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Gem of True Sight/Changelogs

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Version history[edit]

  • Gem of True Sight now provides 300 radius ground vision and True Sight around the location it is dropped, for the last team that dropped it. Lasts until picked up.
  • Increased gold cost from 850 to 900.
  • Increased gold cost from 700 to 850.
  • Is no longer destroyable.
  • Increased restock time from 480 to 600.
  • Increased restock time from 360 to 480.
  • Now has a 360 second restock time.
  • Couriers can now carry Gem of True Sight, however, it has its True Sight disabled on the courier.
  • Reduced gold cost from 750 to 700.
  • Is now destroyable again.
  • Reduced gold cost from 900 to 750.
  • Can now be dropped manually again (still unsellable and undestroyable).
  • Increased gold cost from 600 to 900.
  • Is no longer manually dropable (thus no longer sellable and destroyable, but still drops on death).
  • Increased gold cost from 500 to 600.
Happened between 5.37 and 5.40
  • Reduced gold cost from 700 to 500.
Happened between 5.11 and 5.31

Patch history[edit]