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Played upon selecting Dark Willow in the main menu announcement area, after she finishes with her animations.

  • Play Let's have some fun, shall we?
  • Play u Mireska is here!
  • Play u Are you ready to have some fun?
  • Play u What do you say Jex? Ready to play?
  • Play u Whaddaya waiting for? We have some gold to steal.
  • Play u Let's get into some mischief, shall we?


  • Play They're not ready for what I have planned!
  • Play Jex... are you ready for shenanigans?
  • Play Mireska has arrived!
  • Play No one will forget the name Mireska.
  • Play u The Sylph is here!
  • Play Let's have some fun, shall we?
  • Play I'm full of surprises.
  • Play I can take care of myself.
  • Play Let's see what we can take now.
  • Play It's not wise to stand in my way.



  • Play Mireska has arrived!


Entering battle

  • Play They're not ready for what I have planned!
  • Play Jex... are you ready for shenanigans?
  • Play Let's have some fun, shall we?
  • Play These marks won't know what hit 'em.
  • Play God, I'm going to enjoy this.
  • Play Time to take what I want.
  • Play We're going to have some fun, Jex.
  • Play Never been stopped before, not gonna start now.
  • Play Come my little wisp. It's playtime.
  • Play I'm wanted in six nations. You think a glowing rock is going to stop me?
  • Play It's not wise to stand in my way.
  • Play I don't take pleasure in violence, but no one gets between me and my desires.
  • Play I'm full of surprises.
  • Play My family will never forget my name.

50% chance

  • Play I almost feel sorry for what's about to happen... almost.

40% chance

  • Play I can feel it already! This is going to be exciting!

30% chance

  • Play Mireska has arrived!
  • Play No one will forget the name Mireska.
  • Play This'll be like stealing candy from a... well, stealing from anyone, really. I'm pretty amazing.


  • Play This one's in the bag.

35% chance

  • Play In the bag. Stole the bag. My bag.

Beginning battle

  • Play C'mon Jex. We have work to do.
  • Play Oohoohohoohoo. I have chills.

40% chance

  • Play I don't need a horn to tell me when to fight.


  • Play 120 Let's go, Jex.
  • Play Time to move.
  • Play Time to get into trouble.
  • Play 240 A little mischief never killed anyone.
  • Play Moving.
  • Play 240 On my way.
  • Play 120 You ready for shenanigans?
  • Play I'm going.
  • Play 240 My time has come.
  • Play What are we waiting for?
  • Play 240 C'mon Jex.
  • Play 120 I'll prove I'm the best.
  • Play 240 I'm always on the move.
  • Play r Can't stay in one place too long.
  • Play r The sooner we're out of here, the better.
  • Play Let's get moving.
  • Play Here we go.
  • Play No time to dilly dally.
  • Play Let's fly!
  • Play Got to go!
  • Play Mischief awaits!
  • Play Time to be trouble.
  • Play Can't stay here.
  • Play Eheheheh huhum!

40% chance

  • Play 120 Let's see where the road takes us.

35% chance

  • Play 120 Let's find something to steal.

30% chance

  • Play 240 We're going on a little field trip, Jex.
  • Play r Eh, this place is boring anyway.

Moving at less than 20% health

  • Play Let's go, Jex.
  • Play Time to move.
  • Play Time to get into trouble.
  • Play Moving.
  • Play Let's get outta here.
  • Play You're ready for shenanigans?
  • Play What are we waiting for?
  • Play Can't stay in one place too long.
  • Play Here we go.
  • Play No time to dilly dally.
  • Play They're on to us, let's go.
  • Play Let's fly!
  • Play Got to go!
  • Play Time to be trouble.
  • Play Can't stay here!
  • Play Let's find something to steal!

40% chance

  • Play 120 I'm going.
  • Play 120 Come on, Jex.
  • Play 120 I'll prove I'm the best!
  • Play 120 I'm always on the move.
  • Play 120 Let's get moving!
  • Play 120 Let's see where the road takes us.

30% chance

  • Play 120 Mischief awaits.

20% chance

  • Play 240 On my way.
  • Play We're going on a little field trip, Jex.
  • Play 120 This place was boring anyway.

15% chance

  • Play 240 A little mischief never killed anyone.

10% chance

  • Play 240 The sooner we're out of here, the better.

5% chance

  • Play r My time has come.


Ordering a spell cast

  • Play Show time.
  • Play You're not ready for this!
  • Play I'm full of surprises.


Bramble Maze icon.png Bramble Maze
On cast

  • Play Stick around!
  • Play You're not going anywhere.
  • Play Not so fast.
  • Play Huh huh ahhahahaha!
  • Play 120 This'll be fun to watch.
  • Play 120 You're going to die slowly.
  • Play Let's see you try to escape.
  • Play 120 Enjoy!
  • Play A gift from me to you.
  • Play Don't take too much time!
  • Play Time isn't on your side.
  • Play You want me? Come get me!
  • Play This isn't going to end well for you.

Shadow Realm icon.png Shadow Realm
On cast

  • Play Let's get out of here.
  • Play 240 They're on to us, let's go.
  • Play 120 Now you see me...
  • Play Time to regroup.
  • Play Get ready for a surprise!
  • Play 240 I've got a few tricks up my sleeve.
  • Play 120 Hahahahahah eheh!
  • Play I'm gonna find you!
  • Play Retreat to shadows.
  • Play The shadows will protect me.
  • Play I disappear!
  • Play You'll see me again soon.
  • Play Time to get out of here.

35% chance

  • Play r Jex, whaddya say we go introduce ourselves

Cursed Crown icon.png Cursed Crown
On cast

  • Play r I take what I want, and what I want now, is your life.
  • Play You're gonna love this.
  • Play 120 You should've ran!
  • Play 120 Gotcha!
  • Play 120 The ley lines call to me!
  • Play 120 Tick tock.
  • Play 120 I have you right where I want you.
  • Play 120 I have you now!
  • Play I don't think so.
  • Play You're in my dominion.
  • Play You couldn't begin to understand the power I wield.
  • Play You're on borrowed time.
  • Play I'd run if I were you.
  • Play You're on the clock, love.

Bedlam icon.png Bedlam
On cast

  • Play Jex, protect me!
  • Play Alright, little wisp. Do your thing!
  • Play r You shouldn't have made my friend angry.
  • Play You're all dead!
  • Play You're all about to die!
  • Play Jex, this one's all you!
  • Play I have a surprise for you!
  • Play Alright, Jex. Go have some fun!

Killing an enemy

  • Play r Aww... you though you were winning?

60% chance

  • Play r We're a helluva team Jex, aren't we?

