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Dota IMBA/Unreleased Patch

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Future Updates

Upcoming Update[edit]

This is a list of future changes. Some stuff can change without notice.

Non-imba heroes[edit]

  • Unique Talents are moved to level 10, 20, up to 40, if they have enough.
  • Generic Talents will be fixed to scale (currently there are 2 duplicates of the same generic on each row).
  • Each non-imba hero will get one more generic talent to the pack, so it wouldn't get stuck with one missing ability bonus he has nothing to use it on.
  • Generic number buffs.

Imba heroes[edit]

  • Most of them have some mechanics that sounds nice in paper, but actually aren't being noticeable. One good example is Skywrath's Talents which are just...not good enough. We'll go and rework those to other stuff. I'll need your help in this, both in concepts and both in actually making the rework.
  • Some IMBA effects are only "unlocked" after being level 5. A good example for this is Lina's Light Strike Array, which is 100% vanilla until level 5, which then gets 2 more explosion for each level. We'll make the IMBA effects unlocked from the start, and become crazier in higher levels.
  • Some heroes have redundant IMBA effects.


  • Removed rune stacking.
  • Haste rune has normal vanilla values. Also increases attack speed by 50. 50% effect for allies in 900 AoE.
  • Regeneration rune's regeneration effect becomes 1% HP regen when taking player based damage for 3 seconds. Normal values otherwise. 50% effect for allies in 900 AoE.
  • Double Damage rune doubles base attack speed, and increases spell power by 20%. 50% effect for allies in 900 AoE.
  • Invisibility rune - turns you invisible, increases move speed by 20%. Next attack deals a guaranteed 200% critical.
  • Illusion rune - creates two illusions of you. Those illusions has 50% incoming damage and outgoing damage.
  • Mega Bounty Rune: When the horn is heard, a Mega Bounty is created in the center river point. Grants 100g to the each of the team members of the team that picked it up.

CREATED 5v5 IMBA Custom.[edit]


Disruptor icon.png


  • Thunder Strike
    • Reverted to its original radius. (need to the same for the particle as well)


  • Removed
    • +0.5 move speed per stack
    • +1.5 Kinetic Field
    • +50 maximum Static Storm damage
    • +1.25 Static Storm damage per pulse.
  • Added
    • Each Thunder Strike has a 25% chance to launch a Chain Lightning at the closest enemy in 600 AoE, bouncing up to 5 times. The same enemy cannot be hit twice by the same Chain Lightning wave.
    • Units that exit the Static Storm gets electrocuted, and are ministunned every 0.5 seconds. For every second they were inside the storm, they're ministunned once, so up to 5 ministuns (7 with aghs).
    • Glimpsing an enemy inside a Kinetic Field causes the Glimpse Storm to have its radius expanded to the radius of the whole ring.
    • When a Thunder Strike searches for hero to determine its strike count, heroes that are currently inside a Static Storm are counted twice.
Jakiro icon.png


Dual Breath

  • Turned into Point/Unit Target spell. Behaves normally (even when clicking on allies or enemies). Casting it on yourself makes Jakiro breath fire/ice, but not move from his own location.
  • Manually stopping your hero while Fire/Ice Breath is in effect stops Jakiro in its current location and the spell ends.

Ice Path

  • Removes the slow for enemies still on Ice Path.
  • Antipode affects enemies standing on Ice Path. This effect lingers for 2 seconds after exiting Ice Path's area.

Liquid Fire

  • Cast range increases as skill is leveled up.
  • Tooltip stating turn rates in IMBA flavor.


  • Removed
    • +20/8% Dual breathe damage and move slow
    • +350 Dual Breath maximum range.
    • +400 Liquid Fire cast range.
    • +6s Ice Path duration.
    • +500 Dual Breath speed.
    • +1.25 Ice Path stun duration.
    • +30% Antipode damage.
  • Added
    • Liquid Fire is now automatically cast on each of Jakiro's attacks. (vs #2 talent)
    • Liquid Fire keeps burning on the ground where it hit for 4 seconds. Units that touch it burn as though as they have been hit by Liquid Fire (minus the attack damage). Refreshes existing debuffs. (vs #1 talent)
    • Fire/Ice Breath leave a trail of fire/ice for 3 seconds over Jakiro's path. Units that touch it take damage/slowed.
    • After Fire/Ice Breath end, Jakiro keeps breathing fire/ice for 3 seconds.
    • Ice Path's width is doubled. However, Ice Path unfolds slowly instead of instantly.
    • Increases Dual Breathes's cast point to 1 second, but makes Jakiro travel forward very quickly.
    • Taking damage causes Jakiro to create a small Macropyre in a cirlce. This effect has 300 radius and lasts 3 seconds. This effect can only occur once every 12 seconds.
Juggernaut icon.png


  • Blade Fury
    • Remove evasion bonus while spinning.
    • While spinning, Juggernaut deflects ranged attack projectiles aimed at him, taking no damage from them and firing that projectile towards a random enemy in 800 range.
  • Blade Dance
    • Blade Dance's active changes from Unit target to Point target. Whenever it is ready, it plays a sound indicating it is ready to be used. (Rosa's lightsaber sound clip)
    • Reaching 3 Secret Blade stacks allows using Blade Dance's active, consuming all Secret Blade stacks. Causes Juggernaut to slash each enemy in his path once. When the dash ends, enemies hit are slashed again in the same order they were hit until all Secret Blade stacks are used, up to 3 slashes per enemy. Has a 3 seconds cooldown.
    • Attacking an enemy grants Juggernaut a stack of Secret Blade for 3.5 seconds. This can refresh and stack with itself infinitely. This buff would have Slice and Dice's icon.
    • Critting an enemy grants Juggernaut with Wind Dance normally, which grants bonus agility. (no changes)
  • Omnislash
    • Add a varied amount of damage so Omnislash would always have 225 damage at the minimum. If the bonus damage grants more than the minimum threshold, no damage is added. (100 damage becomes 225, 180 damage becomes 225, 250 damage stays 250, etc.)
    • Omnislash Cooldown reduction per slash removed.
    • Static +80 bonus damage changed to 35% of Juggernaut's agility.


  • Removed
    • +1% heal
    • +5% crit
    • +170 bladefury dps
    • +40% evasion
    • -2 Blade Dance CD
    • -3 Bladefury CD.
  • Added
    • Blade Fury slowly increases in size.
    • Blade Fury acts as a vaccum, sucking units towards Juggernaut.
    • Blade Dance's active strikes three times: once in a straight line forward, and twice to the sides. Can hit the same enemy multiple times per dash.
    • Healing Ward also increases the attack speed of units in its range by 50/100 (moving/fortified).
    • Landing a Blade Dance critical grants you stacks, similar to Wind Dances. Stack timers are independent and last 12 seconds. Each stack grants 1% agility increase to Omnislash bonus damage (which is 35% base).
    • Omnislash sends an image of Juggernaut to commit the slashes: Juggernaut is free to continue as normal.
Kunkka icon.png


  • Ghostship
    • Ship's distance scales with the target point, so the ship is spawned at the appropriate distance behind Kunkka that would cause it to crash at the target point.
  • Ghostship Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter.
    • Cast range changes to be the whole travel range (2000).
    • Ship's starting position begins at the target point. The ship then travels towards Kunkka (but doesn't necssarily stops at Kunkka's location).


