Gear of the Tally-Ho Hunter Set

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Gear of the Tally-Ho Hunter Set
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Rarity: Rare

Long ago exiled from the valleys of Knollen, Sniper has travelled to many lands, fought in many battles, and learned much along the way. From these adventures, he has garnered mementos of his travels, collecting armor and weapons as he strives to fulfill the prophecy of his youth, in the hope of one day rejoining the keen folk of his ancestral village. Contains all of the items in the 'Gear of the Tally-Ho Hunter' set for Sniper.
Created By
Gear of the Tally-Ho Hunter Set
Hunter's Helm
Cape of the Great Safari
Bracers of the Seasoned Hunter
Rifle of the Great Safari
Sharpeye's Mementos

This set was selected as a one of the winning entries in the 2012 Polycount Contest.

Set Items[edit]