Terrorize icon.png Terrorize
On cast

  • Play Get to work Jex!
  • Play Spread terror, Jex!
  • Play Our enemies will run before us!
  • Play I'll show you something to be afraid of!
  • Play Have you met my friend Jex yet?

Leveling up

  • Play Yes!
  • Play We did it Jex!
  • Play The more power, the better!
  • Play Let's see what we can take now.
  • Play No one can stop us!
  • Play Let's start some shenanigans, Jex.
  • Play I think a little mischief's in order.
  • Play Good work, Jex!
  • Play The world will remember the name Mireska.
  • Play I forge my own destiny.

Killing an enemy

  • Play A little mischief never killed anyone. Oh, well. You, I guess.
  • Play Stay down!
  • Play That's what you get!
  • Play Should've just let me have my fun.
  • Play Tsk tsk tsk...
  • Play Never had a chance.
  • Play The Jasper Circle couldn't do it better.
  • Play That was never going to end well for you.
  • Play r No one stands in my way!
  • Play What, you thought you would win?
  • Play Oh, we're just getting started.
  • Play Only way this was going to play out.
  • Play Hahahaha!
  • Play Hahahaha!
  • Play Hah haha!
  • Play Huh huh huh huh!
  • Play Haha ha hahaha!
  • Play Ha ha ha haha!
  • Play Ah haha haha ha!
  • Play Hahaha hahahaha!
  • Play Hahahaha hahahahahaa!
  • Play Ha ha ha ha ha ha haa!
  • Play Haa hahahahahaha!
  • Play Ahhhahahahahaha!

30% chance

  • Play r I suppose murder's not an honest living... but it pays the bills.

5% chance

  • Play Hahahaha ah hahahaha ahh hahahaha!
  • Play Huh huh haha ahhaha ahhahahaha!

