Death Prophet

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Death Prophet
Death Prophet icon.png
Strength attribute symbol.png
17 + 2.6
Agility attribute symbol.png
14 + 1.4
Intelligence primary attribute symbol.png
23 + 3
Level Base 1 15 25
Health 200 540 1260 1780
H. regen amp 0% 12.14% 38.14% 56.71%
Mana 75 351 855 1215
M. regen amp 0% 46% 130% 190%
Armor 1 3.33 6.6 8.93
Spell dmg 0% 1.64% 4.64% 6.79%
Att/sec 0.59 0.67 0.79 0.87
Damage 24‒36 47‒59 89‒101 119‒131
Magic res. 25% 27.59% 32.31% 35.69%
Base health regen 2
Base mana regen 0.9
Movement speed 310
Turn rate 0.5
Vision range 1800/800
Attack range 600
Projectile speed 1000
Attack animation 0.56+0.51
Base attack time 1.7
Collision size 24
Legs 2

Krobelus, the Death Prophet, is a ranged intelligence hero who excels at pushing lanes. She is often played in the mid lane, since her Crypt Swarm gives her strong magic damage that can be spammed to her heart's content. As she levels her ultimate, Exorcism, Death Prophet can deal a huge amount of damage to towers and heroes alike, while healing at the end of the duration. If Exorcism's own heal isn't enough, she still has Spirit Siphon which drains health based on the target's health and can even be used on multiple targets at the same time. Finally, her Silence gives her a powerful tool to disable enemy casters and heroes that rely on escape abilities. Because she can deal large amounts of damage over time with her ultimate and Crypt Swarm, Death Prophet is mostly built as a tank, to ensure she can continue to stay in the fight.


Death Prophet Krobelus, the Death Prophet
Play "What I've seen goes far beyond death."
Lore: Krobelus was a Death Prophet—which is one way of saying she told fortunes for the wealthiest of those who wished to look beyond the veil. But after years of inquiring on behalf of others, she began to seek clues on her own fate. When death refused to yield its secrets, she tried to buy them with her life. But the ultimate price proved insufficient. Death disgorged her again and again, always holding back its deepest mysteries. Her jealousy grew. Others could die for eternity—why not she? Why must she alone be cast back on the shores of life with such tiresome regularity? Why was she not worthy of the one thing all other living creatures took for granted? Still, she would not be discouraged. Each time she returned from the grave, she brought a bit of death back with her. Wraiths followed her like fragments of her shattered soul; her blood grew thin and ectoplasmic; the feasting creatures of twilight took her for their kin. She gave a little of her life with every demise, and it began to seem as if her end was in sight. With her dedication to death redoubled, and no client other than herself, Krobelus threw herself ever more fervently into death's abyss, intent on fulfilling the one prophecy that eluded her: That someday the Death Prophet would return from death no more.
Voice: Ellen McLain (Responses)


Crypt Swarm
Not blocked by Linken's Sphere. Does not pierce spell immunity. Play
Crypt Swarm icon.png
Sends a swarm of winged beasts to savage enemy units in front of Death Prophet.
Cast Animation: 0.5+0.77
Cast Range: 600 (Talent 750)
Starting Radius: 110
Travel Distance: 810 (Talent 960)
End Radius: 300
Damage: 75/150/225/300
Cooldown symbol.png 8/7/6/5 (Talent 6/5/4/3)
Mana symbol.png 105/120/140/165
Krobelus' many trips to the grave gather a flock of the damned.


  • When targeting a unit, the Crypt Swarm is released towards its current location upon cast.
  • Crypt Swarm travels at a speed of 1100, taking 0.74 (Talent 0.87) seconds to travel the full distance.
  • Can hit units up to 1110 (Talent 1260) range away (travel distance + end radius).
  • The complete area is shaped like a cone.

Does not pierce spell immunity. Play
Silence icon.png
Target Area
Prevents enemy units in a target area from casting spells.
Cast Animation: 0.5+0.77
Cast Range: 900 (Talent 1050)
Radius: 425
Duration: 3/4/5/6
Cooldown symbol.png 15/14/13/12
Mana symbol.png 80
Does not pierce spell immunity. Silence persists if debuff was placed before spell immunity and when not dispelled.
Debuff Silence: Dispellable with any dispel.
Peering into the veil of her opponent's demise, Krobelus sees a silent future.


  • Applies a debuff on enemies within the area on cast. Entering or leaving the area afterwards has no effect.