  • Removed
    • -2 Ebb and Flow CD.
    • +75 torrent damage
    • +200 torrent radius
    • +15% tsunami chance
    • -2 seconds Tidebringer CD.
    • +7 gold per last hit
  • Added
    • While Kunkka has the rum buff from the Ghostship, Tidebringer has no cooldown.
    • Random secondary torrents appear in random intervals and locations around the main torrent over the secondary torrents duration.
    • Allies being returned to an X mark get a 10% move speed bonus. Enemies returned get a 10% slow instead. Does not stack (refreshes duration instead)
    • Ghost Ship now drags Kunkka as well to the target location. It does not root him, or affect him in any other way.
    • Enemies affected by Torrent's debuff (either main or secondary) will always be hit by Tidebringer.
    • Add Tsunami to Ebb and Flow's normal cycle, in addition to having the 20% Tsunami chance.
Lich icon.png


  • Sacrifice
    • Allied sac: 10/10/10/10/12/14/16% damage reduction. (instead of just 10%)
    • Enemy sac: 10/10/10/10/12/14/16% spell power and damage boost.


  • Removed
    • +50% sacrifice bonus.
    • -75% Chain Frost bounce delay.
    • -4 Frost Nova CD.
    • +175 Chain Frost bounce range.
    • +36 Frost Armor on buildings.
    • +1 Cold Front duration.
    • +1 Cold Front stacks from spells.
  • Added
    • Chain Frost bounces almost instantly after hitting a target. (0.2 seconds delay)
    • Sacrifice can now be used on yourself, granting nearby allies the damage reduction sacrifice buff.
    • Frost Nova deals 10% of enemy's current health as damage.
    • Frost Nova causes a line of Ice Novas between Lich and the target. Ice Novas explode after 2 seconds, dealing 100 damage in 250 AoE, and adds 1 Cold Front stack per explosion.
    • Frost Armor adds armor to the target unit equal to 10% of Lich's Intelligence.
    • Chain Frost can now be cast on allies, making the Chain Frost ball spin around the target. When the target ally takes damage from enemy heroes, Chain Frost fires itself on the damaging hero. Behaves normally after that. The buff can only last 30 seconds.
    • Frost Armor creates a freezing aura in 400 AoE around the target unit, slowing attack and move speed by 15/15%. This effect gradually increases in strength each time the unit is attacked, up to 30/30%. Refreshing Frost Armor resets the aura's power.
Lina icon.png


  • Dragon Slave
    • Secondary slaves damage from 35 to 90/100/110/120/140/160/180
    • Spawn additional dragon slaves from 2 to 4.
  • Light Strike Array
    • Adds 1/1/1/1/2/3/4 explosions.
    • Each explosion adds 6 more rings that explode around the original LSA in a circle after the 0.5 seconds explosion delay. /
    • Each explosion after that explodes further away.
    • The amount of explosions increases to cover the circle around it.
  • Laguna Blade
    • Forked lightning from 1/1/1/2/3/4 targets to 2/2/2/4/6/8 targets.


  • Removed
    • +80 LSA damage
    • +6 additional LSAs to the sides (not relevant)
    • -4 Dragon Slave CD
    • +4%/40 move/attack speed per Fiery Soul stack
    • +1 max Fiery soul stacks
  • Added
    • After the secondary dragons finish, spawns an additional main Dragon Slave from the other end of the target point, towards it. This one does not proc the secondary dragons.
    • When a LSA explosion occurs, the previous explosion also occurs, if applicable. (original ring, original ring + first outer ring, first outer ring + second outer ring, second outer ring + third outer ring)
    • Fiery Soul can be activated when having 3 stacks (max)(no target), consuming all Fiery Soul stacks releasing a blast of hot shockwave that deals damage to all enemies in 800 AoE around Lina, dealing up to 450 damage. The closer Lina is to her target, the more damage the blast deals. The blast has a minimum of 100 damage. Has a 5 seconds cooldown each use.
    • Lina's spells cause a DoT on enemies hit, dealing damage every second based on her Fiery Soul stacks at that tick: each stack of Fiery Soul grants a 40 damage bonus (120 max). Having no Fiery Soul stacks doesn't deal damage to enemies on that tick. Lasts 5 seconds. Does not stack with itself, but can be refreshed.
    • Main Light Strike Array's explosion is repeated two times (3 explosions total). Each additional explosion increases its radius by 75, but has its stun times halved (100%, 50%, 25% stun durations).
Lion icon.png


Earth Spikes: secondary branches have half the spell's cast range as search radius and half the spike length.

Finger of Death: Frog Panic duration from 0.4/0.4/0.4/0.6/0.8/1 to 1.5/1.5/1.5/1.65/1.8/2 seconds.


  • Removed
    • +70 Earth Spike damage
    • +150 Chain Hex radius
    • -3.5 Trigger Finger debuff duration
    • +300 Frog Panic radius.
  • Added
    • Hexed targets have Break applied to them.
    • Sucking mana with Mana Drain while Lion's mana pool is full makes Lion go into a state of Mana Overcharge. Mana Overcharge lasts 8 seconds from the moment of the first instance that triggered it. It gains stacks equal to mana sucked while Lion has full mana pool. Casting Finger of Death consumes Mana Overcharge's stacks and deals bonus damage equal to the amount of mana sucked.
    • Trigger Finger always triggers, regardless of if Finger killed the target. However, in case the target survived, the mana cost is increased for 15 seconds. Killing the target with Finger of Death resets the duration to 7 seconds.
    • Earth Spikes add a debuff to targets that make them slowed by 25% and take 30% more damage from Finger of Death. The debuff is applied immediately when spikes hit, but its total duration is landing time + 3 seconds.
Lycan icon.png


  • Wicked Crunch rework:
    • 4/4/4/4/8/12/16 bonus damage per stack, 6/8/10/12/12/12/12 maximum stacks, reduces attack speed by 3/6/9/12/16/20/24 per stack.
    • When Lycan consumes Wicked Crunch debuff, a new debuff appears on the target, reducing its attack speed by the same amount for 3 seconds.
    • Consuming a new Wicked Crunch causes the attack speed debuff to refresh itself, and, if the new debuff has stronger attack speed slow, it is set to the new amount.


  • Removed
    • +2/2% feral impulse bonuses per ally.
    • +2 Wolfsbane damage per stack.
    • +12 Howl duration.
    • +2 wolves and max wolves.
    • +lots of stuff in Howl.
    • +15s Shapeshift duration
  • Added
    • Wolves gain 5% of Lycan's base damage as bonus damage.
    • When summoning wolves, also summons an Alpha Wolf, which cannot go invisible, and does not have evasion. Instead, he has higher health than regular wolves, and bestows 15% damage bonus to everyone around. Only one Alpha Wolf can exist at a time. Alpha Wolves are not respawned from Wolf Charges.
    • Howl grants Lycan and all his wolves flying movement for 8 seconds.
    • If a target is afflicted with at least 6 Wicked Crunch stacks, it grants fog vision to Lycan's team.
    • Shapeshift grants 1200 maximum move speed, and increases your move speed by 345.
    • Whenever Lycan gains a Wolfsbane stack, all units under his command gain a 20% move speed bonus, 20% damage boost, and 75 attack speed. Lasts 30 seconds.
Magnus icon.png


  • Shockwave
    • All Polarized enemies hit by the main shockwave spawn 4 more shockwaves, diagonally, in a form of an X. Mini Shockwaves deal 50% of the main Shockwave's damage, and reach half its length.
    • Each shockwave grants a Magnetized stack to enemies hit. Each Magnetized stack is depleted every 3 seconds, emitting a Shockwave towards the nearest enemy that deals 25% of the main Shockwave's damage. Continues until no more stacks are left.
  • Empower
  • The buff behaves like an aura, which finds enemies in 900 AoE and grants them the Polarized buff causing additional effects from Magnus' spells. Has a 5 seconds duration and refreshes every second, assuming the Empower target is close enough. The debuff is unpurgable, but does not pierce magic immunity.
    • Supercharge now grants bonus cleave/splash range and radius, along with scaling bonuses.
      • Supercharge Duration: 20.
      • Supercharge Move speed bonus: 12/12/12/12/14/16/18%.
      • Supercharge Attack Speed bonus: 50/50/50/50/75/100/125.
      • Cleave (melee): starts 150 radius, ends 240. 460 distance.
      • Splash (ranged): 240 radius.
      • Supercharge Cleave (melee): starts 180 radius, ends 320. 620 distance.
      • Supercharge Splash (ranged): 360 radius.
  • Skewer
    • Always entangles enemies. (since Magnus's targets would always have the Polarized debuff).
    • Duration scales: 2/2/2/2/2.5/3/3.5 seconds.
  • Reverse Polarity
    • All polarized enemies in the entire map are pulled by 300/300/300/400/500/600 units towards Magnus.
    • All non-polarized enemy heroes are pulled 500 units towards Magnus.
    • Non-reverse Polarity slow is removed from this skill.


