December 05, 2013 Patch

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Patch notes

  • Fixed a bug that caused some gem names and stat values to get truncated in the tooltip.
  • Recipe costs have been reduced. This change will affect newly dropped recipes.
  • Items with gems that convey the Inscribed, Autographed, and Ascendant qualities will now appear consistently. If the gemmed item already had a special quality (like Genuine) then that special quality will take precedence over the gem quality.
  • Several issues with crafting have been fixed:
  • A bug that made it appear that items were 'eaten' by crafting has been fixed. No items were actually eaten (they are still in your inventory). For example, a recipe that took 5 inputs would sometimes only consume 4 of the inputs and remain incomplete. The 5th item was never consumed even though it appeared to be by the UI. Recipes will now consume the correct number of items.
  • A bug has been fixed that made the display of some recipes show the wrong type of items already fulfilled (i.e.: 4 of the same thing when actually 4 different items were fulfilled).
  • The server is notified of a crafting attempt earlier in the crafting process so that crafting results will appear earlier.
  • The crafting completed animation now also plays for partial crafts. A dialog will appear during a partial craft indicating the recipe is not complete and needs more components to be finalized.
  • The tradability policy for socketed gems and crafted items has changed:
  • Gems extracted from an item that is "tradable after date" now become tradable after the same date.
  • Gems extracted from an item that can never be traded no longer inherit that restriction. You can safely add gems to a permanently untradable item without the gems becoming permanently untradable.
  • Gems that are not tradable (like Ascendant gems) will make the item they are added to untradable, but only while those gems are socketed. Extracting the gems will remove the trade restriction from the item they are added to.
  • If one or more crafted inputs are "tradable after date" then the recipe and output will become "tradable after date" with the latest date of the inputs.
  • If one or more crafted inputs are permanently untradable then the recipe and output will become permanently untradable.
  • All previously crafted items have been grandfathered into these new rules and have been made tradable.