Killing a specific enemy
25% chance

  • Play Abaddon r I'll steal the mist of Avernus for myself.
  • Play Alchemist r You shouldn't be carrying all that money around, Alchemist.
  • Play Alchemist r Shame you picked the wrong side, Alchemist.
  • Play Ancient Apparition r You never should've stuck your nose in my business, Kaldr.
  • Play Anti-Mage r You should have stuck with punching Invoker.
  • Play Arc Warden r I wasn't sure if someone could annoy me more than Donte, but then you had to go talking in the third person.
  • Play Axe r Be grateful that I found you before Sorla did.
  • Play Axe r Aww. Face it, Axe. You're nothing more than a dumb brute.
  • Play Bane r I'm not scared of you, Bane.
  • Play Bane r I'm putting you to sleep, Bane.
  • Play Batrider r Aww... you got a lasso. That's adorable.
  • Play Batrider r You and your little pet should've stayed in the jungle.
  • Play Beastmaster r Your pet has nothing on mine.
  • Play Bloodseeker r I've been hunted by better.
  • Play Bloodseeker r You're an abomination, Bloodseeker!
  • Play Bounty Hunter r You're never cashing in that bounty.
  • Play Brewmaster r You're good at your job, Brewmaster. Sorry it came to this.
  • Play Brewmaster r I'm not paying that tab!
  • Play Bristleback r It's a shame it came to this. We could've had fun.
  • Play Bristleback r If I wanted a real challenge, I should've fought Tusk.
  • Play Broodmother r So you're the one Wukong's always going on and on about?
  • Play Broodmother r Your web has nothing on my thorns.
  • Play Centaur Warrunner r So much pride, so little talent.
  • Play Centaur Warrunner r You were the champion of the Omexe arena? Doesn't speak very highly of centaurs.
  • Play Chaos Knight r There's only room for one agent of chaos on this battlefield.
  • Play Chen r No one tells me what to do!
  • Play Chen r I won't be your pawn!
  • Play Clinkz r Sorry hero.
  • Play Clinkz r Just accept your fate and die already!
  • Play Clockwerk r Cute cogs. Do you might if I take one?
  • Play Clockwerk r You Keen folk are nothing without your toys!
  • Play Crystal Maiden r You're the warden of Icewrack? Please.
  • Play Crystal Maiden r You're nothing but a two-bit talent that stumbled onto a title.
  • Play Dark Seer r Tactician? Hardly.
  • Play Dark Seer r All your little mind games didn't add up to a whole lot, did they Dark Seer?
  • Play Dazzle r Keep your hoogidy-boo away from me!
  • Play Dazzle r Should've looked after yourself instead of worrying about your friends.
  • Play Death Prophet r Sweetie, your name is richly ironic.
  • Play Death Prophet r I hate spirits.
  • Play Disruptor r You should've joined the Red Mist. At least then you'd know how to fight.
  • Play Doom r I'm not meeting my end here!
  • Play Doom r My soul is staying right where it belongs.
  • Play Dragon Knight r Another do-gooder put in their place.
  • Play Drow Ranger r Your friends couldn't save ya.
  • Play Drow Ranger r Some huntress you are...
  • Play Earth Spirit r Your brothers would be disappointed in you.
  • Play Earth Spirit r You think a rock could ever catch me?
  • Play Earthshaker r No one bars my path!
  • Play Earthshaker r I'm takin' your little drum for my collection.
  • Play Elder Titan r Should've stuck to your forge.
  • Play Elder Titan r God, you're... old.
  • Play Ember Spirit r You'll never be as quick as me.
  • Play Ember Spirit r Sorry you won't make it to the family reunion.
  • Play Enchantress r I could smash your saccharine face over and over.
  • Play Enchantress r How well did that positive outlook help you?
  • Play Enigma r Tell me your secrets!
  • Play Enigma r I want the power you hold, Enigma!
  • Play Faceless Void r Some time lord you turned out to be.
  • Play Faceless Void r I never fear the void!
  • Play Gyrocopter r I'll never get tired of doing that.
  • Play Huskar r You're just a pawn of the Gods, Huskar.
  • Play Invoker r Everyone hates you, Invoker. Everyone.
  • Play Invoker r You talk too much.
  • Play Io r Lights out!
  • Play Jakiro r Two heads, no skill.
  • Play Jakiro r I'm gonna make a jaunty little hat out of you.
  • Play Juggernaut r Where'd all that honor get you?
  • Play Juggernaut r That mask will fetch a high price.
  • Play Keeper of the Light r Fundamentals... I don't see what the big deal is.
  • Play Keeper of the Light r Oooh, shiny.
  • Play Kunkka r You were supposed to go down with your ship!
  • Play Legion Commander r Stonehall has blood on its hands.
  • Play Legion Commander r I lived in Revtel long enough to know the difference between order and tyranny.
  • Play Leshrac r I'm a mischief maker, not a sadist.
  • Play Leshrac r You're a blight on this world, Leshrac.
  • Play Lich r Some power isn't worth the price, Lich.
  • Play Lich r You should be used to dying by now, Lich.
  • Play Lifestealer r I'm not ending up like you.
  • Play Lifestealer r Stay away from me!
  • Play Lina r Guess you're not that much of a bad girl after all.
  • Play Lina r All that bluster, and you're just a sad little girl.
  • Play Lion r I heard of you Lion. You're a monster.
  • Play Lion r I'll take that arm for myself!
  • Play Lone Druid r You should've kept to yourself.
  • Play Lone Druid r At least you didn't die alone.
  • Play Luna r People don't change, Luna!
  • Play Luna r Stop peddling your little redemption story.
  • Play Luna r Selemene never should have chosen you.
  • Play Lycan r You never stood a chance.
  • Play Lycan r I'll bury you with the rest of your family.
  • Play Magnus r I know just the person to move your horn.
  • Play Magnus r Jex, when this is over, remind me to go back for his horn.
  • Play Medusa r Nice hair.
  • Play Medusa r Eh, sorry snake lady.
  • Play Meepo r Please don't be salty about the whole murder thing. You'll be back on your feet soon.
  • Play Meepo r Sorry Meepo. When this is all over I'll buy you a beer, okay?
  • Play Mirana r Selemene deserves better protectors.
  • Play Mirana r You're not in my league, Mirana.
  • Play Monkey King r Should've hid as a tree.
  • Play Monkey King r Next time, run away on your little cloud.
  • Play Morphling r Your tricks can't stop me, Morphling.
  • Play Morphling r You're a second rate elemental.
  • Play Naga Siren r Song's over.
  • Play Naga Siren r You're done singing.
  • Play Nature's Prophet r You think trees are going to stop me?
  • Play Nature's Prophet r I'm not afraid of the forest, Prophet.
  • Play Necrophos r Don't touch me!
  • Play Necrophos r Next time, try to use the scythe.
  • Play Night Stalker r The night is my dominion.
  • Play Night Stalker r No one hunts me.
  • Play Nyx Assassin r Ugh. I hate bugs.
  • Play Nyx Assassin r Better than things than you have tried, Nyx.
  • Play Ogre Magi r It's unfortunate you picked the wrong side. You would've made a great henchman.
  • Play Ogre Magi r Just stop arguing with each other and die already!
  • Play Omniknight r Next time, worry about saving yourself.
  • Play Omniknight r Better luck next time, Omniknight.
  • Play Oracle r Too easy.
  • Play Oracle r I don't need to see the future. My victory is inevitable.
  • Play Outworld Devourer r You never should've come here!
  • Play Outworld Devourer r Go back where you're from!
  • Play Pangolier r Aww. All that bravado, but no real talent.
  • Play Phantom Assassin r You're being used, Mortred.
  • Play Phantom Assassin r You think you're the first assassin to come for me?
  • Play Phantom Lancer r All your gifts and you squandered them on heroism.
  • Play Phantom Lancer r You think you can fool me?
  • Play Phoenix r At least you dreamed big.
  • Play Phoenix r You're just not good enough, Phoenix.
  • Play Puck r I warned you before. Stay out of my way!
  • Play Puck r I'm tired of your meddling in my business, Puck!
  • Play Pudge r Sorry, butcher.
  • Play Pudge r I hope you rot here!
  • Play Pugna r You've gone too far, Pugna!
  • Play Pugna r Go back to oblivion!
  • Play Queen of Pain r Lady, you're a walking cliché.
  • Play Queen of Pain r You give the rest of us naughty girls a bad name.
  • Play Razor r I don't fear you, Razor.
  • Play Razor r Learn to use that whip better.
  • Play Riki r You made your choice Riki, and I made mine.
  • Play Riki r We could've been friends, Riki.
  • Play Rubick r Give me that staff, Rubick!
  • Play Rubick r I want your father's secrets!
  • Play Sand King r Stay down!
  • Play Sand King r That's what you get for trying to sneak up on me.
  • Play Shadow Demon r Everything you offer has strings attached.
  • Play Shadow Demon r I'm not joining your little cult.
  • Play Shadow Fiend r I'm not going to join your little collection.
  • Play Shadow Fiend r Sorry, Shadow Fiend. Today's not your day.
  • Play Shadow Shaman r Professional courtesy only goes so far.
  • Play Shadow Shaman r It was you or me, Rhasta. I'm sorry.
  • Play Silencer r I'm not going to the Tyler Estate!
  • Play Silencer r You'll never take me, Silencer!
  • Play Skywrath Mage r This is a mercy.
  • Play Skywrath Mage r Stop talking!
  • Play Slardar r Better death than Dark Reef!
  • Play Slardar r Should've stayed in the depths.
  • Play Slark r You couldn't hide forever.
  • Play Slark r Looks like you're not as good they thought you were.
  • Play Sniper r Die, you little runt!
  • Play Sniper r That gun was never gonna help you.
  • Play Spectre r I'm putting you to rest.
  • Play Spectre r Good night, Spectre.
  • Play Spirit Breaker r Try finesse next time.
  • Play Spirit Breaker r You're just a charging brute.
  • Play Storm Spirit r All sound, no fury.
  • Play Storm Spirit r Shame you couldn't back up what you were saying.
  • Play Sven r That's the best you could do, Sven?
  • Play Sven r I was expecting more from you, Sven.
  • Play Techies r You're more annoying than I am!
  • Play Techies r I'm breaking your toys.
  • Play Templar Assassin r You could think you could track me?
  • Play Templar Assassin r You'll never outwit me, Lanaya.
  • Play Terrorblade r Parlor tricks don't impress me, Terrorblade.
  • Play Tidehunter r I'm hunted by Kunkka, thanks to you!
  • Play Timbersaw r Ehaha. That's all your armor can do?
  • Play Timbersaw r I'm not some tree that'll stand still.
  • Play Tinker r Your little machines are no match for Jex.
  • Play Tinker r You think I'm scared of robots? You know how much time I spent in Iron Fog?
  • Play Tiny r I don't care how big you get. You're not gonna stop me.
  • Play Tiny r A little humility is good for you, Tiny.
  • Play Treant Protector r Leaving Roseleaf was a mistake.
  • Play Treant Protector r You can't even save yourself!
  • Play Troll Warlord r You think a brute like you could stop me?
  • Play Tusk r You're not half the man Bristleback is.
  • Play Tusk r I'm gonna turn you into a nice coat.
  • Play Underlord r You're repugnant.
  • Play Underlord r I'm not going anywhere with you.
  • Play Undying r Just stay dead!
  • Play Undying r I'm not returning what I stole!
  • Play Ursa r You were never gonna stop me.
  • Play Ursa r You're second rate, Ursa. Deal with it.
  • Play Vengeful Spirit r Vengeance gets you nowhere.
  • Play Vengeful Spirit r That's what you get when you take things too personal.
  • Play Venomancer r Your wards couldn't save you.
  • Play Venomancer r You never were going to win this fight.
  • Play Viper r I'm supposed to be scared of a little acid?
  • Play Viper r You're not a predator, you're a weed.
  • Play Visage r I won't go to the Narrow Maze!
  • Play Warlock r Your magic isn't strong enough, Warlock!
  • Play Warlock r You thought that golem would protect you?
  • Play Weaver r You don't control creation, Weaver.
  • Play Weaver r My life is my own, Weaver. I'm not a piece of your tapestry.
  • Play Windranger r Shut up already!
  • Play Windranger r At least Drow would've put up a fight.
  • Play Winter Wyvern r You forgot what you are?
  • Play Winter Wyvern r You traded your power for a pen? Pathetic.
  • Play Winter Wyvern r You're a poet, not a fighter.
  • Play Witch Doctor r This isn't personal.
  • Play Witch Doctor r Sorry, doc.
  • Play Wraith King r I've seen what rulers like you are like. You deserve to die.
  • Play Wraith King r Death is too good for you, Ostarion.
  • Play Zeus r That's the best a god can do?
  • Play Zeus r I always wanted to defeat a god.

