December 12, 2013 Patch (Test)

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Patch notes

Update 3

  • Added Legacy Keys for Legion Commander.
  • Fixed Legion Commander turn rate being incorrect.
  • Fixed Overwhelming Odds not counting magic immune enemies for its damage total and speed boost.
  • Fixed Press the Attack being usable on magic immune targets.
  • Fixed Duel not granting pre-attack bonus damage.
  • Fixed Duel not disabling passives and items.
  • Fixed pathing while in Duel.
  • Fixed Press The Attack dispel rules not being consistent with Dark Pact/Aphotic Shield.
  • Fixed various issues with Moment of Courage.
  • Fixed Linken's Sphere not blocking Duel.
  • Fixed being unable to afford Legion Commander's starting item build.
  • Fixed Overwhelming Odds not considering Spirit Bear for bonuses.
  • Fixed Overwhelming Odds providing 9% speed boost per illusion rather than 3%.
  • Fixed Duel being usable on various non-hero units (Spirit Bear, Familiars, etc).
  • Fixed towers, wards, etc not causing Moment of Courage to trigger.

Update 4

  • Fixed flying vision on Duel
  • Fixed attacks sometimes not happening with Moment of Courage

Update 5

  • More Moment of Courage fixes
  • Fixed Duel not properly overriding Disarm functionality
  • Fixed Overwhelming Odds movement bonus for Illusions
  • Fixed Moment of Courage being purgeable
  • Fixed some cases where you would keep walking and not attack the Duel target