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Dota 2 Canada Cup Season 6

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Tournament icon The Defense.png Dota 2 Canada Cup Season 6
Minibanner Dota 2 Canada Cup Season 6.png
Canada Canada
Start Date:28 November 2015
End Date:8 February 2016
Prize Pool:$20,000+

Dota 2 Canada Cup Season 6 is a tournament featuring 16 teams competing for a prize pool of $20,000+. Unlike previous Canada Cups, season six will include teams from North and South America.


  • 14 invited teams.
  • 2 qualified teams.
  • Group Stage: Four groups of four, round robin.
  • Playoffs: Eight times compete in a double elimination bracket.



Promotional Items[edit]



  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Grand Final
Winner's bracket
  Elite Wolves Elite Wolves 2
  Team Archon Team Archon 1
  Elite Wolves Elite Wolves 2
  Infamous Infamous 0
  Infamous Infamous 2
  Not Today Not Today 0
  Elite Wolves Elite Wolves 2
  compLexity Gaming compLexity Gaming 0
  compLexity Gaming compLexity Gaming 2
  Digital Chaos Digital Chaos 1
  compLexity Gaming compLexity Gaming 2
  Shazam Shazam 0
  Shazam Shazam 2   Elite Wolves Elite Wolves 0
  Team Leviathan Team Leviathan 0   compLexity Gaming compLexity Gaming Champion 3
Loser's bracket
  Infamous Infamous 2
  Team Archon Team Archon 0
  Not Today Not Today 0   compLexity Gaming compLexity Gaming 2
  Not Today Not Today 1   Infamous Infamous 2
  Infamous Infamous 0
  Digital Chaos Digital Chaos 1
  Shazam Shazam 0
  Digital Chaos Digital Chaos 1
  Digital Chaos Digital Chaos 2
  Team Leviathan Team Leviathan 0

Prize Allocation[edit]

Final Prize Pool: $40,763 USD
Place Team Winnings Percent
A11st  compLexity Gaming compLexity Gaming $24,458 60%
A22nd  Elite Wolves Elite Wolves $12,229 30%
A33rd  Infamous Infamous $4,076 10%
10% Charm of the Autumn Flurry
10% Treasure of the Autumn Flurry
25% Treasure of the Autumn Flurry Perfect World

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