February 06, 2013 Patch (Test)

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Patch notes

  • Added Team Matchmaking! Teams have a public rating based on their performance against other Teams.
  • Added Language setting for Matchmaking!



  • Added Language option for Matchmaking. You will find players when matchmaking that have selected the same language(s).
  • Fixed buff refreshes not showing the correct swipe.
  • Made Keeper's two Spirit Form abilities always visible but just disabled until he uses Spirit Form.
  • The dota:// URL handler now supports lobbyid=<lobbyid> and accountid=<accountid> for creating game spectating links.
  • Fixed autocast ability border not hiding when moving from a friendly unit to querying an enemy.
  • When using smart tab switching, fixed not being able to cycle to controllable units if your currently selected using is dead.
  • Players that play on a league game will now have access to that league pass.
  • Fixed being able to pick or random an already repicked hero.
  • Added an error message when pressing the courier deliver button and there are no items to be delivered.


  • Added Team query to WebAPI. Query is GetTeamInfoByTeamID, params are start_at_team_id and teams_requested.


  • Players that participate in Leagues will now have access to watch all games for said league in the tournament tab.


  • Made Necrophos minimap icon.png Necrophos bot more likely to use Death Pulse to heal himself.
  • When considering purchasing an item and determining whether there's room in their inventory, bots will now consider whether the item will stack with an existing item.
  • Bots will no longer sell a situational item in order to retrieve a situational item from their stash (fixes purchase thrashing).
  • Witch Doctor minimap icon.png Witch Doctor will no longer use Maledict on non-hero units.
  • Slightly lowered the maximum desire to attack a non-hero unit.

Update 2

  • Fixed missing UI audio.
  • Removed large Team Matchmaking Find Match panel.
  • Fixed Unstable Concoction AoE effect not dealing its physical damage to magic immune units.
  • Fixed graphical bug in the HUD.
  • Fixed bug with courier and order queuing.
  • Fixed HUD skin not resetting properly.