  • Removed
    • +125 RP damage.
    • +12 Polarize duration.
    • -11 Skewer CD.
    • +15% Empower damage.
    • -4 Shockwave CD.
    • +5%/50 Supercharge bonuses.
    • +250 RP pull distance.
    • +100 RP pull range.
  • Added
    • All Polarized enemies that got pulled towards Magnus' Reverse Polarity but didn't end up in the stun area become 60% slowed for 3 seconds.
    • Shockwaves now always spawn secondary shockwaves halfway through.
    • Skewer causes a mini-RP on cast, gathering all enemy units in 375 radius of Magnus in front of him. Skewer then pushes them forward.
    • Supercharge grants 30% of the target's main attribute as bonus damage.
    • Shockwaves roots the target briefly for 1 second. Secondary shockwaves root for 0.5 seconds instead.
    • Empower grants 360 degrees Cleave. Has no effect on ranged targets.
    • Polarized enemies are constantly pulled towards their closest ally. The pull strength is 10% of the enemies' move speed.
    • Ubercharge: Applying Empower on an already Supercharged target makes it Ubercharged (additional modifier on top of Supercharged). Ubercharged makes a target's attacks launch a Mini Shockwave in a straight line. Has an internal cooldown of 1 second. Mini Shockwaves do not split or apply Magnetized stacks, and deal 50% of Shockwave's damage. Ubercharge lasts 8 seconds.
Mirana icon.png



  • Removed
    • +4 Leap aura duration
    • +100 Starstorm radius
    • +1 Sacred Arrow stun
    • +100 leap attack speed
    • -40 Moonlight Shadow CD
    • -1.25 Starstorm wave delay.
  • Added
    • Upon using Moonlight Shadow, allies are given a stack of Starstorm which will proc when they go out of invisibility near an enemy unit.
    • Sacred Arrows allow allies to trigger On The Prowls' critical as long as there is at least 2 seconds remaining to the stun.
    • Moonlight Shadow grants 20% bonus move speed to invisible allies.
    • Standing in the same spot for 3 seconds grants Mirana invisibility until she moves or attack. Casting spells does not break the invisibility.
    • Leap can now be cast without needing to turn. Makes Mirana invisible for the duration of the jump, causing her to dodge projectiles.
    • Each Starstorm wave marks the target for 1 seconds. If Mirana lands an attack on the target, she drops an additional secondary star on it.
Necrophos icon.png


  • Death Pulse
    • Merge with Sadist.
    • Duration: 7.
    • HP/MP regen: 1/3/5/7/10/15/20.
  • Ghost Shroud
    • Adds Magic Resistance reduction to enemies in its AoE.


  • Removed
    • +300 Ghost Shroud AoE
    • +125 Death Pulse radius
    • +25% Heartstopper healing reduction
    • +10 Sadist HP/MP
    • -1 Death Pulse CD
    • +1% Heartstopper aura damage
    • +50% Reapoer Scythe sickening effect.
  • Added
    • Death Pulse applies a debuff on enemies which doubles Heartstopper Aura's damage.
    • Ghost Shroud now grants physical damage immunity, without becoming ethereal, allowing Necro to attack. Necrophos still takes 20% bonus magic damage.
    • Reaper Scythe executes give more 3x more Sadist stacks.
    • Reaper Scythe can now be cast on allies, healing, instead of doing damage (same rules apply).
    • When Reaper Scythe executes someone, overkill damage is spread among the units in 500 AoE around the target.
    • Heartstopper Aura gradually increases in damage as enemies stay in it. Percentage damage increases by 0.2% for each tick. Stacks are immediately removed when going out of range.
    • Death Pulse becomes a toggled ability. While toggled, Death Pulse fires automatically once every second, draining 30% of the mana cost per tick. Death Pulse deals 50% damage while toggled. Can be toggled on and off infinitely.
Night Stalker icon.png

Night Stalker

  • Crippling Fear
    • Night Terror applies to all nearby enemies for the full duration of Crippling Fear.
  • Hunter in the Night
    • Now has an active which allows Night Stalker to gain flying movement for two seconds. The active is only activeable at night.


  • Removed
    • +25% crippling fear miss chance.
    • +200 void vision reduction.
    • +1 Night Terror duration.
    • +10%/20 move/attack speed at night.
    • +400 Stalker in the Night vision bonus.
    • -8s Crippling Fear cooldown.
    • -150 Darkness vision.
  • Added
    • Crippling Fear applies Fear on the target, causing it to run away from Night Stalker. Fear lasts 3 seconds.
    • Night Stalker applies a counter on the enemy everytime he kills him. When the counter reach 2 stacks, when they see Night Stalker at 600 radius, the enemy will run in fear uncontrollably for 3 seconds. The counter then resets.
    • Night Stalker is granted invulnerability for the first 3 seconds of casting Darkness.
    • Night Stalker's active becomes a toggle at night. While toggled on, Night Stalker's speed cannot exceed the normal maximum, but Night Stalker is granted flying movement and vision. He cannot attack, cast spells, or use items in this state. Toggling the spell off returns Night Stalker to the normal mode. Hunter in the Night automatically toggles off if the night ends, ending Night Stalker's flight.
    • After Darkness is cast, it is switched with Darkness Advances for 5 seconds, an AoE skill that has 2000 cast range, 500 AoE. Upon use, Night Stalker applies Void on all targets in the area and dashes to the target location with 1000 speed.
    • When attacking, Night Stalker has a 5% chance to cast either Void or Crippling Fear on the target. This effect can only occur once every 5 seconds.
    • Upon casting Darkness, heroes within 1200 range are Voided/Crippled
Nyx Assassin icon.png

Nyx Assassin

  • Spiked Carapace
    • Only the first instance has its damage reflected.
    • Target can be stunned over and over throughout the duration.
    • Spiked Carapace damage no longer uses Spell Amp.