First Blood

25% chance

  • Play It was inevitable.
  • Play Oh, I love the sound of money.
  • Play I can take care of myself.

Meeting an enemy

Before the 20 minute mark, within 1000 radius
25% chance

  • Play Abaddon r Cute horse. I'm going to take it.
  • Play Ancient Apparition r You should've stayed incorporeal.
  • Play Anti-Mage r You think you can drag me to the Tyler Estate?
  • Play Arc Warden r You may have imprisoned the Ancients, but you'll never capture me.
  • Play Beastmaster r Jex is going to tear your little pet apart.
  • Play Bounty Hunter r My father sent you, didn't he?
  • Play Chaos Knight r You ride a pony. Adorable.
  • Play Disruptor r When are you Oglodi gonna learn?
  • Play Dragon Knight r Cute transformations aren't gonna save you.
  • Play Gyrocopter r I'm gonna break your pretty little toy.
  • Play Huskar r Let me help you with your sacrifice.
  • Play Io r Let me show you how a real wisp does things.
  • Play Kunkka r What happened to you wasn't my fault!
  • Play Pangolier r They're going to fit your remains in that stupid hat of yours!
  • Play Terrorblade r Make as many illusions as you want. I'll kill them all.
  • Play Tidehunter r This is all your fault, Tidehunter!
  • Play Troll Warlord r I'll fly circles around you.
  • Play Visage r You won't take me!