Spirit Siphon
Blocked by Linken's Sphere. Does not pierce spell immunity. Play
Spirit Siphon icon.png
Target Unit
Enemies / Self
Creates a spirit link between Death Prophet and an enemy unit, draining 14 + 1%/2.5%/4%/5.5% Max HP per second and slowing the enemy's movement speed by 5%/10%/15%/20%.
Cast Animation: 0.1+0
Cast Range: 500 (Talent 650)
Link Break Distance: 750 (Talent 900)
Number of Charges: 1/2/3/4
Base Health Drain per Second: 14
Max Health Drain per Second: 1%/2.5%/4%/5.5% (Talent 2%/3.5%/5%/6.5%)
Move Speed Slow: 5%/10%/15%/20%
Duration: 6
Charge Replenish Time: 45
Cooldown symbol.png 0
Mana symbol.png 70/65/60/55
Does not pierce spell immunity. Slow does not persist, but attempts to deal damage if debuff was placed before spell immunity.
Blocked by Linken's Sphere. Still loses a charge when blocked.
Buff Spirit Siphon Charge Counter: Undispellable.
Buff Spirit Siphon: Undispellable.
Debuff Spirit Siphon Slow: Undispellable.
Krobelus willingly shows others the path she alone cannot follow.


  • The link breaks only when the target gets out of range or dies.
  • The health restored on Death Prophet is independent from the actual amount of damage dealt.
    • This means even if the target takes no damage at all, Death Prophet still gets healed.
  • Drains 3.5 + 0.25%/0.625%/1%/1.375% (Talent 0.5%/0.875%/1.25%/1.625%) of the enemy's max health in 0.25 second intervals, starting 0.25 seconds after cast, resulting in 24 instances.
  • Can drain up to 84 + 6%/15%/24%/33% (Talent 12%/21%/30%/39%) of the enemy's max health when the link lasts its full duration (before reductions).
  • When cast on a unit Death Prophet is currently attacking, she continues attacking it after cast, regardless of auto-attack settings.
  • Cannot be cast on units which already are affected by Spirit Siphon.
    • When cast on multiple units, Death Prophet does get healed from each.
  • Does not provide vision over the target. However, the link does not break upon losing vision.
    • When losing vision over the target, the link visually draws to the location where the target was seen last time.

Pierces spell immunity. Play
Exorcism icon.png
No Target
Enemies / Self
Unleashes evil spirits to drain the life of nearby enemy units and structures. At the end of the spell's duration, Death Prophet is healed in proportion to the damage dealt. Lasts 35 seconds.
Cast Animation: 0.5+0.77
Spirits Acquisition Radius: 700
Number of Spirits: 8/16/24 (Talent 16/24/32)
Spirits Minimum Damage: 56
Spirits Maximum Damage: 61
Life Drain: 25%
Haste Speed: 0 (Talent 550)
Exorcism Duration: 35
Cooldown symbol.png 145
Mana symbol.png 200/300/400
Pierces spell immunity. Spirits prioritize non-spell immune units over spell immune when choosing their attack targets.
Buff Exorcism: Undispellable.
Over time, the banshee remnants of her previous lives return to haunt the present.


  • The spirits move at a speed of 500. They wander within 700 radius around Death Prophet. They can only turn by moving in about 150 radius arcs.
  • Spirits spawn at Death Prophet's location in 0.3 second intervals, first being released immediately on cast, so it takes 2.1/4.5/6.9 (Talent 4.5/6.9/9.3) seconds for all spirits to be released.
  • The acquisition radius specifies the area around Death Prophet where spirits acquire an attack target automatically.
  • Each spirit chooses its target at random. When acquiring a target, it sticks to that unit until it is dead or out of range.
  • Can acquire and attack units in the Fog of War, but not invisible or invulnerable units.
    • However, if their target turns invulnerable, they still keep attacking it.
  • The spirits prioritize attacking the target that Death Prophet is attacking.
  • The spirits can attack every attackable enemy unit, including buildings and wards.
  • The spirits can attack units which take a certain number of attacks to get killed, but deal no damage to them.
  • The spirits have to return to Death Prophet after each attack they make before being able to attack their target again.
  • When a spirit acquires a target, it chases it up to 1200 range away from Death Prophet.
  • When a spirit gets 2000 range away from Death Prophet, it disappears and a new spirit spawns from Death Prophet.
  • The spirits are not units and cannot be interacted with, or affected by anything in any way.
  • The heal happens once a spirit returns to Death Prophet at the end of the duration and is based on 25% of their attack damage multiplied by the amount of attacks the spirit did.
  • This means that it does not matter how much damage they actually dealt, the heal is calculated before the damage is reduced by armor or other sources.
  • Recasting Exorcism causes the previous cast to end prematurely, making the spirits start returning to Death Prophet and heal her.


Hero Talents
+8 Exorcism icon.png Exorcism Spirits 25 Exorcism icon.png Exorcism Grants Haste
-2s Crypt Swarm icon.png Crypt Swarm Cooldown 20 +500 Health
+150 Cast Range 15 +1% Max Health Spirit Siphon icon.png Spirit Siphon
+12% Magic Resistance 10 +50 Damage
  • The magic resistance talent stacks multiplicatively with other sources of magic resistance.
  • The magic resistance talent increases Death Prophet's magic resistance to 34%.
  • The health talent increases maximum health capacity, and keeps the current health percentage.