  • Removed
    • -3 Scarab delay.
    • +50 impale damage.
    • +1 relive suffering duration.
    • +100% spiked carapace damage
    • +20% Vendetta move speed.
    • +1 Mana Burn multiplier.
    • +475 maximum Vendetta stored damage.
    • +1 Spiked Carapace duration.
  • Added
    • If Vendetta kills an enemy unit, it doesn't consume the Eye for Eye stacks.
    • When hitting out of Vendetta, Mana Burn is instantly applied on the target.
    • Mana Burn multiplies the main attribute of the target instead Intelligence. (unless it's an intelligence hero....)
    • Spiked Carapace now returns all instances over its duration.
    • Falling below 30% procs Spiked Carapace automatically if the skill is off cooldown. Triggers cooldown.
    • Impale now bursts in random locations around targets hit. Each mini-impale deals 75 damage and stuns for 0.75 seconds. Lasts 3 seconds. Mini spikes do not apply Relive Suffering.
    • Enemies that were hit by Impale get their move speed reduced by 1% for each 50 distance they travel. Lasts 5 seconds.
    • Units dying while the Mana Burn debuff has their scarabs coming out of them, and hop into Nyx for 20 seconds. If an enemy unit comes within 400 AoE of Nyx, it invades it and procs Mana Burn on it.
Omniknight icon.png



  • Removed
    • +75% Hammer of Virtue heal.
    • +10%/10 degen aura slow
    • +230 Purification heal/damage
    • +15% Guardian Angel shield health.
    • -40 Guardian Angel CD.
  • Added
    • Adds 10% of Omni's maximum health to the Guardian Angel's Holy Shield.
    • casting Guardian Angel applies Purification to all units affected.
    • Hammer of Virtue heals units in its range for 200 health over 3 seconds. Scales with spell power.
    • Repel also gains "Virtuous Aura". Causes allies to gain some % movement speed and attack speed while nearby
    • Degen Aura reduces all damage done by enemies by 10%.
Outworld Devourer icon.png

Outworld Devourer

  • Change name to Outbalanced Demolisher, for the lulz.
  • Astral Imprisonment
    • Prison can be moved while the caster is in it as well. (not sure if it's possible, but it's worth a try)
    • Prison speed from 100/100/100/100/150/200/250 to 150/200/250/300/325/350/400


  • Removed
    • +200 Astral Imprisonment cast range
    • +1% Arcane Orb damage
    • +50% Stolen intelligence from all sources
    • +2 Arcane Orb int steal
    • +100 Astral Imprisonment move speed
  • Added
    • Sanity Eclipse cooldown is reduced by 1 second for every intelligence the caster steals while it is off-cooldown.
    • When attacking with Arcane Orb, if Outworld Devourer has more intelligence than its target, the difference in stats explodes in a 300 AoE with pure damage.
    • Astral Imprisonment prison suck up additional enemy units and heroes in its range, removing them from the game for the duration. The suck AoE is equal to the 50 + the caster's intelligence.
    • Essence Aura's Essence Synergy can proc from enemies as well.
    • Sanity Eclipse landing on heroes that have less than 50% of Outworld Devourer's intelligence suffer double the mana burn (currently 40% x2, so 80%), and causes them to take 50% more damage.
Phantom Assassin icon.png

Phantom Assassin

  • Phantom Strike
    • Coup De Grace bonus chance increased from 1/1/1/1/4/7/10% to 3/5/7/9/10/11/12%.
  • Blur
    • Revert her to become visible in the map while in the vicinity of an enemy hero (vanilla behavior).
    • She gains normal Blur effect when she's blurry.
    • As long as she doesn't take damage, her move speed increases by 1% per second, up to 15%.
      • Taking damage removes the bonus.
      • After 3 seconds where she takes no damage, she regains the bonuses.
  • Scepter effectUpgradable by Aghanim's Scepter.:
    • Additional daggers from 3 to 4.


  • Removed
    • +30 phantom strike aspd
    • +35 stifling dagger
    • +5% bonus crit chance
    • +1 dagger
    • +2 phantom strike attacks
    • +100% coup de grace
    • +8 coup de grace duration
  • Added
    • Phantom Strike can hit nearby enemies in 300 AoE, dealing a normal attack on them. This attack cannot proc on-hit effects. This effect always occurs on the main target first.
    • Killing an enemy with Coup De Grace's critical grants Phantom Assassin 25 agility bonus for 30 seconds.
    • Blur can be activated to grant Phantom Assassin 100% evasion for 5 seconds. Can be shown visually by making her blurry. Has 22 seconds cooldown.
    • Phantom Strike can be used on yourself. Doing so makes PA rotate around herself, throwing 8 daggers in an omnidirection, in a straight line, up to 1200 range. Each dagger deals 100 damage and causes enemies to bleed, being slowed by 20% and take 50 DoT damage for 4 seconds.
    • Whenever Phantom Assassin evades an attack, she immediately counters, performing a normal attack on her attacker. Can only be done against targets in her attack range. This effect can only occur once every 2 seconds.
    • Phantom Strike causes Phantom Assassin to jump on her main target, slash it once, jump to another target in 500 AoE of it, slash it once and repeat, up to four targets, if found. Phantom always ends up in front of her main target. Each slice always triggers Coup De Grace, but only deals 25% of its value.
    • Phantom Assassin can activate Coup De Grace which increases her base chances by 20% for 3 seconds. However, each of her criticals deal 200% less critical damage. (so instead of 540% crit she'll have 340% crit, which is still a lot). After the duration ends, she cannot crit for 3 seconds. Has 18 seconds cooldown.
Phoenix icon.png


  • Icarus Dive
    • Phoenix dives forward in an arc with a fixed distance in the targeted direction, dealing damage over time and slowing the movement speed of any units it comes into contact with, and then orbiting back to its original position.
    • If Phoenix casts Supernova, the dive ends.
  • Fire Spirits
    • Summons 4 fire spirits that circle around Phoenix.
    • Each spirit can be launched independently at a targeted area of effect.
    • Affected enemy units take damage over time and have their attack speed greatly reduced.
    • The Furies
      • The Fire Spirits apply their debuff to any enemy they come into contact with, including while orbiting and while traveling.
  • Sun Ray
    • Phoenix expels a beam of light at the cost of its own health.
    • The beam damages enemies and heals allies for a base amount plus a percentage of their health.
    • The percentage increases as the beam continues to fire.
  • Supernova
    • The Phoenix willingly ends its current life for the chance to be reborn.
    • Transforms into a burning sun that scorches enemies in a huge area.
    • The sun can be destroyed by attacks from enemy Heroes.
    • After 6 seconds the sun explodes, stunning all nearby enemies while restoring Phoenix to full health and mana with refreshed abilities.
  • New innate ability: Wings of the Phoenix:
    • Toggled spell.
      • Toggling on costs Phoenix x% of his maximum health.
      • As long as the toggle is on, Phoenix burns continously and loses x% of his maximum health every second.
      • While toggled on, all of Phoenix's abilities do not cost health, and damage from those abilities done to enemies heal Phoenix.
      • If Icarus Dive or Fire Spirits hit an ally, it heals him. (instead of doing nothing).
      • When casting Supernova, Wings of the Phoenix is turned off.


