December 12, 2012 Patch (Test)

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Patch notes


Update 2

  • Fixed not being able to return the Chakram during any point on its path.
  • Fixed Chakram not applying a short slow on its path.
  • Fixed Chakram not showing a cast radius on hover.
  • Fixed Timbersaw minimap icon.png Timbersaw not playing his voice lines.
  • Fixed Tidebringer interaction with Shadow Blade icon.png Shadow Blade.

Update 3

Update 4

  • More Decay fixes.
  • Fixed stolen Chakram sticking around after another spell is stolen.
  • Fixed broken portrait particle on spawn.
  • Fixed Chakram sound still playing after you die.
  • Fixed Reactive Armor stacks not getting refreshed if stack count was maxed out
  • Fixed Chakram using mana in wtf mode