Dota IMBA/Imba Version 7.01.26

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7.01.26 update[edit]

General changes[edit]

  • Re-enabled EXP curve boosts. This only applies for experience gained depending on your level - I'm gonna keep the higher-level-enemy boost disabled for now. It might have been causing lags.
  • Siltbreaker Unhallowed Icon icon.png Occult Mask, Imba curseblade.png Curseblade, Imba hellblade.png Hellblade:
    • Added the HP_LOSS flag which nullifies interactions such as Batrider's Sticky Napalm.


Anti-Mage icon.png
  • Mana Break:
    • Illusions now only proc 40% of Energy Blast's damage.
  • Spell Shield:
    • Scepter effect reworked: Now no longer automatically triggers Purity of Will. Instead, it will automatically shield Anti Mage and reflect ONE spell back to its caster.
      • It will then go on a separate, internal cooldown of 12 seconds before it can block another spell. This is shown through a "Spellshield Ready" and a "Spellshield Recharge" buffs, indicating its state.
      • Purity of Will can still be used normally.


  • Imba tranquil boots 2.png IronLeaf Boots:
    • Meditate health regen per stack from 5 to 4. (max 120 health regen per second on max stacks)
    • Meditate magic resistance per stack from 0.5% to 1%.
    • When Ironleaf Boots are broken, Meditate bonuses (move speed, health regen, magic resistance) are halved until it is unbroken again.
    • Iron Body now only blocks physical damage.
    • Iron Body lower block from 25 to 40.
    • Iron Body high block from 100 to 150.