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Dota Plus is a premium monthly subscription service for Dota 2. It comes with many features, including hero progression, selective matchmaking, statistical analysis, shards, relics, terrains, chat wheel lines/sounds, player tipping, and cosmetic item rewards. Dota Plus subscribers also get additional rewards from Battle Passes and events.


  • Dota Plus can be purchased as one time payment or as a recurring subscription.
  • Dota Plus can be purchased as a gift for friends.
  • Prices vary slightly depending on currencies.
Time Cost Discount
1 month $3.99 USD None
6 month $22.99 USD 6%
12 month $41.99 USD 12%

Hero progression[edit]


Main Article: Challenges
  • Dota Plus subscribers will gain access to challenges unique to each hero.
  • Completing a challenge earns experience points towards a hero's level.
  • Three challenges are available at a time.
  • Each challenge has three difficulty tiers that reward increasing amounts of experience.
  • Challenges can only be completed if the match is won.
  • Challenges can be refreshed once every two weeks.
  • Challenges are not available in Turbo Mode.

Levels and Tiers[edit]

Badges are displayed at the start of each match
  • Completing a match earns 50 XP for the hero you played.
    • Winning the match earns an additional 50 XP for that hero.
  • Completing a hero challenge earns 250, 375, or 500 XP for the hero you played, depending on the tier completed.
  • Players cannot earn hero XP or complete challenges in Ability Draft, or All Random Deathmatch.
  • Players will earn half XP in Turbo Mode.
  • Leveling up earns shards and unlocks tiers.
    • Each tier comes with its own badge and unlocks hero voice lines for the Chat Wheel.
    • Badges are displayed over the hero at the beginning of each match.
    • Badges are displayed next to a hero's name in the in-game chat.
    • Badges are displayed to teammates when pinging on the map.
Level XP Total XP Rewards Tier
Chat Wheel
1 50 50 - 2 lines (Team chat) Plus Hero Badge 1.png
2 300 350 1,300
3 400 750 1,300
4 500 1250 1,300
5 600 1850 1,300
6 900 2750 2,400 2 lines (All chat) Plus Hero Badge 2.png
7 1000 3750 2,400
8 1100 4850 2,400
9 1200 6050 2,400
10 1300 7350 2,400
11 1400 8750 2,400
12 1700 10450 3,200 2 lines (All chat) Plus Hero Badge 3.png
13 1800 12250 3,200
14 1900 14150 3,200
15 2000 16150 3,200
16 2100 18250 3,200
17 2200 20450 3,200
18 2500 22950 4,000 1 line (All chat) Plus Hero Badge 4.png
19 2600 25550 4,000
20 2700 28250 4,000
21 2800 31050 4,000
22 2900 33950 4,000
23 3000 36950 4,000
24 3100 40050 4,000
25 6800 46850 9,700 1 line (All chat) Dota Plus Ping Effect.gif
Ping effect
Plus Hero Badge 5.png


The Shard Store
Main Article: Shards

Shards can be earned by leveling up heroes under the Plus service, completing seasonal quests, winning a Weekend Battle Cup, predicting win streaks, or winning three matches per week. They are used to purchase Relics, Tools, Chat Wheel sounds, Event items and cosmetic items, some of which are exclusive to the Plus Store.

Prediction Charm[edit]

Dota Plus subscribers can predict win streaks and earn shards.


The following items can only be obtained from the Plus Store.


Main Article: Relics
The Relic Panel

Relics are counters that track a hero's actions and statistics. Each hero has ten common Relics and four rare Relics, which can be purchased with shards. Relics display an in-game notice and particle effect whenever a milestone is reached on their counters.


  • Plus subscribers will have access to year-round Seasonal Terrains as they become available.
Season Terrain Duration
Spring March 1 – June 1
Summer June 1 – September 1
Autumn September 1 – December 1
Winter December 1 – March 1


  • Dota Plus subscribers can choose to avoid unwanted players in matchmaking.

Weekend Battle Cup[edit]

  • The Weekend Battle Cup is free to play every week for Dota Plus subscribers.
  • Winning a Weekend Battle Cup as a Dota Plus subscriber will reward 20,000 shards.

Plus Assistant[edit]

A variety of automated suggestions is available to Dota Plus subscribers, based on in-game events, team compositions, your hero's current lane, and overall analytics.

  • Ability build suggestions
  • Item build suggestions
  • Lane strategy suggestions
  • Ward suggestions
  • Friends and Foes based on statistics
  • Creep pull timer
  • Incoming damage type breakdown


Main Article: Spectating

Dota Plus subscribers can spectate a friend's match in live time, with team vision only.


The hero trends panel

A large amount of Valve's internal statistics is made visible for Dota Plus subscribers, who can compare them to other players of varying skill levels.

  • Second-by-second death summary
  • Post-game analytics
  • Spectator game outcome prediction graphs
  • In-game real time analytics comparisons
  • Hero trends
    • Pick rate
    • Win rate
    • Ban rate
    • Talent pick rate
    • Global trends
    • Average kills/deaths/assists/GPM/XPM/last hits/denies

Pro Circuit App[edit]

An app for Dota Plus can be downloaded from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.


Players can wager shards on Dota Pro Circuit tournament matches.

Fantasy Dota[edit]

Players can earn shards by playing Fantasy Dota for Dota Pro Circuit tournaments.

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