February 11, 2015 Patch (Test)

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Version notes

Updated to game version 6.83c.


  • Dire Ancients spawn box restriction area is now a bit smaller


Phantom Lancer icon.png
Juggernaut icon.png
  • Agility growth reduced from 2.85 to 2.4
  • Healing Ward mana cost rescaled from 80/100/120/140 to 120/125/130/135
  • Bladefury mana cost rescaled from 110 to 120/110/100/90
Axe icon.png
  • Berserker's Call:
    • No longer affects invulnerable units (like Cycloned units)
    • No longer keeps the targets disabled if Axe dies while the targets still have the debuff
  • Culling Blade kill threshold reduced from 250/350/450 to 250/325/400 (Scepter from 300/450/625 to 300/425/550)
Vengeful Spirit icon.png
Lion icon.png

Patch notes

Update 1


  • Added Winter Wyvern minimap icon.png Winter Wyvern
  • Various Pathing Improvements
  • Fixed being unable to play bot games when you are offline
  • Buyback readiness UI now takes into account how much gold you will lose when dying
  • Pausing is no longer allowed in Unranked All Pick if your team is connected and hasn't picked their heroes
  • Pausing In matchmaking games now has a countdown timer before initiating a pause
  • Fixed various projectile particle effects being visible in Fog of War
  • Moved the kill text lower so it does not get blocked by the "Killed By" screen
  • Fixed the courier sometimes failing to deliver items if the deliver key was pressed soon after an item was purchased
  • Networth Graph now updates automatically after hero kills instead of with a delay
  • Alt clicking now works on enemy buffs
  • Replays now start recording only after players have finished loading
  • Left clicking actions on the minimap no longer ignores input for the first 0.2 seconds
  • Added a new command to help debugging/analysis (dota_show_spectated_unit_orders) by showing player inputs when watching a replay or spectating.
  • Fixed the Hill Troll Priest in the small camp sometimes not moving when the rest of the camp was pulled by taking damage
  • Fixed an issue with neutral creeps and Roshan becoming idle when silenced.
  • Fixed Lone Druid's Bear's Necronomicon 1 icon.png Necronomicon Warriors not giving kill credit to Lone Druid minimap icon.png Lone Druid
  • Added all sound directories to the whitelist for -enable_addons
  • Several ability description adjustments and fixes

New Bloom

  • Enabled New Bloom map.
  • Item Recycling has been enabled for the New Bloom event.
  • Reworked the item drop system.
    • Drop rates for sets, bundles, and treasures have been increased.
    • Individual items now drop again.
    • Drops can no longer be sold on the Market, but can be gifted once to a friend.
  • Items from treasures may now be gifted once to a friend during their trade-restricted period.
  • Eight New Bloom trophies have been added to the Gallery of Triumphs.


  • Includes:

New Bloom 2015


  • See article for contents.


Loading Screens

  • Contains:

Tournament Items

  • Contains:

Drop List

  • Added:

Crafting List

  • Added:

Update 2

  • Increased Courier HP bar size and added a new UI indicator on the HP bar
  • Improved Auto-attack Behavior when only Auto-Attack setting is on
  • Fixed units dominated by the Lone Druid Spirit Bear icon.png Spirit Bear not giving credit to Lone Druid minimap icon.png Lone Druid.
  • Fixed Arctic Burn being purgeable
  • Fixed Arctic Burn debuff being dispelled by Spell Immunity
  • Fixed Arctic Burn acquisition range
  • Fixed Arctic Burn AI issues
  • Fixed Arctic Burn debuff being refreshable
  • Fixed Arctic Burn damage type not being Pure
  • Fixed Arctic Burn speed
  • Fixed Splinter Blast being disjointable
  • Fixed some pathing issues with attack orders
  • Fixed Troll Priest casting Heal without the Heal being on autocast.
  • Fixed Arctic Burn working on Roshan
  • Fixed Cold Embrace not being castable on non-heroes
  • Fixed Spliter Blast and Winter's Curse ignore Linken's Sphere
  • Fixed Arctic Burn not applying on Spell Immune
  • Fixed being able to force staff units out of Winter's Curse
  • Fixed Winter's Curse not allowing enemies to attack a targeted spell immune hero
  • Fixed ending arctic burn not killing nearby trees
  • Fixed some sound related bugs
  • Fixed Splinter Blast bounce not being able to travel to Spell Immune units (still does not affect them if they are immune on impact)
  • Fixed Winter's Curse being unable to target non-heroes
  • Fixed Cold Embrace healing tick rate being 1 instead 0.1
  • Fixed Winter Wyvern's attack point when arctic burn is active
  • Pausing does not require a count down if a player is disconnected

Update 3

  • Fixed Winter's Curse lasting half a second longer
  • Fixed Arctic Burn slow now showing in the UI
  • Arctic Burn slow duration increased by 1 second to match the damage duration
  • Fixed Cold Embrace being purgeable
  • Splinter Blast speed fixed from 500 to 600
  • Fixed Splinter Blast being purgeable
  • Allies are no longer be able to deny the target of Winter's Curse
  • Fixed Arctic Burn being able to apply to the same target multiple times per cast