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Dark Seer minimap icon.png Dark Seer is a semi-support hero, most focused on AoE Battles. He is able to farm safely due to Ion Shell icon.png Ion Shell which can also be used to damage his enemies. He can make himself and his allies reach incredible speeds with Surge icon.png Surge, along with using Vacuum icon.png Vacuum and Wall of Replica icon.png Wall of Replica in conjuction with each other to initiate and deal damage using the enemies' own power.
Pros Cons
  • Strong solo offlaner.
  • Extremely annoying to lane against.
  • Strong team fight presence.
  • Excellent at escaping or disengaging.
  • Melee attack range.
  • Initiation combo often requires a followup.



Ability Builds[edit]

Offlane Dark Seer
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 20 25
Ion Shell icon.png Surge icon.png Ion Shell icon.png Surge icon.png Ion Shell icon.png Wall of Replica icon.png Ion Shell icon.png Vacuum icon.png Vacuum icon.png Talent icon.png Vacuum icon.png Wall of Replica icon.png Vacuum icon.png Surge icon.png Talent icon.png Surge icon.png Nil icon.png Wall of Replica icon.png Talent icon.png Talent icon.png


Hero Talents
+80 Ion Shell icon.png Ion Shell Damage 25 +25 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength
+75 Vacuum icon.png Vacuum AoE 20 10% Cooldown Reduction
+14 Health Regen 15 +120 Damage
+100 Cast Range 10 12% Evasion
  • The evasion stacks multiplicatively with other sources of evasion.
  • The health regen is added as a bonus and does not benefit illusions.
  • The attack damage is added as bonus attack damage, and therefore does not benefit illusions.
  • Cooldown reduction affects abilities and items. Stacks multiplicatively with Octarine Core icon.png Octarine Core and additively with Arcane Rune minimap icon.png Arcane Rune.

Tips & Tactics[edit]


  • If laning, be sure to harass enemies with Ion Shell by placing it on their melee creeps (for melee heroes) or ranged creeps (for ranged heroes). Additionally, placing Ion Shell on the second allied melee creep to arrive at the creep line is a good way to push the lane as well as create a moving damage-dealing creep that chases enemy heroes. This can make it hard for the enemy carry to last hit, as they have to do it under the tower and while taking damage from creep aggro and ion shell at the same time.
  • Dark Seer can farm rapidly in lane and jungle thanks to Ion Shell. To jungle, stack the hard and medium camps several times, and then place an ion shell on one of the lesser creeps. The shell should clear out the whole camp(including the stacks). Do this repeatedly to accumulate a large sum of gold. However, be sure to stay within experience range.


Vacuum icon.png Vacuum[edit]

  • Due to Vacuum being able to clump up a large group of enemies fast, and Ion Shell's high damage output considering enemies are affected by it for a longer while, they permit Dark Seer to synergize extremely well with heroes such as Enigma minimap icon.png Enigma and Jakiro minimap icon.png Jakiro. Make sure to cast these abilities with Black Hole icon.png Black Hole and Ice Path icon.png Ice Path/Macropyre icon.png Macropyre/Liquid Fire icon.png Liquid Fire to maximize AoE damage and maybe turn the tide in battle.
  • AoE spells, especially those that require positioning, greatly benefit from Vacuum, as it can place all of them together to ensure a hit.

Ion Shell icon.png Ion Shell[edit]

  • When chasing, self-cast Ion Shell and run next to the enemy without attacking, using Surge if the enemy is faster. Even better, use surge to body-block enemy heroes (that is, get in front of them to hinder their movement) and deal damage with basic attacks without moving out of range of the Ion Shell.

Surge icon.png Surge[edit]

  • Surge can be cast on the team's Animal Courier (Radiant) icon.png Animal Courier, allowing it to get out of danger, or finish its delivery to allies faster.
  • While normally pushing the lane is a bad thing, Surge and his high strength gain makes it hard for the enemies to lock down Dark Seer and kill him.

Wall of Replica icon.png Wall of Replica[edit]

  • Using Vacuum on enemy heroes to send them through Wall of Replica creates illusions of them, as well as slowing them.


Starting items:

  • Stout Shield icon.png Stout Shield gives you resistance to physical attacks whether you are laning or jungling.
  • Tango icon.png Tangoes cover your health and mana issues until you build up your early game items.
  • Iron Branch icon.png Iron Branches is beneficial with its early boost to Dark Seer's attributes, but also help you build up to a Magic Wand icon.png Magic Wand and/or Mekansm icon.png Mekansm later on.
  • Soul Ring icon.png Soul Ring can be considered as it can be assembled in the side shop and lets your team use the courier more. This is especially important if your midlaner plans on getting a Bottle (Full) icon.png Bottle quickly.

Early-game items:

  • Soul Ring icon.png Soul Ring covers most of your mana issues and allows you to constantly cast your Ion Shell in order to harass your lane opponents and get some last hits.
  • Boots of Speed icon.png Boots of Speed gives mobility for chasing or running away.

Core items:

  • Magic Wand icon.png Magic Wand allows you to sustain your presence in fights.
  • Arcane Boots icon.png Arcane Boots increase your mana pool and allow you to give your teammates mana.
  • Mekansm icon.png Mekansm adds to Dark Seer's teamfight effectiveness and increases your durability. Also his decent Intelligence gain means he will generally have enough mana to use the heal.
  • Town Portal Scroll icon.png Town Portal Scroll allows you to be at any lane for a gank, countergank, or push in seconds.

Situational items:

  • Bottle (Full) icon.png Bottle can also be used to sustain high mana use, if the Dark Seer is put midlane. It has the added benefit of rune control as most runes are useful for Ion Shell harass.
  • Crimson Guard icon.png Crimson Guard can protect your team from enemy carries in teamfights.
  • Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter effectively allows your illusions to deal more damage than your opponents, thereby significantly increasing your team fight potential.
  • Hood of Defiance icon.png Hood of Defiance grants you magic resist and a lot of health regeneration, and can be upgraded into a Pipe of Insight.
  • Pipe of Insight icon.png Pipe of Insight grants you and your allies protection from magic damage.
  • Blink Dagger icon.png Blink Dagger can help you positioning to place a better Wall into Vacuum combo.
  • Ghost Scepter icon.png Ghost Scepter should be considered to counter high physical damage dealers and it is relatively cheap.
  • Scythe of Vyse icon.png Scythe of Vyse is always a great pickup for the hex and mana regen. If you need to turn off a carry's damage output, this is a very strong pickup.
  • Shiva's Guard icon.png Shiva's Guard grants you more punch to your Vacuum and Wall of Replica initiation, and gives you armor and intelligence.
  • Heart of Tarrasque icon.png Heart of Tarrasque allows you to initiate with little fear of dying.
  • Refresher Orb icon.png Refresher Orb allows you to cast your abilities and items twice in a row if needed.