasons unknown.