Dota IMBA/Imba Version 7.01.34

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  • Fixed Troll Warlord's Fervor stacks accumulated by attack-cancelling.
  • Fixed Enigma's Singularity stacks not granting extra pull or stun radius.
  • Fixed Black Hole sound looping, if Enigma is silenced before the cast is fully completed (Last Word).
  • Fixed Enigma's Black Hole's Singularity stacks never resetting.
  • Fixed Enigma's Black Hole's Singularity stacks being invisible to the player.
  • Fixed Engima's Night Expansion talent's particle effect growing a bit indefinitely.
  • Fixed Dazzle's Ressurection particle showing for literally everyone when Dazzle casts it.


  • Updated Dazzle's Patient's Shadow talent's tooltip to be more clear.