  • Halved diving duration, remove cast point, doubled hp cost
  • Diving stun enemy for 0.5 second.
  • After sun ray will apply a strong disple to allies
  • Fire spirits debuff can stack up to 3
  • If egg dies, Phoenix and the ally will reborn at 10% of max HP and MP with refreshed abilities
  • Double egg, but at this situation, egg's mat hero attacks decreased by 25%
  • Halved fire spirits duration, ignore stack limit for the cost of 100 mana
  • Can move freely when casting Sun Ray.
Pugna icon.png


  • Nether Blast
    • Nether Weakness applies on towers, but reduces 50% of Nether Weakness' effect on them.
  • Nether Ward
    • Nether Ward no longer copies spells from spell immune targets.
    • Nether Ward max mana degen from 0.25/0.5/0.75/1/1.1/1.2/1.3% to 0.25/0.5/0.75/1/1.5/2/2.5%


  • Removed
    • +0.5 nether ward zap damage
    • -1 nether blast cd
    • +15% W heal/damage
    • +125 nether blast damage
    • +1 decrep duration
    • +50% life drain
    • +6% magic res
    • +35% life drain slow
  • Added
    • Whenever Nether Ward zaps a target, it becomes briefly decrepified for 1 second. This occurs before zap damage is applied.
    • Life Drain cannot be broken by distance for the first 4 seconds of Life Drain.
    • Life Drain deals 3% current health per tick as bonus damage.
    • Nether Ward zaps triples the mana degeneration effect on a target for 5 seconds. Non-stackable.
    • Nether Blast secondary blasts deal 33% of original damage.
    • Nether Ward doesn't take damage from casting spells, but has a 2 seconds cooldown between cast.
    • Decrepify decreases the target's Tenacity by 15%.
    • Nether Blasts' Nether Weakness is not reset when a new blast affects an already affected target. Instead, it refreshes the duration and stacks upon it.
Queen of Pain icon.png

Queen of Pain


  • Removed
    • +20% Blink Scream damage
    • +100% Delightful Torment effect
    • +35% Sonic Wave absorption
    • +100 Scream radius
    • +50% Sonic Wave start/end radius.
    • +50% Scream of Pain damage reflected
    • -2 Blink cooldown
  • Added
    • Shadow Strike's target releases a Scream of Pain in 400 radius around it every 4 seconds. This scream is not applied on the target itself.
    • Delightful Torment now also increases Queen of Pain's attack speed by 10 each time she procs it. Independent stacks, each lasting 5 seconds.
    • Sonic Wave's "waves" each deal a portion of the damage as a different damage instance, instead of one big damage instance. The total of all damage instances is equal to the normal damage.
    • Blink's Scream and Scream of Pain apply confusion (kinda like R's aghs), their 2 next orders are inverted.
    • Scream of Pain triggers a Shadow Strike instance when hitting enemies affected by Shadow Strike
    • If Queen of Pain is in 1200 AoE of an enemy affected by Shadow Strike, she gains fogvision of it.
    • Blink can be cast twice quick in succession but cooldown is increased accordingly.
Riki icon.png



  • Removed
    • +1.5 Blink Strike debuff duration.
    • +200 Smoke Screen radius.
    • +0.4 Backstab agility multiplier.
    • +1 Blink Strike jumps.
    • -2s invis fade time.
    • -4s Smoke Screen CD.
    • -0.3 Tricks of the Trades interval.
  • Added
    • Sidestab: Riki can trigger a Sidestab from the sides, dealing half the agility multiplier bonuses.
    • Whenever Riki bounces from a target with Blink Strike, he leaves a Smoke Screen that lasts 1 second.
    • Smoke Screen grants Riki another form of invisibility, separate from Cloak and Dagger. It breaks on an attack, and has a fade time of 1.5 seconds.
    • Cloak and Dagger can activated to gain bonus Agi Multiplier but it makes unable to become invisible for duration (doesn't apply on Tricks of Trade attacks)
    • When Tricks of the Trade ends prematurely, its cooldown is reduced to reflect that in percentages (if only 50% of Tricks' channel time was completed, 50% of the cooldown is refunded). Has a minimum of 8 seconds.
    • Tricks of the Trade Martyr's Strikes applies Martyr's Mark on each hit which causes successive Martyr Strikes to be more likely to strike it. Each stack increases the chance by 20%. This chance is relative, and simply increases the weight of the target. (this means that 100% makes the target twice as likely to become chosen as the target)
    • 4 successive Backstab attacks on the same target applies Break on it for 5 seconds. The count resets after 5 seconds, or if an attack doesn't apply Backstab.
Sand King icon.png

Sand King

  • Burrowstrike
    • Scepter increases Burrowstrike's cast range and the maximum push distance by 500.
  • Sand Storm
    • Pull strength reduced from 20/40/60/80/120/160/200 to 10/20/40/60/80/120/160.
    • Storm Intensifies: For the first 8 seconds of Sandstorm, the pull strength and radius of the storm increases by 20.


  • Removed
    • +40 Sandstorm damage
    • +100 burrowstrike radius
    • +300 epicenter pull radius
    • +275 burrowstrike cast range
    • +4 epicenter pulses
    • +20% Caustic Finale
  • Added
    • Epicenter grants 8 more pulses, but increases channel time to 3 seconds.
    • Burrowstrike causes quicksands to appear at the starting and end positions, slowing enemies in 180 AoE by 35%/35 move/attack speed. quicksands last 5 seconds.
    • Sandstorm deals double damage to enemies that are in 100 AoE of the center of the Sandstorm.
    • Being interrupted while channeling Epicenter creates pulses proportional to the time spent channeling
    • Caustic Finale on a target that is inside Sandstorm will make it trigger mini explosions every second, dealing damage in Caustic's AoE, dealing 50% of its damage.
    • When using Burrowstrike, Burrowstrike's ability is swapped for Burrow Back for 2 seconds. Activating Burrow Back causes Sand King to activate Burrowstrike towards the original cast point.
Shadow Fiend icon.png

Shadow Fiend

  • Shadowraze
    • Shadow Fiend razes the area in front of him, dealing damage to enemy units in an area.
    • Mastery of the Darkness: Shadow Fiend masters the shadows at high levels, and can manipulate them to his will.
      • (close) : Shadowraze gets closer and larger at higher levels
      • (medium) : Shadowraze forms a semi-circle pattern at higher levels
      • (far) : Shadowraze forms a line, getting farther every level
    • Shadow Combo : If all three razes hit within 2.5 seconds, the cooldowns are reset. Can only trigger every 30 seconds.
    • Soul Raze : Damage increases with each soul that Shadow Fiend possess.
  • Necromastery
    • Engorge: Can gain more souls over the limit that lasts 30 seconds each, giving the same benefits as permanent souls. Can only store a percentage of the max souls.
    • Soul Harvester : Grants 1 soul when attacking or razing an enemy hero.
  • Presence of the Dark Lord
    • Shadow Fiend's presence reduces the armor and vision range of nearby enemies.
    • Creeping Presence : Enemy heroes hit by razes under this aura will have their armor reduced for 7 seconds, which refreshes when another raze hits, up to 3 times.
  • Requiem of Souls
    • Soul Frenzy : After the Requiem ends, Shadow Fiend enters a state of Soul Frenzy, where razes have no cooldown. Lasts for 2 seconds, and is increased by 0.2 seconds for every line that hits an enemy hero. If he misses a raze, Soul Frenzy ends.
      • Soul Frenzy base duration from 1 to 2 seconds.
      • Soul Frenzy extra duration from 0.2 to 0.3 seconds.


  • Removed
    • +2 Presence armor reduction
    • -20 Shadowraze mana cost
    • -3 Shadowraze CD
    • +10 Necro souls limit
    • +2 damage from each Necrosoul
  • Added
    • Shadow Razes apply a pool of souls at raze points for 2 seconds, damaging enemies in their AoE for 50 damage per second.
    • Necromastery can be activated to instantly devour souls and heal 80 health per soul. Devours souls until depleted or until Shadow Fiend has full health. Has 12 seconds cooldown.
    • Killing an enemy hero permanenetly increases Necromastery's soul limit by 1.
    • Enemies affected by Requiem that are hit by Shadowrazes have their debuff fully refreshed.
    • While in Soul Frenzy, Shadowrazes cast points are halved.
Silencer icon.png


  • Glaives of Wisdom
    • Remove Brain Drain. (mana burn on attack)
    • New Scepter effect: grants 100% bonus damage on silenced targets and causes Silencer's Glaives to pierce spell immunity. (parity with vanilla)
  • Global Silence
    • Remove Arcane Curse on Global Silence.
    • Global Silence reworked: Global Silence applies a debuff on all enemies, but does not silence them.
      • If an enemy attemps to cast a spell, it is interrupted immediately, and has Last Word applied on it. The target then is immediately silenced normally for the rest of the duration. Units that are channelling a spell are considered casting and are immediately treated as though they have cast a spell.

