February 04, 2011 Patch

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Source: Changelog

Patch notes


  • Fixed cheats not working in cheat-enabled games.
  • Fixes to camera/edge-of-world collision.
  • Added support for human players to request action from bots, via pinging. Ping on an enemy to request an attack, friendly tower to request tower defense, enemy tower to request tower push, anywhere else to request move-to.
  • Fixed cases where glyphed/ghost-sceptered units could still take physical damage.
  • Fixed damage and bonus damage labels getting cut off.
  • Fixed camera speed setting not saving between sessions.
  • Fixed cooldown on Armlet.
  • Fixed Tidehunter's Gush being way too slow.
  • Fixed Courier being affected by Command Aura.
  • Fixed Sand King's Burrowstrike to apply damage when the units land on the ground.
  • Fixed Vengeful Spirit's Wave of Terror to remove health rather than do damage, so it will no longer break things like clarities.
  • Fixed attacks missing units that are in the air (ie. mid-impale).
  • Fixed Hand of Midas working on friendly creeps.
  • Fixed Helm of the Dominator working on friendly creeps.
  • Fixed Ancient Janggo's aura not appearing. It also now applies its active buff correctly.
  • Fixed Sand King's Sand Storm not going away when invisibility is broken.
  • Fixed Soul Ring doing damage rather than removing health. It will no longer break things like clarities.
  • Added tooltip durations to Shadow Shaman's abilities.
  • Fixed bad tooltip for Assault Cuirass.
  • Fixed Lion's Mana drain working on units with no remaining mana.
  • Fixed Bloodseeker's Thirst working on wards.
  • Fixed tooltip for Mirana's Leap buff.
  • Fixed "Pan Grip" displayed for "Pan Right" in the keybinding screen.
  • Fixed Manta to properly avoid incoming projectiles and give a brief interval of invulnerability. Also casts immediately now.
  • Fixed Rupture being dispelled by Kraken Shell, Purge and Manta.
  • Fixed AoE mixup for full/half damage on Anchor Smash.
  • Fixed Berserker's Call working on towers.
  • Fixed AoE on Greate Cleave (450->175).
  • Fixed being able to use items while hexed.
  • Fixed Burrowstrike to deal damage when the units land.
  • Fixed attack speed interacting with illusions.
  • Fixed Mana Burn not dealing damage.
  • Fixed wrong base armor of melee creeps.
  • Fixed towers doing too much damage to creeps.
  • Fixed tower doing slightly too little damage to heroes.
  • Fixed BKB not removing silence and other stuff.
  • Fixed rupture damage with BKB.