Meeting an ally

During earlygame, within 1000 radius
30% chance

  • Play Abaddon r So! The Mist of Avernus! Can I have some?
  • Play Abaddon r I like you. Every entrance you make is terribly dramatic.
  • Play Alchemist r I love your money.
  • Play Alchemist r You know, the best part of being your friend is that when I rob you, who cares? You can make more.
  • Play Ancient Apparition r You're not much of a people person, are you.
  • Play Ancient Apparition r I'm not sure if the shivers I'm feeling are nerves, or just being around you.
  • Play Anti-Mage r I heard you're Silencer's errand boy now. True?
  • Play Anti-Mage r Word is the Tyler Estate has you on retainer.
  • Play Arc Warden r If you were so good at your job, how did the Ancients escape?
  • Play Arc Warden r Warden, your jurisdiction stops at the Mad Moon, right?
  • Play Axe r So Axe, you betrayed your own people. I can respect that.
  • Play Axe r Hey Axe. Is Khan a last name? Or more of a title thing?
  • Play Bane r Hey Bane. Have they seen what they do to people in Iron Fog? It'll be great research for that... nightmare thing you do.
  • Play Bane r So, Bane. You're... skinny.
  • Play Batrider r Oh I've been to Yama Raskav. Awful place. Good on ya for leaving!
  • Play Batrider r I'll be honest, Batrider. I hate it when you talk. But I respect that you take care of your mount.
  • Play Beastmaster r Look, he may be loyal, but I don't care what you say. That thing isn't a boar.
  • Play Beastmaster r Take it from a lady. Lose the beard.
  • Play Bloodseeker r So... if I give you a list of enemies, could you like, hunt them down for me?
  • Play Bloodseeker r Oh I saw you years ago in Roseleaf! Kept my distance though, you know, so I wouldn't get murdered.
  • Play Bounty Hunter r Oh look! It's Gondar! You survived! ...Great.
  • Play Bounty Hunter r I'm never going back to Revtel, Gondar. Try to force me, and you're a dead man.
  • Play Brewmaster r You got a flask on you?
  • Play Brewmaster r Tonight we're getting loaded, right?
  • Play Bristleback r When this is over, what do you say we go to the pub and... pick a fight?
  • Play Bristleback r If you have the time, I'd love for you to give me some pointers on my right hook.
  • Play Bristleback r You know what I love about you? Donte hates you.
  • Play Broodmother r I don't suppose if I asked real nicely, you'd make me a hammock?
  • Play Broodmother r I'm not telling you something you don't already know, but the Monkey King... Tchk. Not a fan.
  • Play Centaur Warrunner r So, how much is the purse you got for winning in Omexe?
  • Play Centaur Warrunner r If you ever want to move that championship belt for some quick gold, I know a guy.
  • Play Chaos Knight r You and me are going to get along just fine.
  • Play Chaos Knight r I'm not trying to tell a Fundamental how to do their job, but you really need to step up your chaos game.
  • Play Chen r You've got to teach me that mind control trick.
  • Play Chen r Chen, I'm telling you. You and me can make a killing in White Spire.
  • Play Clinkz r You've ever been to Quoidge? You'd fit right in.
  • Play Clinkz r Oh, I heard about you Clinkz. Your story really taught me why I should never try to be a hero.
  • Play Clockwerk r You're not friends with Mazzie, are you? I hate that little runt.
  • Play Clockwerk r I don't know how close you are to Timbersaw? But if you care about his safety, tell him to stay clear of Roseleaf.
  • Play Crystal Maiden r So, I don't suppose you could talk to Auroth, and get her to let me take a peek at her treasure trove?
  • Play Crystal Maiden r You friends with any Sapphire Archons? I have some, uh, issues that I would love to have smoothed out.
  • Play Dark Seer r I'd love to pick your brain on how to rob Weeping Rose.
  • Play Dark Seer r You're a tactician, what did you make of the Vhoul Rebellion?
  • Play Dazzle r You're a creepy little man, you know that?
  • Play Dazzle r I don't suppose I could keep you on retainer? I have a vested interest in cheating death.
  • Play Death Prophet r So can you fly through walls? Cause if so you'd make a helluva second-story man.
  • Play Death Prophet r I could listen to you talk for hours.
  • Play Disruptor r You're much more reasonable than Sorla.
  • Play Disruptor r You're the first Oglodi I met that isn't a raving murder machine.
  • Play Doom r Don't take it the wrong way, but I try not to traffic with demons.
  • Play Doom r So, Doom. Hmm, that name is... descriptive.
  • Play Dragon Knight r Know of any good treasure we can steal when this is over?
  • Play Dragon Knight r You ready to pick a fight, Davion?
  • Play Drow Ranger r How's Pudge and Slark doing?
  • Play Drow Ranger r I heard Windranger complain about you being aloof and unfeeling. We should get along just fine.
  • Play Earth Spirit r You don't have a fifth brother hiding somewhere too, right?
  • Play Earth Spirit r I'd love to know what the four of you were like growing up.
  • Play Earthshaker r We're gonna make them hate us.
  • Play Earthshaker r Glad you're on my side.
  • Play Elder Titan r So. You made creation. That's something.
  • Play Elder Titan r You're not a whole barrel of laughs, are ya?
  • Play Ember Spirit r You start the fire, and I'll fan the flames.
  • Play Ember Spirit r We're going to get in trouble!
  • Play Enchantress r You're like a children's book made flesh.
  • Play Enchantress r Marks like you are just so trusting. I love it.
  • Play Enigma r The way you trapped that alchemist? Classic.
  • Play Enigma r You're a fun one, Enigma.
  • Play Faceless Void r So. Faceless Void. This is certainly the first time we've met.
  • Play Faceless Void r Huh. I heard you looked like a lobster. I'm disappointed.
  • Play Gyrocopter r I don't get why everyone hates you. You seem lovely.
  • Play Gyrocopter r C'mon! Let me fly that thing!
  • Play Huskar r You won't see me willing to die for my people.
  • Play Huskar r You know, I think I'll skip the Nothl Realm.
  • Play Invoker r Just between you and me? I'm pretty sure Axe wants to beat you stupid.
  • Play Invoker r You remind me of my tutors. I hated my tutors.
  • Play Io r Whatcha think, Jex? You want a roomate?
  • Play Io r Aww, Jex. I think Io likes you!
  • Play Jakiro r You ready to have some fun, Jakiro?
  • Play Jakiro r You know in Revtel, Pyrexae is a great delicacy.
  • Play Juggernaut r Juggernaut, always so serious.
  • Play Juggernaut r I wish I was the last of my kind.
  • Play Keeper of the Light r Wow you're old.
  • Play Keeper of the Light r Keeper of the Light. That job sounds... boring.
  • Play Kunkka r Well hello, Captain.
  • Play Kunkka r Cute scar! How'd you get it?
  • Play Legion Commander r Don't expect me to play by your rules, and we'll get along just fine.
  • Play Legion Commander r Rix is going to kill you.
  • Play Leshrac r The less you talk to me the better.
  • Play Leshrac r Let's just get this over with, Leshrac.
  • Play Lich r So you're that cautionary tale Donte keeps harping at me about.
  • Play Lich r Cool skull.
  • Play Lifestealer r Look, I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life. But moisturize.
  • Play Lifestealer r Please don't murder me!
  • Play Lina r I know a thing or two about hating family, Lina.
  • Play Lina r Your sister's not the enemy. It's your parents that drove you apart.
  • Play Lion r They say you're a hunted man. I can relate.
  • Play Lion r So long as you don't point your finger at me, we'll get along just fine.
  • Play Lone Druid r Can I pet your bear?
  • Play Lone Druid r So does your pet have a name? Spirit Bear is rather impersonal.
  • Play Luna r I can't place your accent. Where are you from?
  • Play Luna r How's that penitent thing working about for ya?
  • Play Lycan r I'm just trying to work this out. You're sad your family's dead?
  • Play Lycan r Heard Slom was quite the place back in the day.
  • Play Magnus r If you die, can I have your horn?
  • Play Magnus r Do you know what your horn is going for nowadays?
  • Play Medusa r I heard the rumor there are some gorgons being moved through Weeping Rose.
  • Play Medusa r Don't be offended if I don't look at you.
  • Play Meepo r Listen Meepo, I'm not saying the Jasper Circle wants to kill you, I'm just saying that they're losing faith you're going to pay them back.
