December 05, 2017 Patch

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Patch notes

  • Ability Draft: Now uses some of the Turbo mode game mechanics.
  • Updated medal icons for Seasonal Rankings.
  • Missing tooltip for 0 stars has been added.
  • The Game Mode of the current match is now displayed above the K/D/A score.
  • Two new game mode tags have been added: Tutorial, Custom Game Mode.
  • Chat request ability now has support for: <playername> would like to draft <ability name> in Ability Draft by pinging on the ability.
  • Added Santa hat to Roshan.
  • Trident and Combo Breaker item entries on the backend have been tagged with Obsolete and Not Purchaseable tags.
  • Fixed Kaya still being tagged as trident in the Popular Items listing for heroes.


  • Updated ping message texts.
  • The follow abilities had absolute values removed from the ability description and instead replaced with generic text that defines the ability: Tricks of Trade, Assassinate, Mirror Image,
  • Necessary tooltip modifiers have been added to accommodate for the description changes made above.
  • Added tooltip modifier for Geminate Attack Count.
  • Fixed a bug with the tooltip modifier of Mirror Image.


  • Batrider's Firefly particles have been updated and optimized.
  • Batrider's Flamebreak now has a debuff particle on the affected target.
  • Demonic Purge particles have been optimized.