Arcane Supermacy Dying under Global Silence's effect only steals 1 intelligence. (instead of 2) (unless eligible for the full amount normally).


  • Removed
    • +2 Arcane Curse duration
    • +2 Arcane Supermacy int steal
    • +25% Glaives int to damage.
    • +0.25s Glaives silence duration.
    • +20% Arcane Curse slow.
  • Added
    • Global Silence is unpurgable. If the target becomes magic immune, the effect stops, and the duration is paused until immunity wears off.
    • Arcane Curse spreads to nearby enemies in 900 AoE if the cursed target dies.
    • Silences caused by Silencer last 25% longer.
    • Glaives of Wisdom on targets afflicted with Global Silence causes the duration of the debuff to increase by 0.2 seconds.
    • Overrides Glaives of Wisdom's Debate Me. Each attack with Glaives of Wisdom that hits an enemy hero, it gains intelligence, up to 50% of their base intelligence. When this threshold is reached, the target's mind explodes, reducing intelligence to 0 for 3 seconds and dealing all reduced intelligence as pure damage. Does nothing while the target is debuffed with the Mind Explosion modifier.
Skywrath Mage icon.png

Skywrath Mage

  • Arcane Bolt
    • Arcane Wrath gains stacks on cast (instead of when it lands).
    • Arcane Wrath also grants 50/75/100/125/125/125/125 cast range per stack.
    • Arcane Wrath intelligence multiplier per stack from 0/0/0/0/3/6/9% to 3/6/9/12/15/15/15%.
  • Concussive Shot
    • Ghastly Eerie reworked: The main target of Concussive Shot is granted a new ability: Ghastly Eerie. It is then forced to cast it once (unless silenced). The cast ignores all channels, it is immediate, no target, and ignores psuedo queues (can be used while stunned).
    • Casting Ghastly Eerie fires a projectile 3/3/3/3/4/5/6 times in a row, once per second, towards its closest ally hero in 1600 AoE if any are found. This is an actual cast and has all the interactions that go along with it. After all projectiles have landed, the skill is then removed normally.
    • The ability costs no mana, but firing each projectile costs 20/30/40/50/50/50/60 mana. If the target doesn't have enough mana, he pays with its health. ** Ghastly Eeie deals half the normal skill damage, and slows the target(s) hit in its 250 AoE. Slow doesn't stack with itself.


  • Removed
    • +1 seal duration
    • -25 arcane bolt mana cost
    • +100% mystic flare radius
    • -4s Ancient Seal CD
    • -1s Arcane Bolt CD
  • Added
    • Concussive Shot's target's Ghastly Eerie's mana payments are doubled, but the projectiles damage is halved.
    • Ancient Seal's Embedded Seal moves with the main seal target.
    • Concussive Shot stuns the target for 0.5 seconds.
    • Mystic Flare moves slowly towards the closest visible enemy hero in 600 AoE of it. Mystic Flares have 200 move speed.
    • If Arcane Bolt hits a target that is in the middle of Ghastly Eerie's cast, the next projectiles also fires Arcane Bolts towards the targets. Enemies firing Arcane Bolts grants Skywrath Arcane Wrath stacks.
Slardar icon.png



  • Removed
    • +125 radius and +50 damage to Rip Current.
    • +12% Slipstream change.
    • +0.25 Forceful Smack duration.
  • Added
    • Slardar's attacks that did not cause a bash increase the next bash duration by 0.1 seconds per attack. This applies to both usual bash and Forceful smack. The duration immediately resets when either occurs.
    • Forceful Smack afflicts the target with Break for its duration.
    • Slithereen Crush reduces the targets' outgoing damage by 25% for the duration of the slow.
Sniper icon.png


  • Take Aim
    • Cooldown from 27/27/27/27/21/15/9 to 16/14/12/11/10/9


  • Removed
    • -2 Aimed Assault CD
    • +50% Headshot/Perfectshot duration
    • +80% Perfectshot critical damage
    • +4 Max Shrapnel charges
    • +1000 Aimed Assault bonus attack range
  • Added
    • Doubles max Shrapnel charges. Each recharge grants 2 charges.
    • Enemy Units under Shrapnel lose 5 armor and have a 30% chance to miss attacks.
    • Assassination now takes two more seconds to fire. When the cast point is done, Sniper fires a flurry of three Assassination projectiles at the target.
    • Regular Headshots has 20% chance to turn into Perfectshots.
    • Eye Shot: Whenever Sniper fires an Aimed Assault shot, the shot becomes a fatal shot at the target's eye, causing it to bleed heavily and lose vision. Reduces vision of the target by 500, and causes it to take 80 damage per second. Lasts 5 seconds. (purgable)
Sven icon.png


  • Warcry
    • Tenacity bonus changes.
      • self: from 5/5/5/5/10/15/20% to 15/15/15/15/25/35/45%
      • allies: 0/0/0/0/4/8/12% to 5/5/5/5/10/15/20%
  • Colossal Slash Reworked:
    • No longer launches a shockwave forward. Instead, Sven swings his sword from one side to the other with extreme might, creating a tremenedous shockwave that deals damage in a huge area in front of Sven.
    • Launches a huge projectile (shockwave) which radius is a cone in front of Sven, having 700 radius (350 to his left, 350 to his right).
    • Projectile moves in 2500 speed, up to a distance based on base distance + time remaining in God's Strength.
    • Critical damage from 100/150/200/225/250/275% to 150/175/200/225/250/275%.


  • Removed
    • +100 cleave radius
    • +70 storm hammer radius
    • -15 God's Strength CD
    • +9% Warcry move speed
    • +15 Great Cleave armor ignore
    • -8 Storm Hammer CD
    • +100% God's Strength damage bonus
  • Added
    • Each Colossal Slash kill reduces God's Strength cooldown by 20%.
    • God's Strength causes Sven's attacks to cleave twice per strike, in a 0.1 delay.
    • Great Cleave cleaves at double the cleave values.
    • Storm Hammer grants Sven damage reduction for 4 seconds after impact.
    • Storm Hammer can now hit enemies in its path to the target unit, dragging them with it until reaching the target.
    • Colossal Slash now penetrates a portion of the target's armor equal to remaining duration of God's Strength.
    • Warcry can now be used while Sven is disabled.
Techies icon.png


  • Stasis Trap
    • Electrocharges now have a cap of 1400 pull radius.


