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Tournament icon Epicenter.png EPICENTER 2016
Minibanner EPICENTER 2016.png
Russia Russia
Start Date:9 May 2016
End Date:15 May 2016
Prize Pool:$500,000

EPICENTER is a tournament hosted by Russian company Epic Esports Events. It will take place in Crocus City Hall in Moscow, Russia. Eight teams will compete over a prize pool of $500,000.


  • 6 invited teams.
  • Qualifiers: Eight teams per region, double elimination. Top 1 team from each region advances.
  • Wild Card: Six teams, double elimination. Top 2 teams will advance to the Group Stage.
  • Group Stage: Eight teams, round robin. The teams who finish 1st & 2nd in the groups will start the playoff stage from upper bracket, the teams finishing in the 3rd & 4th places will start from lower bracket.
  • Main Event: All the games will be in a bo3 series, except for the Grand Final, which will be a bo5, with no advantage to the team coming from the upper bracket.


United Kingdom English

Russia Russian

China Chinese

World Others


Invited Teams[edit]

Sweden Loda
Sweden s4
Sweden AdmiralBul…
Sweden EGM
Sweden Akke
Direct Invite
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Evil Geniuses
Team logo Evil Geniuses.png
Canada Aui_2000
Pakistan SumaiL
United States BuLba
United States Fear
United States ppd
Direct Invite
[Show/Hide Roster]
Jordan Miracle-
Denmark N0tail
Canada MoonMeander
Denmark Cr1t-
Israel Fly
Direct Invite
[Show/Hide Roster]
Team Liquid1
Team logo Team Liquid.png
Germany FATA-
Bulgaria MinD_ContRoL
Finland JerAx
Germany KuroKy
Direct Invite
[Show/Hide Roster]
Team Secret
Team Secret
Canada EternaLEnVy
Canada Arteezy
United States UNiVeRsE
Estonia Puppey
Sweden pieliedie
Direct Invite
[Show/Hide Roster]
Russia yoky-
Russia G
Belarus fng
Russia NoFear
Direct Invite
[Show/Hide Roster]

Wildcard Teams[edit]

compLexity Gaming
Team logo compLexity Gaming.png
Sweden Chessie
Sweden Limmp
United States swindlemel…
United States Zfreek
Sweden Handsken
Americas Qualifier
[Show/Hide Roster]
No Diggity
No Diggity
Sweden Era
Germany qojqva
Germany KheZu
Jordan YapzOr
Denmark syndereN
European Qualifier
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Team logo NewBee.png
China Hao
China Mu
Australia kpii
Malaysia ChuaN
China Kaka
Chinese Qualifier
[Show/Hide Roster]
Team logo Fnatic.png
Malaysia Net
Malaysia MidOne
Malaysia Ohaiyo
Philippines DJ
Malaysia 343
Southeast Asia Qualifier
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1 EHOME was replaced by Team Liquid.[1]


Wild Card[edit]

  Round 1 Round 2 Grand Final
Winner's bracket
  compLexity Gaming compLexity Gaming 0
  Newbee Newbee 2
  Newbee Newbee 2
  No Diggity No Diggity 0
  No Diggity No Diggity 2
  Fnatic Fnatic 1
  Newbee Newbee Q
  compLexity Gaming compLexity Gaming Q
Loser's bracket
  No Diggity No Diggity 0
  compLexity Gaming compLexity Gaming 2
  compLexity Gaming compLexity Gaming 2
  Fnatic Fnatic 1

Group Stage[edit]

Group A
1. Team Liquid Team Liquid 2 0
2. OG OG 2 1
3. Alliance Alliance 1 2
4. compLexity Gaming compLexity Gaming 0 2
Group A Matches
OG OG  2 0  Alliance Alliance
Team Liquid Team Liquid  2 1  compLexity Gaming compLexity Gaming
OG OG  1 2  Team Liquid Team Liquid
Alliance Alliance  2 0  compLexity Gaming compLexity Gaming
OG OG  2 0  Alliance Alliance
Group B
1. Newbee Newbee 2 0
2. Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses 2 1
3. 1 2
4. Team Secret Team Secret 0 2
Group B Matches
Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses  2 0
Team Secret Team Secret  0 2  Newbee Newbee
Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses  0 2  Newbee Newbee  2 1  Team Secret Team Secret
Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses  2 1

Main Event[edit]

  Losers' Round 1 Semifinals
Losers' Round 2
Losers' Round 3 Winners' Final
Losers' Finals
Grand Finals
  Team Liquid Team Liquid 2
  Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses 0
  Team Liquid Team Liquid 2
  OG OG 0
  Newbee Newbee 1
  OG OG 2
  Team Liquid Team Liquid Champion 3
  Newbee Newbee 2
  Newbee Newbee 2
  Alliance Alliance 2
  Alliance Alliance 1   OG OG 1
  Team Secret Team Secret 1   Newbee Newbee 2
  Newbee Newbee 2
  compLexity Gaming compLexity Gaming 0
  Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses 0 1
  compLexity Gaming compLexity Gaming 2
  compLexity Gaming compLexity Gaming 2

Prize Allocation[edit]

Final Prize Pool: $500,000 USD
Place Team Winnings Percent
A11st  Team Liquid Team Liquid $250,000 50%
A22nd  Newbee Newbee $100,000 20%
A33rd  OG OG $60,000 12%
A44th  compLexity Gaming compLexity Gaming $30,000 6%
A55th  Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses $20,000 4%
A66th  Alliance Alliance $20,000 4%
A77th $10,000 2%
A88th  Team Secret Team Secret $10,000 2%