Devil's Will

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Devil's Will
Devil's Will icon.png
A scepter of mastery taken, perhaps, from Satan himself.
Removed Item
Passive [?] Death Pact
Bonus [?] +5 Health regeneration
+40 Attack damage
+15 Attack speed
Disassemble? No
Alert allies? No
Devil's Will (5075)Components3.png
Demon Edge (2200)
Ring of Health (825)
Upgrader (1500)

The Devil's Will is an item which was removed in the 5.31 version.


Death Pact
Cannot be used by illusions. Does not pierce spell immunity.
Enemy Units / Allied Units
Kills a target unit, giving a percentage of its hit points to the Hero.
Cast Range: 800
Target's Current Health as Health: 85%
Target's Current Health as Mana: 15%
Cooldown: 30
Mana: 50


  • The targeted unit is instantly killed, counting as a regular last hit or deny.
  • The health and damage bonus are based on the targeted unit's current health.
  • Cannot be cast on ancient creeps and creep-heroes.


  • This item's icon was given to Dagon after it was removed.