  • Removed
    • +75 proximity mines radius
    • +150 electrocharge radius
    • +175 minefield sign aura radius
  • Added
    • Techies can now fire Proximity Mines on auto attacks. A proximity Mine can only be fired once every 6 seconds.
    • Proximity Mines that detect an enemy coming in trigger range causes them to jump to the target's location before blowing up.
    • Planting a mine signfield now causes the sign's undetectable radius to increase by 5 every 10 seconds. Every 45 seconds, if there are less than 5 mines, the sign randoms a mine and places it somewhere around its AoE.
Tinker icon.png


  • Laser
    • Tinker fires a laser from his location to the ground forward.
    • Each target that already got wounded by a laser this cast takes 25% of laser's damage, but each target can be hit by all lasers. (especially the original target).
  • Heat-Seeking Missile
    • Fires 2 missiles at the closest nearby enemies, prioritizes heroes.
      • While a missile is traveling towards its target, every second it fires a mini-missle towards a random enemy, which deals 40% damage and grants vision in the target area for 3 seconds.
    • The target can be hit by multiple random missiles.
      • Mini-missles are 100% faster than the main missle.
  • Technomancy
    • Technomancy level 1
      • Upgrades Laser: laser come both sides of the target.
    • Technomancy level 2
      • Upgrades Heat Seeking Missles: improves the Mini-missiles firing interval to 0.75, and causes main missiles to carry an explosive warhead, exploding violently at its target, dealing 100 damage in 300 AoE. Main target takes double the damage from the explosion.
    • Technomancy level 3
      • Upgrades Heat Seeking Missles: Heat Seeking Missiles cannot be disjointed. Mini-missles now carry an explosive warhead, aimed at breaking defenses. Each Mini-missile causes its target to take 15% more damage from main and additional mini-missles.
    • Technomancy level 4
      • Upgrades Laser: Adds two diagonal beams, forming an X on the Target.
  • March of the Machines
    • Instead of summoning 144 bots and having them have 5% to have an effect, let's do this instead: All bots get a special effect. Each effect reduces the count of bots by a certain amount, so you'd always have less bots.
      • Level 1 bots: flaming bots: counts as 2 bots in the count.
      • Level 2 bots: Sticky bots: counts as 3 bots in the count.
      • Level 3 bots: Tesla bots: counts as 4 bots.
      • All other bots: Dismantling, Railgun and Drone Bots counts as 5.
  • New Scepter Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter.
    • Grants Tinker a small bot. This bot follows Tinker around and teleports with him. The bot is invulnerable and unselectable.
    • This bot has two uses:
      • The bot grants Tinker a Rearm charge every 12 seconds. Whenever Tinker has the Rearm charge ready, Rearming is done by the bot instead of Tinker himself. This is shown through a green(ish) laser at Tinker from the bot, and through a modifier shown on Tinker.
      • The bot applies an adernaline boost to nearby heroes in 500 AoE every 8 seconds, increasing their move speed and their cast animations by 15% for 20 seconds. Always applies on Tinker first if he doesn't have the buff. This buff reduces Tinker's Rearm channel duration by 0.75 seconds. This is shown through a blue(ish) laser from the bot at the target.


  • Removed
    • -75 Rearm mana cost.
    • +3.5 Heat Seeking Missiles vision duration.
    • +40% MotM travel range.
    • +3% MoTM Specialization chance
  • Added
    • The main laser target becomes marked for 12 seconds. As long as it is in missile range, any Heat Seeking Missiles cast would always choose it as a target. (versus #3 talent)
    • Each Laser beam burns 3 armor for 5 seconds, and increases Heat Seeking Missiles's damage by 10%. Stacks with itself, but does not refreshes durations.
    • Heat Seeking Missiles now choose targets based on their % health, from lowest to highest. (versus #1 talent)
    • Bots have a 25% chance to become a Mega Bot, which is larger in size and have its effect doubled.
Tiny icon.png


  • Rolling Stones (Value changes)
    • Bonus damage: 3.
    • Attack speed reduction per stack: 0.75.
    • Bonus move speed per stack: 2
    • Bonus Toss damage: 1%
    • Bonus Avalanch damage: 1%


  • Removed
    • +10 Rolling Stones stacks
    • +25% passive avalanch stun and damage
    • +125 Avalanch projectile
    • +200 Avalanch damage
    • +15 Craggy Exterior reduction per hit
  • Added
    • If a tossed unit lands it throws all enemies in 300 AoE in the air, those enemies receive bonus damage from Avalanche.
    • Right clicks done on enemies that are in mid-toss movement take 175% damage.
    • Avalanche leaves a shaky ground behind for 6 seconds. Enemies walking over it are slowed by 35% and have a 10% chance every second to trigger a mini-avalanche centered on them.
    • Tiny can activate Rolling Stone on a target position to become a rolling stone, literally. It will then roll slowly towards the target point, becoming phased and going through cliffs. Enemies that are trampeled are stunned for 2 seconds, and take damage equal to 5x his Rolling Stone stacks. Costs 120 mana, has a 20 seconds cooldown, and a maximum 1000 cast range. Tiny moves in 400 move speed. It can take damage normally during the duration, but disabling him does not stop the effect.
    • Grow can be activated (no target), granting Tiny a buff that increases Tiny's size by 30% and causes his next attack to deal 50% more damage and cause a 50% move speed, 150 attack speed debuff on the enemy target for 4 seconds. However, this buff also slows Tiny's attack speed by 100. Has a 10 seconds cooldown.
Troll Warlord icon.png

Troll Warlord

  • Fervor (Rework)
    • Attack Speed per Stack: 15/20/25/30/35/35/35
    • Max Stacks: 7/9/11/13/17/21/25
    • Battle Overdrive: Causes Troll Warlord go over his stack limit granting him temporary Fervor stacks. Each stack is independent and lasts 8 seconds. Switching targets instantly removes all his non-Battle Overdrive stacks.
    • Trolling For Victims: While in Battle Trance, switching targets does not cause Troll Warlord to lose Fervor stacks.


  • Removed
    • +10% ranged axes move slow
    • +3 armor, +25 move speed, 1.6 BAT when ranged
    • +6 Fervor attack speed per stack
    • -15% Fervor stack loss on target change
    • +50% Battle Trance duration
    • -7s Whirling Axes CD
    • -0.2 Battle Trance BAT
    • +10% bash/hamstring chance
  • Added
    • Weapons Master: Whenever Troll Warlord swaps stances, he gains a bonus for his next three attacks. This effect is not renewed until used in its specific form. Effect disappears automatically after 5 seconds.
    • itching to melee grants him +50 attack speed and +30 damage.
    • itching to ranged grants Troll 200 attack range and +10% move speed bonus.
    • Melee and Ranged Axes damage increases by 1% for each 25 attack speed Troll Warlord has.
    • Hitting a target with Melee or Ranged Axes grants troll 75 attack speed bonus per target for 3 seconds.
    • Melee and Ranged Axes mark enemies hit, causing Troll to gain bonus 5 Fervor stacks when attacking them, consuming their mark.
    • When Troll Warlord attacks while having more than 100 Fervor stacks, he has a 5% chance to go berserk. Doing so spends 50% of his Fervor stacks, but throws one ranged axe in a random direction around him. Each stack is an axe thrown, applying ranged W's effects.
    • Each unique target attacked while heroes have Battle Trance applied to them increases their stack count by one. Each stack grants 75 attack speed to that hero.
    • Troll hitting enemy heroes grants him a Waaargh stack. All Waaargh stacks are consumed on ult use, increasing his ult duration by 0.1 per Waargh stack and improves the BAT by 0.02 per stack.
    • Fervor is now an aura, granting all heroes in 900 AoE the ability to gain Fervor stacks. Heroes' Fervor is set to 10 max stacks, with Battle Overdrive set to 3 seconds for each stack.
Ursa icon.png


  • Earthshock
    • Renamed Hulking Beast to Trembling Steps
    • Earthshock Trembling Steps cooldown from 0.5/0.45/0.4/0.36/0.32/0.28/0.25 to 0.4
    • Earthshock Trembling Steps damage from 20 to 30/60/90/120/140/160/180
  • New Scepter{Symbol|Aghanim}}:
    • Old: Is now a talent.
    • New: Now allows Enrage to be cast while disabled. Doing so does not trigger the cooldown of Enrage!


