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February 19, 2011 Patch

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Source: New Heroes

Patch notes


  • Added Faceless Void, Viper, and Tiny.
  • New set of Kunkka animation; i.e. runs, attacks, abilities
  • Added the announcer (temp voice)! Will comments on first blood, kill streaks, multi-kills, base under attack, and game start/end.
  • Added new scoreboard.
  • The chain lightning effect from maelstrom and mjollnir now draws as a chain instead of as forked lightning.
  • Shops, items on the ground, and runes now highlight green instead of white. This is to indicate that right-clicking on them will interact with them.
  • Neutrals now highlight red instead of white. This is to indicate that right-clicking on them will attack them.
  • Bots now know how to use the side shops.
  • Lots of late-game tuning of bot pushing/defending/farming.
  • Added tombstone for resurrecting hero deaths.


  • Fixed Illusions created from an enemy unit not switching their FoW team correctly and thus giving vision for the enemy.
  • Fixed Vengeful Spirit's Wave of Terror not being lethal.
  • Fixed Dead units talking.
  • Fixed issue where when giving commands via the minimap, the confirmation effects and some spell effects would be drawn at zero Z (below the ground).
  • Fixed issue where if you attempted to drop an item using the minimap, your hero would move to the origin and drop it there.
  • Fixed Bloodstone not reducing gold lost and respawn time on death.
  • Fixed the radius and shape of Plasma Field.
  • Faceless Void's Chronosphere now affects magic-immune units.
  • Added the duration extension that happens when Eidolons split.
  • Fixed an issue with the timing of neutral camps spawning. They now spawn properly at 0:30, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 ...etc., instead of 0:30, 1:30, 2:30, ...etc.
  • Changed Windrunner's Shackleshot to prioritize direction over distance when finding an attach target. Also better tracks the direction of the projectile
  • Fixed Sonic Wave travel distance.
  • Fixed Dragon Slave distance and shape.
  • Fixed long standing bug where VO lines werent being played sequentially and could repeat multiple times in a row.
  • Fixed bug that could create "undead" creeps that were unkillable.
  • Fixed Lich's Chain Frost hitting couriers.
  • Swapped Necronomicon's summoned units position in multiunit selection.