Recommended items[edit]

Starting items:

Early-game items:

  • Boots of Speed icon.png Boots of Speed allows Death Prophet to be more efficient at Ganking early.
  • Magic Stick icon.png Magic Stick is generally good to pick up because even minimum charges can mean the difference between casting a spell or not.
  • Null Talisman icon.png Null Talisman provides a cheap upgrade to the early Mantle of Intelligence icon.png Mantle of Intelligence that invaluably increases Death Prophet's mana pool, as well as giving some extra health and damage.

Core items

  • Phase Boots icon.png Phase Boots should almost always be picked up on Death Prophet due to Death Prophet's strong synergy with movement speed.
  • Magic Wand icon.png Magic Wand is a fairly inexpensive upgrade to the early Iron Branch icon.png Iron Branches and Magic Stick icon.png Magic Stick that provides an extra potential 75 burst heal.
  • Octarine Core icon.png Octarine Core is essential item for Death Prophet because it heals her through spell lifesteal and reduces cooldowns. It also gives her enough mana to sustain during teamfight.

Situational items:

  • Drum of Endurance icon.png Drum of Endurance gives good attribute boosts for the price as well as even more movement and attack speed for her team, and generally should have one person buy this item on your team in almost any situation because the buff can win team fights.
  • Shiva's Guard icon.png Shiva's Guard gives Death Prophet another nuke, as well as a larger mana pool and a lot of armor, both of which she needs.
  • Scythe of Vyse icon.png Scythe of Vyse gives a full disable as well as a larger mana pool.
  • Heart of Tarrasque icon.png Heart of Tarrasque allows Krobelus to stay in team-fights near indefinitely when paired with Shiva's Guard icon.png Shiva's Guard.
  • Black King Bar icon.png Black King Bar gives a boost to HP as well as the ability to get in the middle of team fights, giving Exorcism the most damage potential.
  • Mekansm icon.png Mekansm is a great pick up because Crypt Swarm allows Death Prophet to flash farm, allowing her to build the Mekansm quickly, and her high Intelligence gain makes casting not too taxing on her effectiveness in team fights. Headdress icon.png Headdress and Buckler icon.png Buckler are also nice early game items to have to make her more survivable.
  • Pipe of Insight icon.png Pipe of Insight is a notable pick up because of the health regeneration as well as the spell shield, and when paired with Mekansm icon.png Mekansm, Krobelus can potentially turn around a losing fight, or create a strong initiation.
  • Boots of Travel 1 icon.png Boots of Travel allow global presence as well as a more reliable escape than Phase Boots icon.png Phase Boots.
  • Eul's Scepter of Divinity icon.png Eul's Scepter of Divinity is an amazing item on Krobelus because it gives movement speed, mana, and a way to disable an enemy or herself. When paired with Exorcism, Krobelus can be kept out of combat while her spirits do massive damage to enemies.
  • Bloodstone icon.png Bloodstone is a powerful item for Death Prophet because most of her damage comes from her spells, also her strong team-fight presence allows her to quickly accumulate charges.
  • Medallion of Courage icon.png Medallion of Courage makes Exorcism do a lot more damage to a single target, as well as provide more mana regeneration and armor when not active, both of which Death Prophet needs.
  • Assault Cuirass icon.png Assault Cuirass is fairly easy for Death Prophet to farm because of Crypt Swarm being a fast farming tool, and her ability to take towers in seconds with Exorcism. Assault Cuirass gives a lot of armor and attack speed to herself and her team, as well as reducing the enemy's armor, allowing Exorcism to do even more damage in engagements and pushes.
  • Shadow Blade icon.png Shadow Blade can be used after Exorcism is cast to deal great amount of damage while Krobelus positions itself without being noticed.


Roles: Carry Carry Pusher Pusher Nuker Nuker Disabler Disabler


Playstyle: Denied her own death time and again, Krobelus returns from the grave with skills acquired from the beyond. Gathering a Crypt Swarm, she sends forth a flock of winged beasts to harass the living. A pall of Silence falls over the land, stifling any objection as she Spirit Siphons her enemies dry. Mortals beware. The Death Prophet performs an Exorcism, unleashing the banshee remnants of her previous lives to turn the battlefield into her own haunted ground.





  • At some point, she, along with Io Io and Silencer Silencer, had her costume and ability color palettes changed. Before, Death Prophet's garments and ability icons were more purple in color.
  • Her Witchcraft ability icon shows a pentacle, a symbol that became associated with magic in the Middle Ages and traditionally used in witchcraft.