  • Removed
    • +50% devastsating blow damage
    • +50% earthshock damage
    • +3 overpower attacks
    • +10 fury swipe damage
    • +100 Enrage spells radius
    • +1 Overpower disarm duration
    • +100% skill cooldown rates
    • -120 seconds Territorial Hunter.
  • Added
    • Trembling Steps' cooldown is improved by 0.01 second for each 10 strength that you have, up to a threshold of 0.2 seconds.
    • Taking more than 1000 damage in a 3 seconds window causes Ursa to activate Enrage for free.
    • Ursa gets 25% Tenacity when in his Territorial Hunter tree mark radius. Killing an enemy inside Territorial Hunter's AoE resets its cooldown.
    • Devastating Blow damage reduces the target's armor by 2. Lasts 3 seconds, stackable and refreshable.
    • If the target has more than 50% health, Devastating Blow deals 3.5% of the target's maximum health as damage.
    • Overpower roots enemies in addition to disarming them.
    • Enrage adds 8% of your current health as damage for its duration.
    • Overpower becomes a passive ability. When starting an attack, it procs, granting the attack speed for 4 seconds. This effect no longer counts attacks down and can either have its duration expire or be purged. Overpower goes into cooldown normally when proccing, and cannot be activated again until it is ready again.
Vengeful Spirit icon.png

Vengeful Spirit

  • Rancor
    • No longer increases base attack damage and spell power.
    • Increases Magic Missile's stun duration by 0.1 per 10 Rancor stacks. (up to 1 full second.)
    • Decreases Magic Missile's damage reduction by 1% per 5 Rancor stacks. (up to 20% reduction)
    • Increases the length of Wave of Terror by 5 per Rancor stack. (up to 500 bonus length)
    • Increases the armor reduction of Wave of Terror by 0.3 per 5 Rancor stacks (up to 6 additional armor reduction)
    • Increases Vengeance Aura's bonus damage and spell power by 0.5% per 10 Rancor stacks (up to 2% additional damage/spell power bonuses)
    • Increases Vengeance Aura's AoE by 30 per 10 Rancor stacks (up to 300 bonus AoE).


  • Removed
    • -1s Nether Swap activation delay
    • +100 Magic Missile damage
    • +15% damage/5% Spellpower Vengeance Aura
  • Added
    • The first enemy hero hit by Wave of Terror carries the negative version of Vengeance Aura for 8 seconds.
    • Swapping an enemy causes it to be disoriented, causing it to be silenced and suffer from 60% movement speed slow for 1.5 seconds.
    • Rancor can be activated manually to double her Rancor stacks limit for 12 seconds. However, when the active effect ends, she cannot go past 50 stacks for the same duration.
Venomancer icon.png


  • Plague Ward
    • Venomous Gale wards' cast range from 350/350/350/350/600/850/1100 to 500/650/800/950/1100/1250/1400
  • Poison Sting
    • Scourge Wards can now apply Poison Sting on their targets.
    • This poison is the same as Venomancer's, meaning their attacks only refresh it.
    • Venomancer's attacks can increase Poison Sting's stacks on a target, while wards cannot.
    • The Wardomancer talent causes Scourge Wards to apply their own poison which fully stacks with Venomancer's.
  • Ravaging Gale
    • Ravaging Gale talent now turns Venomous Gale into a no target ability.


  • Removed
    • +15% initial move slow from Gale.
    • +4 Poison Nova duration
    • +50% Toxic Compound mres
  • Added
    • All Scourge Wards also emit a Poison Nova when Venomancer casts it in 350 AoE around them.
    • Venomous Gale's debuff tick twice as fast.
    • If an enemy target is affected by more than 40 stacks of Toxic Compound, it becomes highly toxic. Whenever any kind of poison ticks on a toxic enemy, it emits that poison (looks like Poison Nova)(but it's NOT actually Poison Nova!) outward.
      • Units that are in its range (500 AoE) have all the toxic enemy's poisons applied to them as well with the remaining durations. This does not includes Toxic Compound, which starts at 0 normally.
Warlock icon.png


  • Fatal Bonds
    • Can now link to both allied and enemy targets. As usual, chooses targets from the closest to the enemy to the farthest.
    • Any damage that is spread through a unit that took damage to an ally heals it (instead of making it take damage).
    • Shadow Words spreads between all linked units on each tick. Allies get the positive version of Shadow Word, enemies get the negative version.
    • Max targets limit from 3/4/5/6/7/8/9 to 5/7/9/11/14/17/20.
  • Shadow Word
    • Attack speed bonus for Golems from 0/0/0/0/10/20/30 to 60/60/60/60/80/100/120
    • Also increases health regeneration of Golems affected by 5/10/15/20/30/40/50.
    • Radius from 275/275/275/275/350/425/500 to 400/500/600/700/750/800/850.
    • Damage/Heal per second from 15/25/35/45/48/51/54 to 15/25/35/45/60/75/90.
  • Upheaval
    • While Golems are inside its AoE, they gain 50% damage reduction, and they deal double damage on all of their attacks and skills to all units in its AoE.
  • Chaotic Offering
    • Golem Health per strength from 5/5/5/10/15/20 to 5/10/15/20/25/30
    • Golem Armor per agility from 0.1 to 0.25
    • Golem Damage per intelligence from 0.25/0.25/0.25/0.5/0.75/1 to 1.25/2/2.75/3/3.25/3.5.
  • New Scepter {Symbol|Aghanim}}
    • Old : Is now a talent.
    • New: Now summons two golems, same as vanilla.


  • Removed
    • +30 attack speed golem
    • +10 Golem Armor
    • +5% Fatal Bonds damage share
    • +4s duratoin Shadow Word
    • Unwilling Shield - no longer relevant because of Fatal Bonds changes.
  • Added
    • Summoning a Chaotic Golem summons a circle of five acolytes that protect it. (current scepter effect)
    • Golems now have a 20% chance to bash on an attack for 1 second.
    • Golems now deal double damage to buildings.
    • Using Chaotic Offering causes meteors to rain from the sky on the target area. All meteors land at the same time. All enemy units in target AoE take 180 damage and burn for 60 damage per second. Burning lasts for 5 seconds.
    • Shadow Word now slows enemies' move speed by 15%, and boosts allies' move speed for the same value.
Wraith King icon.png

Wraith King

  • Kingdom Come
    • If Wraith King dies while broken, Kingdom Come does not proc.
    • Wraiths now grant 75g bounty when killed.
  • Soul Strike
    • Wraiths Soul Strikes now deal magical damage instead of pure.
    • Wraith's Soul Strike's max health as damage from 9% to 14%.
  • New ScepterUpgradable by Aghanim's Scepter.
    • When a Wraith Formed hero accumulates damage equal to 15% of his max health, the buff duration decreases by one second, causing it to die if no time was remaining.
    • Scepter effect no longer has a limit to how many Wraiths can be active at once.


  • Removed
    • +5% Mortal Strike crit chance
    • +2s Wraithfire Blast's duration
    • +15% lifesteal aura
    • +20% crit damage-to-health conversion
  • Added
    • Kingdom Come can now be cast normally to apply its effects without dying. Kingdom Come has 100 seconds cooldown, but can still proc normally if Wraith King dies. Has 1 second cast point.
    • Whenever an ally in Vampiric Aura's range takes damage, Wraith King is healed for 10% of the damage. This effect does not occur if Wraith King himself takes damage.
    • When the main target is hit by Wraithfire Blast, it burns brightly, dealing 80 damage per second to nearby units in 600 AoE. Each unit affected by Wraithfire Blast's debuff that is in range of the burn increases its damage by 40 for that tick. Lasts 4 seconds.
    • Reincarnation can now be set to auto cast. When it is toggled on, Wraith King emits a Reincarnation Aura, which reincarnates an allied hero in 900 AoE that dies in its vicinity. Triggers the cooldown normally when the effect occurs.