  • Play Meepo r When the battle's done, you and me are going to White Spire to play the Couriers.
  • Play Mirana r You don't actually trust Luna, do you?
  • Play Mirana r Cute cat.
  • Play Monkey King r So you're the chatty little rodent man everyone's been talking about.
  • Play Monkey King r Now, walk me through this. You have your staff, but you still have to buy your staff?
  • Play Morphling r Never stop changing, Morphling.
  • Play Morphling r I think it's great you keep reinventing yourself.
  • Play Naga Siren r We're going to ruin their day.
  • Play Naga Siren r C'mon Siren. It's time to frustrate the hell outta people.
  • Play Nature's Prophet r I'm more of a city girl meself.
  • Play Nature's Prophet r I know you like making trees, I don't suppose you could add an addition to my little hollow?
  • Play Necrophos r You really need a moniker. Pope of Pestilence isn't as intimidating as you think it is.
  • Play Necrophos r Ooh, you're an ugly lookin' bastard aren't ya?
  • Play Night Stalker r We're going to own the night!
  • Play Night Stalker r We'll hunt them all down!
  • Play Nyx Assassin r You ever work with the Jasper Circle?
  • Play Nyx Assassin r They'll never see us coming.
  • Play Ogre Magi r You'd make great hired muscle.
  • Play Ogre Magi r Hey Ogre! When this is all over, I'd like to pick your brain about arson.
  • Play Omniknight r Ah, great. Another religious zealot.
  • Play Omniknight r As long as you keep me alive, I'll put up with all your spiritual malarky.
  • Play Oracle r You and I could make a killing, Oracle.
  • Play Oracle r Hey Oracle, I'm not going to die today, am I?
  • Play Outworld Devourer r Look. I don't know if they have gold where you're from, but in case they don't, the little metal coins laying around are useless. Just let me collect them.
  • Play Outworld Devourer r Let's lock them down.
  • Play Pangolier r See Donte, I'm not all bad.
  • Play Pangolier r Don't get too excited. This partnership won't last long.
  • Play Phantom Assassin r I don't think your little sorority is for me.
  • Play Phantom Assassin r You really do whatever that list tells you to do?
  • Play Phantom Lancer r Oh, what I wouldn't give to make more of me.
  • Play Phantom Lancer r Ugh. I don't have time for one of your lectures, Azwraith.
  • Play Phoenix r Listen, we all come back from the dead. I don't get what the big deal is.
  • Play Phoenix r Just let me pluck one feather. Please?
  • Play Puck r You're a chaotic little creature, Puck.
  • Play Puck r Strange bedfellows, eh Puck?
  • Play Pudge r Quoidge is lovely little town, Pudge.
  • Play Pudge r You're a gentleman, Pudge. Don't let anyone tell you different.
  • Play Pugna r You're a dangerous little man. I like that.
  • Play Pugna r Be careful, Pugna. If you burn down the world, there's nothing left to play with.
  • Play Queen of Pain r The boys are gonna love us.
  • Play Queen of Pain r We're gonna have some fun!
  • Play Razor r Just promise me if I die you'll let me out of the Narrow Maze.
  • Play Razor r Wukong was talking a lot of trash about you being bad at your job.
  • Play Riki r You work with the Jasper Circle, right?
  • Play Riki r How's Lasan doing?
  • Play Rubick r How's living in your father's shadow treating ya?
  • Play Rubick r Rubick, you're no enigma. You're a sad little boy looking for approval.
  • Play Sand King r Not much of a people person, are ya?
  • Play Sand King r If you are a pile of living sand, why are you stuck as an arachnid all the time?
  • Play Shadow Demon r I try not to get involved with demonic politics.
  • Play Shadow Demon r I don't want any of your gifts, Demon.
  • Play Shadow Fiend r Can we agree to leave my soul right where it is?
  • Play Shadow Fiend r Father always warned me not to traffic with demons, so...
  • Play Shadow Shaman r I like your hustle, Shaman.
  • Play Shadow Shaman r We need to come up with a schedule for who gets to hit what city. Last time we overlapped, it was trouble for both of us.
  • Play Silencer r How's teaming up with Anti-Mage working out for ya?
  • Play Silencer r When the battle's over, we go our separate ways. Understood?
  • Play Skywrath Mage r You're nothing but a puppet, bird man.
  • Play Skywrath Mage r Your devotion is nauseating.
  • Play Slardar r You don't belong here, Slardar.
  • Play Slardar r Stick to the depths, Slardar. There's a lot of naughty things on the surface.
  • Play Slark r You got to tell me about Dark Reef sometime.
  • Play Slark r The Monkey King is taking credit for your escape again.
  • Play Sniper r Cover me, Sniper!
  • Play Sniper r Nice to have you watching my back.
  • Play Spectre r Other people might not understand you, but I do.
  • Play Spectre r If you need anything, just wail.
  • Play Spirit Breaker r I'll follow your lead, big guy.
  • Play Spirit Breaker r Time to cause some trouble, eh Spirit Breaker?
  • Play Storm Spirit r You're a lot more fun than your brothers.
  • Play Storm Spirit r You seem game for a laugh.
  • Play Sven r Good on you for standing up for yourself.
  • Play Sven r Nice to have the knights of the Vigil on my side for a change.
  • Play Techies r You boys are trouble.
  • Play Techies r C'mon boys. Let's make their lives hell.
  • Play Templar Assassin r Ugh, tell me you're not still hung up on Yurnero.
  • Play Templar Assassin r Ready to lay some traps?
  • Play Terrorblade r So. What should I call you? Terrorblade doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.
  • Play Terrorblade r How'd you escape the Foulfell?
  • Play Tidehunter r I still have dreams of that day at sea, Tidehunter.
  • Play Tidehunter r This isn't a partnership, Tidehunter. Never forget that.
  • Play Timbersaw r You're absolutely mad, you know that?
  • Play Timbersaw r You better not come near my hollow.
  • Play Tinker r Word of advice. Never visit Iron Fog.
  • Play Tinker r I've been around machines my whole life. They don't impress me.
  • Play Tiny r Hey little fella.
  • Play Tiny r I can't wait to watch you become the bruiser you're meant to be.
  • Play Treant Protector r Ready to work together?
  • Play Treant Protector r I admire what you did in Roseleaf. I mean it was stupid, but admirable.
  • Play Troll Warlord r Ready to hurt some people?
  • Play Troll Warlord r Let's go make a mess.
  • Play Tusk r So, Tusk. I heard Bristleback beat you stupid.
  • Play Tusk r Both sides say they won that fight. But I know who I believe.
  • Play Underlord r Wow, you're big.
  • Play Underlord r Please don't eat me.
  • Play Undying r I'm just saying, if you don't want your tomb robbed, don't put stuff in it that people want to steal.
  • Play Undying r Just remember we're on the same side, okay?
  • Play Ursa r You don't seem particularly cuddly.
  • Play Ursa r Anyone ever mistake you for Lone Druid's pet?
  • Play Vengeful Spirit r I'd be careful about being driven by revenge. It makes you predictable.
  • Play Vengeful Spirit r You don't have a problem with me, right?
  • Play Venomancer r You're a nasty little creature.
  • Play Venomancer r Try not to drip on me.
  • Play Viper r You're not a whole lot of fun to be around, Viper.
  • Play Viper r Don't be getting any ideas, Jex.
  • Play Visage r You and Razor need a new hobby.
  • Play Visage r Don't take it personal, but after today, I hope I never see you again.
  • Play Warlock r Jex is my friend. You're just a two-bit slaver.
  • Play Warlock r I'm nothing like you, Warlock.
  • Play Weaver r They say you weave the future. What's in store for me?
  • Play Weaver r Ever think about taking up knitting?
  • Play Windranger r Spare the rah-rah hero speech, okay?
  • Play Windranger r You're not gonna get there first.
  • Play Winter Wyvern r I'd love to see what books you have in your collection. I'm sure there's some that would fetch a great price in Weeping Rose.
  • Play Winter Wyvern r Do me a favor and eat Crystal Maiden sometime, okay?
  • Play Witch Doctor r You're a strange one, aren't you?
  • Play Witch Doctor r Let's keep each other safe.
  • Play Wraith King r You're not a king. You're a despot.
  • Play Wraith King r You would have fit right in at Revtel.
  • Play Zeus r Don't you go getting morals on me, Zeus.
  • Play Zeus r Trust me, you're better off without the wife.

