December 13, 2013 Patch

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Patch notes


Captain's Mode

  • Fixed Recruits sorting in the wrong direction
  • Fixed Captain crowns showing on all players when spectating CM games


  • Added matchmaking preference to use themed or classic map
  • Ranked matchmaking will always use the classic map. (This is to minimize fragmentation of the matchmaking pool)
  • Tuned quality thresholds in ranked matchmaking to wait longer and require a higher quality match
  • Private lobbies will use classic map if tournament version is selected in lobby settings
  • Fixed bug causing full parties of 5 players to wait needlessly when searching for Wraith-Night or Coop Bot matches


  • Rebalanced both Shadow Fragments and Shining Fragments rewards
  • Fixed towers sometimes becoming invulnerable
  • Fixed CM hero selection being limited after a Frostivus game
  • Fixed buy back cost not being reset on new game with increased difficulty
  • After defeating Wraith King end panel now correctly shows up and shows fragment rewards and allows voting
  • Added conversion of Shining Fragments to Shadow Fragments