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Known Bugs

Stone Remnant[edit]

Stone Remnant's recharge timer on the status buff visually resets when respawning, causing its cooldown to desync with the charges
When a charge is currently recharging, respawning during it causes the green sweep on the status buff icon to reset, while the actual recharge time is unaffected and continues normally. This can cause the cooldown to desync with the recharge time if the last charge is getting used after respawning.
Other spells affected by this are Cold Feet, Rupture, Fire Remnant, Homing Missile and Demonic Purge.
24 April 2017

Stone Remnant's charge counter status buff disappears when having 0 charges
When using up all Stone Remnant charges, the status buff which counts the charges fully disappears. This is inconsistent with all the other charge-based spells, where the status buff never disappears.
24 April 2017
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