December 17, 2010 Patch

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Patch notes

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Lich's Frost Nova not applying the slow debuff to the target.
  • Fixed Lich's Frost Armor proccing on ranged attacks.
  • Fixed crash when using Morphling's ultimate.
  • Fixed couriers not being able to purchase items.
  • Flying courier now upgrades the automatically created courier.
  • Morphling's Waveform and Faceless Void's Timewalk will now continue previously-commanded movement properly (should no longer double-back after using those abilities).
  • Fixed TP scroll effect not showing up sometimes.
  • Double-clicking on a TP scroll now will teleport you back to base.
  • Casting on your portrait now self-casts the ability.
  • Enigma's Demonic Conversion can no longer target ancients.
  • Fixed X Marks the Spot disappearing if the target went into FoW.
  • Fixed Vanguard's block chance to 60%.
  • ESC will close the chat window.


  • Adjusted camera FoV, angle, and speed.  The acceleration slider in the options now goes to 50.
  • Dashboard's Watch pane now displays all recently played games.
  • Changed inventory mouse interaction - left click casts the item, right click opens the context menu and left or right click held and dragged out of the bounds picks up the item.
  • Added right click menu to items, right now it only shows "Sell".
  • Made Tidebringer's active effect more majestic.
  • Added constant ambient glow to Kunkka's Tidebringer Sword.
  • Toned down Lina's Light Strike Array effects.
  • Punched up Laguna Blade effects.
  • Hero picking time increased for testing.
  • You can now click selected heroes at the top of the hero picker to see their details.