Last hitting

60 seconds cooldown

  • Play Oh, I love that sound.
  • Play Let's get paid Jex.
  • Play Let's keep the money coming.
  • Play r Easiest gold I've made all day.
  • Play No one hands me anything. I earned this.
  • Play r I don't need my father's money. I make my own.
  • Play I take what's mine.
  • Play Too easy.
  • Play I could do this all day.
  • Play 120 Not bad, if I do say so myself.
  • Play r All in a day's work.
  • Play The more money, the better.
  • Play u That Scepter isn't going to pay for itself.
  • Play Better you than me.
  • Play 120 Thanks for the cash.
  • Play 120 I'll take that.
  • Play r Thanks for holding my money for me.
  • Play That's more like it!

40% chance

  • Play r Well, this is going swimmingly, ain't it Jex?


Requires visible enemy player within 1000 radius, 60 seconds cooldown

  • Play I don't think so
  • Play Nonono.
  • Play No money for you.
  • Play r Whoops.
  • Play Sorry.
  • Play Denied.
  • Play r Oh, sorry.
  • Play Oh, did you want to do that?
  • Play 240 Better luck next time.
  • Play 240 I'm always three steps ahead.
  • Play 120 Not fast enough.
  • Play You were never going to succeed.
  • Play Mine!
  • Play You're not quick enough.
  • Play Uh-uh-uh.
  • Play 240 Sorry friends.
  • Play 120 Today's just not your day.

30% chance

  • Play r I'm toying with you. You understand that right?

Acquiring an item

  • Play r Look at that Jex, we didn't even have to steal it!
  • Play r Ooh... shiny.
  • Play r We're going to have a lot of fun with this thing, aren't we Jex?
  • Play r Just what I needed.
  • Play r I've had my eyes on this for a while.

Acquiring a specific item

  • Play Aghanim's Scepter (4200) r Aghanim's Scepter.
  • Play Aghanim's Scepter (4200) r I can feel the power!
  • Play Aghanim's Scepter (4200) r The power, it's intoxicating!
  • Play Blink Dagger (2250) r Blink Dagger.
  • Play Blink Dagger (2250) r When need to stay mobile.
  • Play Scythe of Vyse (5700) r Ohh, this is going to be hilarious.
  • Play Linken's Sphere (5050) r Linken's Sphere.
  • Play Dagon (2715) r Dagon.
  • Play Eul's Scepter of Divinity (2750) r Ohh, they're really going to hate us now, Jex.
  • Play Orchid Malevolence (4075) r Orchid Malevolence.
  • Play Shiva's Guard (4750) r If they thought we were annoying before, wait till they see us now.
  • Play Force Staff (2250) r Force Staff.
  • Play Satanic (5500) r Satanic.
  • Play Heart of Tarrasque (5200) r Heart of Tarrasque.
  • Play Bloodthorn (7195) r Bloodthorn.
  • Play Octarine Core (5900) r Octarine Core.
  • Play Mjollnir (5600) r Mjollnir.
  • Play Assault Cuirass (5250) r Got to keep them on their toes.
  • Play Abyssal Blade (6900) r A wicked blade for a naughty little lady.
  • Play Skull Basher (3200) r Time to bash a few skulls.
  • Play Radiance (5150) r Radiance.
  • Play Eye of Skadi (5500) r Eye of Skadi.
  • Play Hurricane Pike (4615) r Let's try to keep our distance.
  • Play Refresher Orb (5200) r Refresher Orb.
  • Play Butterfly (5525) r Butterfly. A beautiful name for a deadly little thing. They could've called it Mireska.
  • Play Hand of Midas (2150) r Hello, money!
  • Play Manta Style (4800) r Manta Style.
  • Play Daedalus (5320) r Daedalus.
  • Play Desolator (3500) r Ooh, Desolator.
  • Play Diffusal Blade (3150) r Diffusal Blade.
  • Play Echo Sabre (2650) r Echo Sabre.
  • Play Shadow Blade (2700) r Shadow Blade.
  • Play Heaven's Halberd (3600) r Heaven's Halberd.
  • Play Monkey King Bar (4175) r Ah, Wukong won't even miss it.
  • Play Black King Bar (3975) r Black King Bar.
  • Play Gem of True Sight (900) r No one sneaks up on us.
  • Play Sange and Yasha (4300) r No Jex, you can't carry Yasha.
  • Play Observer Ward (75) r Let's keep a look out.
  • Play Divine Rapier (6000) r Divine Rapier!
  • Play Aegis of the Immortal Immortality!

25% chance

  • Play Aegis of the Immortal I'm unstoppable!
  • Play Aegis of the Immortal No one can touch us!
  • Play Aegis of the Immortal Death won't stop me!

20% chance

  • Play Divine Rapier (6000) r We'll be holding onto this for a long time.

5% chance

  • Play Divine Rapier (6000) r I've wanted to steal this forever.


  • Play This isn't over!
  • Play I'll be back for you!
  • Play I'll make you pay for this.
  • Play Impossible!
  • Play How dare you lay a hand on me?
  • Play You'll pay for what you've done!
  • Play You'll never let me hear the end of this, will you Jex?
  • Play Alright, maybe I was a little... overzealous.
  • Play That didn't go the way I planned.
  • Play Can't run forever, can we?
  • Play Jex, start plotting. We have revenge to mount.
  • Play Donte always said things would catch up with me... god I hate that little runt.
  • Play Could be worse, Jex. At least we're not stuck in Quoidge.
  • Play Ya Jex, I get it... that was bad.


  • Play I won't lie. That was unexpected.
  • Play Hope my father didn't see that.
  • Play Failure isn't an option.
  • Play We're not out of this fight yet.
  • Play Alright Jex, let's get some revenge.
  • Play Playtime's over.
  • Play Time to get serious.
  • Play Ooh! A challenge. I like it.
  • Play No rest for the wicked.
  • Play Okay, I see how they want to play.
  • Play Never count us out.
  • Play What's life without a little adversity?
  • Play Oh no, they won't pull that off again.

50% chance

  • Play r Jex, what do you say we find who did that and rip their eyes out?


  • Play I don't think so!

Bottling Runes

  • Play I'll save you for later.
  • Play Hey little fella, you're coming with me.
  • Play You'll come in handy.
  • Play Excellent.
  • Play I can use this.
  • Play The power!
  • Play It's mine!

Activating runes

Arcane Rune minimap icon.png Arcane Rune
50% chance

40% chance

  • Play 240 I'm stronger than ever!

35% chance

  • Play 120 I can feel the power run through me!

