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DotaFX is a group that focuses on creating video-series for the Dota 2 Community providing highlights, specials and video content from time to time. DotaFX makes cosmetic items as well for the Steam Workshop.


True Stories: A series that is based on user-submitted replays that are put into a cinematic style edit which shows entertainment value for every video uploads. The video is exclusive to DotaFX's channel. Famous for using "B*tch" phrases with most of the heroes featured.

Dota 2 Workshop: Contains the video presentation for an upcoming Workshop submission. This showcases the heroes as they would appear in-game with the cosmetic items.

Dota 2 Know Thy Pro: A special series featuring games of pro players and/or teams. The uploads are also in cinematic style and provides hype for previous games or memorable games of the featured team/player.

Dota 2 Cinematic Montage: A video series that higlights user-submitted replays in a Cinematic Style. Similar to True stories but emphasizes the plays of the players being featured.

Cosmetic Items[edit]


DotaFX Workshop: Complete collection of all DotaFX's work on the Steam Workshop

In-Game Cosmetic Items[edit]

All of DotaFX's cosmetic items that are considered to be part of the game. Some of the sets are completed with partners. DotaFX receives a portion of every purchase of each one of these sets listed below:


  • DotaFX has three legendary sets to their name, two of them are Alliance's Pro Gears.
  • DotaFX has an autograph rune on the Bestowments of the Divine Anchor set, which was available in the Secret Shop at The International 2014. The set was made in partnership with Kunkka.
  • DotaFX once held the record for the most number of loading screens in-game. Having 2 out of the 4 loading screens before, them being the loading screens for Webs of Perception and Cryogenic Embrace.