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December 07, 2018 Patch

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Patch notes

  • Minor CPU performance improvements with certain types of art content.
  • Reworked the Global Item Loadout page to make shuffling items easier to work with.
  • Fixed Last Hit Trainer bugs.
  • Various SFM improvements (material overrides, health bars, etc).
  • Fountain damage now cancels effects similar to hero damage (e.g. Healing Salve icon.png salve, Heart of Tarrasque icon.png heart, Blink Dagger icon.png blink), and now has 25% Accuracy (Note: This change was added in an update last week).


  • Removed Action Item loadout slot.
  • Rubick minimap icon.png Rubick Arcana Leaks:
    • Referred to as a "Mantle" and uses the BACK slot.
    • Uses kill tracker gem.
    • Has postgame UI support.
    • Custom VO for all old lines.
    • New attack animations listed at the following intervals; 200: fast, 350: faster.
    • Back slot designated as the generating slot.
    • Added Rubick arcana progress tracker.
  • An item slot can now be designated as the "Generating" slot.
  • Inscribed Gems now consider if the user is in Turbo Mode or not.


  • Added Event Entry: Frostivus 2018
  • Replaced the Nexon PC Bang scheme with "Perfect World Cyber Cafe".



  • Added a "Color Gem color" property to projectile generators.
  • Optimized a ton of particles for most heroes.
  • New Unit Command: Show/Hide/Toggle Consumable Abilities (Similar to actions such as Move, Use Ability, Scan and Taunt)
  • Added new languages:
    • Latin America Spanish
    • Vietnamese


  • Dream Coil now uses a variable for its allowed targets, instead of being hardcoded.
  • Dream Coil now uses a variable for its spell immunity interaction, instead of being hardcoded.
  • Added a boolean variable to Savage Roar that allows switching between affecting only player units, and affecting all enemy units including lane and neutral creeps.
  • Skewer now uses a variable for its allowed targets, instead of being hardcoded.
  • Wukong's Command now uses a variable for its allowed targets, instead of being hardcoded.
  • Minor fix to Ink Swell's cast animation when used by other heroes.