Flame Ancient

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Flame Ancient
Roshan model.png
Jungle Creep
Health 1500
Health regeneration 20
Mana 250
Mana regeneration 5
Armor 7
Magic resistance 50%
Attack damage 200‒300
Acquisition range 600
Attack range 128
Base attack time 1
Attack animation 0.3+0.3
Movement speed 270
Follow range 100
Turn rate 0.5
Collision size 24
Vision range 1400 (G)
Bounty 0
Experience 100
Model scale ?
Abilities Breathe Fire

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Breathe Fire
Does not pierce spell immunity.
Fireblast icon.png
A column of fire spews forth sweeping in an arc across the front of the caster. Cannot be interrupted.
Cast Animation: 1.5+0
Max Channel Time: 2
Damage Distance: 500/600/700/800
Damage Radius: 200
Rotation Angle: 90°
Damage: 160/200/240/280
Cooldown: 10


  • The Flame Ancient is completely immune to disables while channeling this spell.
  • The Flame Ancient starts spewing fire 45° to its right and turns 90° counterclockwise over 2 seconds.
  • While turning, lines of fire are released in 0.2 second intervals, starting immediately on cast, resulting in 10 lines.
  • All 10 lines together can deal 1600/2000/2400/2800 damage to a single enemy (before reductions).