Bounty Rune minimap icon.png Bounty Rune
75% chance

35% chance

20% chance

  • Play r God I love money.

Double Damage Rune minimap icon.png Double Damage Rune

  • Play Double damage.
  • Play Ooh, they're not going to be expecting this.

5% chance

  • Play Get ready to do your thing, Jex!

Haste Rune minimap icon.png Haste Rune

  • Play Haste!
  • Play We gotta stay on the move.

25% chance

  • Play Let's pick up the pace, Jex!

Illusion Rune minimap icon.png Illusion Rune

  • Play Illusion!
  • Play Ohhhh, this will be fun.

25% chance

  • Play Let's see them try to catch us now.

Invisibility Rune minimap icon.png Invisibility Rune

  • Play r Invisibility!
  • Play This is our moment, Jex.

40% chance

  • Play 240 Let's see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into.

Regeneration Rune minimap icon.png Regeneration Rune

  • Play Regeneration!
  • Play They're not killing us.

25% chance

  • Play Stay healthy, stay moving.

Ability on cooldown

First attempt within 10 seconds

  • Play Not yet.
  • Play I can't do that.
  • Play Patience.
  • Play It's not ready.
  • Play Not ready.
  • Play Be patient.
  • Play It'll be ready soon.
  • Play Can't do that yet.
  • Play Need more time.
  • Play Not now, but soon.

Second attempt within 10 seconds

  • Play Not yet.
  • Play I can't do that.
  • Play Patience.
  • Play It's not ready.
  • Play Not ready.
  • Play Be patient.
  • Play It'll be ready soon.
  • Play Can't do that yet.
  • Play Need more time.
  • Play Not now, but soon.

Third and more attempts within 10 seconds

  • Play Not yet!
  • Play I can't do that!
  • Play Patience!
  • Play It's not ready!
  • Play Not ready!
  • Play Be patient!
  • Play It'll be ready soon!
  • Play Can't do that yet!
  • Play Need more time!
  • Play Not now, but soon!

Not enough mana

First attempt within 10 seconds

  • Play I'm out of mana.
  • Play Not enough mana.
  • Play No mana.
  • Play Wait till we have mana.

20% chance

Second attempt within 10 seconds

  • Play I'm out of mana.
  • Play Not enough mana.
  • Play No mana.
  • Play Wait till we have mana.

20% chance

Third and more attempts within 10 seconds

  • Play I'm out of mana!
  • Play Not enough mana!
  • Play No mana!
  • Play Wait till we have mana!

20% chance

Taking damage

3 seconds cooldown


5 consecutive clicks on the hero

  • Play 240 I may have turned my back on my birthright, but at least my life is mine.
  • Play 240 It probably wasn't the wisest idea to turn down the Jasper Circle, but I'm no one's errand girl.
  • Play 240 Mark my words Jex... one day I'm going to steal the Apotheosis Blade, now that'll be something, won't it.
  • Play 240 Not many people can say they've been kicked out Weeping Rose, but I am an exceptional talent.

Chat responses

Lane missing

  • Play Top is missing!
  • Play Mid is missing!
  • Play Bottom's missing!

thx, thanks, ty, or ally casts certain spell on player, 30 seconds cooldown

/laugh, haha, lol, 15 seconds cooldown

  • Play Hahahaha!
  • Play Hahahaha!
  • Play Hah haha!
  • Play Huh huh huh huh!
  • Play Haha ha hahaha!
  • Play Ha ha ha haha!
  • Play Ah haha haha ha!
  • Play Hahaha hahahaha!
  • Play Hahahaha hahahahahaa!
  • Play Ha ha ha ha ha ha haa!
  • Play Haa hahahahahaha!
  • Play Ahhhahahahahaha!

5% chance

  • Play Hahahaha ah hahahaha ahh hahahaha!
  • Play Huh huh haha ahhaha ahhahahaha!

Match end


  • Play Our victory was inevitable.
  • Play We won!
  • Play Onto the next adventure.

50% chance

  • Play Good work Jex.

Won before the 20 minute mark
20% chance

  • Play I wish I could say I was surprised.


  • Play Oh, great. Now I get to listen to my father gloat.
  • Play We could have had that.
  • Play No time for sulking, let's plot our revenge.
  • Play Damn it!
  • Play I don't want to hear it Jex!

Lost before the 20 minute mark
20% chance

  • Play In times like this you just need to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, then steal something your enemy really cares about.

Cosmetic item drop


  • Play I'll take that.


  • Play Now what do we have here?

Rare and higher

  • Play Shiny!
  • Play Just what I was waiting for.
  • Play This is going to fit nicely in my collection.





  • Play You don't think you're going to win, do you?
  • Play Darling, I'm so out of your league, it's not even funny.
  • Play You ready to have some fun, Jex?




  • Play u Jex really hates it when you rattle his cage.
  • Play u I don't know what I was expecting.
  • Play u Wait wait. Have you heard the one about the wayward baron and the traveling shopkeep?
  • Play u Ignorance is only an excuse the first time. And even then, come on!
  • Play u Oh-ho. Don't mind me. Just a wee fairy going about her business.
  • Play u Change the subject. Please.
  • Play u Do I look like a damsel?
  • Play u Equal split! Minus my finder's fee, of course.
  • Play u Ring that bell again. I dare you.
  • Play u This makes absolutely no sense.
  • Play u Stick to your pyramid schemes and leave the real hustle to the pros.
  • Play u Listen, I know that's not how I said it'd all go down...
  • Play u Death by decorum... Is no way for a fairy to live.
  • Play u I was going to rob you blind and leave you for dead. But this works, too.
  • Play u How was I supposed to know?
  • Play u Give it up already.
  • Play u No. Just... no.
  • Play u Hahahaha ah hahahaha ahh hahahaha!
  • Play u You shouldn't have. No, really. I'm not interested in your charity.
  • Play u Fine, I'll say it... Thank you.


  • Play Legion Commander u I found this in what was left of Roseleaf. The Bronze Legion thought they were going to fend off the Red Mist Horde. They weren't ready for what awaited them.
  • Play Faceless Void u One day the Faceless Void will realize this thing is missing. And when that happens, I'll turn it over before he has a chance to do anything about it.
  • Play u The Jasper Circle always wanted to have it both ways. Naughty deeds mixed with professional ethics. It was never going to be for me.
  • Play Kunkka u I wish I never stowed aboard that ship. Some trophies aren't for celebration, they're reminders of what can go wrong.
  • Play u Revtel was a city of riches and delights. And if my father wasn't one of the merchant kings perhaps I would have stayed.
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