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Force Boots

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Force Boots
Fighting the Year Beast Force Boots icon.png
Seasonal Event
Active Force
Bonus +8 Strength
+8 Agility
+8 Intelligence
+30 Attack speed
+55 Movement speed
Disassemble? No
Alert allies? No
Force Boots (3650)Components2.png
Force Staff (2250)
Power Treads (1350)

This item was available for the New Bloom Festival 2014.

Additional information[edit]

  • Movement speed bonuses from multiple pairs of boots do not stack.
  • Stacks with all other movement speed bonuses.


No Target
Pushes the user 600 units in the direction it is facing.
Push Distance: 600
Push Duration: 0.3
Cooldown: 5
Buff Item Forcestaff Active: Undispellable.


  • Interrupts the user's channeling spells upon cast.
  • Pushes the target at a speed of 2000.
  • The user is not disabled during the push, so it still can cast spells or items, attack and turn during the push.
  • Does not push the user when it is inside an enemy's Kinetic Field.
  • Can force the user over impassable terrain. Trees within 100 radius around the user get destroyed during the push.