December 16, 2013 Patch

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Patch notes

  • Added a recruitment option to the popup menu when right-clicking players.
  • Fixed bug where the recruitment icon would show up for recruitment offers you had not accepted.
  • Fixed bug where the tutorial gift gem would create ethereal sockets instead of normal sockets. Affected items have been fixed.
  • Fixed bug where "Demons Imprisoned" would not increment.
  • Wraith-Night matches no longer reduce low-priority penalty games remaining.
  • Fixed Press The Attack being unable to target siege units
  • Fixed Magnetic Grip being able to pull you out of Duel, Black Hole and Chronosphere
  • Fixed Rupture affecting couriers
  • Fixed not always being silenced properly during Duel (Autocast, Morph, etc)
  • Fixed Static Storm silence/mute not affecting sleeping/invulnerable units
  • Fixed Moment of Courage Legacy Key
  • Fixed Earth Spirit Legacy Keys

Wraith Night

  • Fixed a game-restart exploit.
  • Fixed some abilities incorrectly considering illusions.
  • Arcane Boots II can no longer be disassembled
  • Fixed a bug with some items permanently granting their buffs even when unequipped.
  • Added message about abandonments leading to low-priority punishments for wraith-night matches.

Coach Fixes

  • Fixed Coaches seeing enemy projectiles for some spells (i.e. Ancient Apparition's ultimate)
  • Fixed Coaches being able to see enemy team's glyph cooldown.
  • Fixed Coaches being able to see enemy item cooldowns.
  • Fixed Coaches being able to become captains in Captains Mode & Captains Draft.
  • Fixed Coaches seeing some ability state information on enemy heroes.