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Huskar icon.png
Strength attribute symbol.png
Agility attribute symbol.png
Intelligence attribute symbol.png
21 + 2.7
15 + 1.4
18 + 1.5
Level 0 1 15 25 30
Health 200 620 1360 1900 2180
Health regen 0 2.1 5.88 8.58 9.93
Mana 75 291 543 723 807
Mana regen 0 0.9 1.95 2.7 3.08
Armor -2 0.5 3.77 6.1 7.27
Att/sec 0.63 0.72 0.84 0.93 0.97
Damage 19‒24 40‒45 77‒82 104‒109 118‒123
Magic resistance 25%
▶️ Movement speed 290
▶️ Attack speed 100
Turn rate 0.5
Vision range 1800/800
Attack range 400
Projectile speed 1400
Attack animation 0.4+0.5
Base attack time 1.6
Damage block 0
Collision size 24
Gib type Default


Inner Fire
Inner Fire icon.png
No Target
In a fiery rage, knocks all nearby enemies away from you to a fixed distance, dealing damage and disarming them.
Cast Animation: 0.2+0.64
Radius: 500
Damage: 110/170/230/290
Max Knockback Distance: 550
Knockback Duration: 0.6
Disarm Duration: 3/4/5/6
Cooldown: 18/16/14/12
Mana: 75/100/125/150
Debuff Inner Fire Knockback: Dispellable with death only.
Debuff Inner Fire Disarm: Dispellable with any dispel.


  • Despite the description, does not disarm enemies. Instead, it slows their attack speed to their minimum.
  • The slow is applied at the same time as the knockback, not after the knockback.
  • The knockback is not a set distance. It pushes every enemy so they are 550 range away from Huskar's cast location. So the minimum knockback distance is 50.
  • The knockback duration is always 0.6, so the speed varies between 83.33 and 916.66, depending on the knockback distance.
  • Enemies are not disabled during the knockback, and are, besides moving, able to act freely during it.
  • Can push units over impassable terrain. Any tree a knocked back unit collides with gets destroyed.
  • Inner Fire first applies the damage, then the debuffs.

Burning Spear
Frosthaven Burning Spear icon.png
(Talent Pure)
Huskar sets his target and surrounding enemies aflame, dealing damage over time with his regular attack. Multiple attacks will stack additional damage. Each attack drains some of Huskar's health. Lasts 6 seconds. Burn damage is applied immediately after the first spear is hit.
Cast Range: 450 (Talent 625)
Radius: 220/240/260/280
Health Cost: 15
Damage per Second: 10/15/20/25 (Talent 25/30/35/40)
Duration: 6
Cooldown: 0
Partially pierces spell immunity. Does not pierce spell immunity. Attempts to damage if debuff was placed before spell immunity.
Pierces spell immunity when the required talent is chosen.
Debuff Burning Spear Counter: Dispellable with death only.
Debuff Burning Spear Debuff: Dispellable with death only.
The Sacred Warrior ignites his weaponry after marking it with his own blood - causing far greater pain than he himself feels.


  • The health cost is direct HP Removal, and is not lethal.
  • Uses Huskar's 400 (Talent 575) attack range when using autocast. Manually casting it uses the 450 (Talent 625) cast range.
  • Burning Spear stacks additively when used multiple times on one target.
    • Each attack places the Burning Spear Debuff debuff on the target.
    • The number of debuffs are summed up and displayed as one icon on the affected enemy.
    • A number on the icon reveals the amount of stacks. The number is visible to everyone.
    • Every instance's duration is completely independent from other instances. They do not prolong or refresh each other.
    • The Burning Spear Counter debuff is only placed once and refreshed with successive casts.
  • Deals damage in 0.75 second intervals, starting immediately as the debuff is placed, resulting in up to 9 instances.
    • The stacks do not deal damage individually. Instead, they are all summed up into one instance.
  • Leveling up Burning Spear does not update already placed debuffs. Refreshing them with a new level does not update them either.
  • Choosing either of the related talents upgrades already placed stacks immediately.

Berserker's Blood
Can be used by illusions.
Berserker's Blood icon.png
Huskar's injuries feed his power, giving increased attack speed and health regen based on missing health. Health regen is a percentage of your strength.
Max Attack Speed Bonus: 220/260/300/340
Strength as Max Health Regen Bonus: 20%/30%/40%/50%
Max Bonus Health Threshold: 10%
After losing his birthright, Huskar gained a lethality in physical combat that is only heightened as his own blood is spilled.


  • Huskar's size increases the closer he gets to the max bonuses of Berserker's Blood, up to 35%.
  • Although not visible in the HUD due to it no showing enough decimals, each missing point of health grants bonuses.
  • The bonuses grow exponentially, ramping up faster the lower his health is.
  • No bonuses are applied at 100% health and the maximum is applied when strictly below 10% health.
  • The health percentage is checked periodically and the effects adapted instantly.

Life Break
Frosthaven Life Break icon.png
Enemies / Self
Huskar draws upon his health to break an enemy's life, leaping at a target within attack range to shatter a percentage of Huskar's Max Health, and slowing them. While leaping, Huskar is Spell Immune.
Cast Animation: 0.3+0.5
Cast Range: 550 (Talent 950)
Max Health as Cost: 32%/35%/38%
Target's Max Health as Damage: 32%/35%/38% (Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. 55%)
Move Speed Slow: 40%/50%/60%
Slow Duration: 4/5/6
Cooldown: 16/15/14 (With Aghanim's: 12)
Aghanim's upgrade: Increases damage dealt, reduces cooldown.
Pierces spell immunity. Does not attempt to damage spell immune units.
Blocked by Linken's Sphere. Blocked upon impact. When blocked, Huskar takes no damage either.
Buff Life Break Charge: Dispellable with death only.
Debuff Life Break Slow: Dispellable with any dispel.
No matter the danger, Huskar thrusts himself into melees that only he can survive.


  • Huskar leaps at a speed of 1200.
  • Upon cast, Huskar receives the Life Break Charge buff, which lasts for 5 seconds or until reaching the target, whichever is shorter.
    • This modifier turns him spell immune, disarms him, forces him to face the target and is responsible for the leap animation.
    • Since the modifier has a set max duration, it can expire while leaping, continuing the rest of the leap without its effects.
  • Huskar can use items and spells during the leap. However, position changing effects like Blink Dagger icon.png Blink Dagger cancel it.
  • The damage to self is magical as well. Thus, it can be reduced by magic resistance.
    • The self-damage is not lethal, no matter how strong it gets amplified. Huskar cannot deny himself with Life Break.
    • The self-damage is applied on impact, it's not applied if the leap is interrupted prematurely.
  • The self-damage is capped at 3000, while the target damage is capped at 2000.
  • If Huskar is disabled during the leap or the distance between the target and Huskar becomes more than 1450, the leap stops.
  • Life Break first applies the damage, then the debuff.


Hero Talents
Burning Spears Pure Damage25+175 Attack Range
+400 Life Break Cast Range20+20 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength
20% Lifesteal15+15 Burning Spears DPS
+15 Damage10+225 Heealth