December 05, 2019 Patch

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Patch notes

Update 2

  • Updated Void Spirit minimap icon.png Void Spirit's model.
  • Updated Spider Legs icon.png Spider Legs' particle effect.
  • Fixed buyback gold needed and gold surplus font sizes not shrinking when they get too long for the HUD element they are in.
  • Slightly increased the shop's width.
  • Fixed Veil of Discord icon.png Veil of Discord's aura buff not having a description.
  • Removed Medusa minimap icon.png Medusa from the mana steal challenge.
  • Updated Io minimap icon.png Io slow challenge to work with Tether, instead of Spirits.
  • Enabled Acolyte of the Lost Arts rivalry responses towards Snapfire minimap icon.png Snapfire and Void Spirit minimap icon.png Void Spirit.
  • Added Dota Plus challenges:
    • Clinkz Kills during Death Pact: 4/6/8
    • Drow Ranger damage with multishot: 3000/7000/10000
    • Drow Ranger marksmanship damage: 2500/5000/7500
    • Lone Druid healing from spirit link: 2500/5000/7500
    • Treant Protector deal damage with Natures Grasp: 3000/6000/9000
  • Removed challenges (hidden):
    • Clinkz building damage during strafe
    • Lone Druid damage during Battle Cry
    • Lone Druid kills during spirit link
    • Outworld Devourer damage during equilibrium (old third spell)
    • Outworld Devourer kills during equilibrium (old third spell)
    • Medusa from applicable "mana damage" challenge
    • Razor damage with unstable current
    • Treant Protector Natures Guise roots

Update 3

  • Rescaled Mars's block damage with bulwark challenge from 8000/16000/24000 -> 5000/10000/15000
  • Marked the following challenges obsoloete:
    • Clinkz Searing Arrows
    • Drow Ranger precision aura bonus ally damage
    • Rot denies on pudge
    • Lone Druid Battle Cry kills
    • Treant Protector Natures Guise roots
    • Clinkz building damage during strafe
    • Io spirits slow