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Tiny icon.png
Strength attribute symbol.png
Agility attribute symbol.png
Intelligence attribute symbol.png
26 + 3
9 + 0.9
17 + 1.6
Level 0 1 15 25 30
Health 200 720 1560 2160 2460
Health regen 0.25 2.85 7.05 10.05 11.55
Mana 75 279 543 735 831
Mana regen 0 0.85 1.97 2.77 3.17
Armor -1 0.5 2.6 4.1 4.85
Att/sec 0.59 0.64 0.72 0.77 0.79
Damage 37‒43 63‒69 105‒111 135‒141 150‒156
Magic resistance 25%
▶️ Movement speed 285
▶️ Attack speed 100
Turn rate 0.5
Vision range 1800/1800
Attack range 150
Projectile speed Instant
Attack animation 0.49+1
Base attack time 1.7
Damage block 8
Collision size 24
Legs 2


Avalanche icon.png
Bombards an area with rocks, stunning and damaging enemy land units.
Cast Animation: 0+0.53
Cast Range: 600
Effect Radius: 275
Total Damage: 100/180/260/300 (Talent 300/380/460/500)
Stun Duration: 1/1.5/2/2.5
Cooldown: 17 (With talent: 13.6)
Mana: 120
Debuff Avalanche Stun: Dispellable with strong dispels.
Inanimate rock becomes animate when called by the Stone Giant.


  • Modified values: Stun duration.
  • Deals 25/45/65/75 (Talent 75/95/115/125) damage in 0.25 second intervals, starting 0.5 seconds after cast, resulting in 4 instances.
  • If a unit is affected by Toss, it takes double damage from Avalanche, which is 50/90/130/150 (Talent 150/190/230/250) per instance.
  • No matter how close or far Avalanche gets targeted, the targeted area is always hit 0.5 seconds after cast.
  • The stun and damage are applied together. However, the stun does not hit units which are already stunned by Avalanche.
    • This means, if a unit is hit by the first instance, it does not get stunned by the remaining 3 unless the stun gets dispelled before.
    • No matter which instance hits a unit, the stun always lasts 1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds.

Toss icon.png
Enemies / Allies
Grabs the nearest unit in a 275 radius around Tiny, ally or enemy, and launches it at the target unit or rune to deal damage where they land. If the tossed unit is an enemy, it will take an extra 20% damage. Toss does more damage with each level in Grow.
Cast Animation: 0+0.53
Cast Range: 1300
Grab Radius: 275
Damage Radius: 275
Damage: 100/200/300/400
Toss Duration: 1.3
Cooldown: 8 (With talent: 6.4)
Mana: 90/100/110/120
Partially pierces spell immunity. Can toss and directly target spell immune allies.
Can toss, but not directly target spell immune enemies. Attempts to damage tossed spell immune enemies. Does not attempt to damage spell immune enemies within the area.
Buff or Debuff, based on the target's alliance Toss: Dispellable with death only.
Tiny's gargantuan stature allows him to catapult even the sturdiest of warriors.


  • Modified values: Mana cost and damage.
  • The tossed unit travels at a speed based on the distance between it and the target, capped at 2308.
    • The speed does not instantly adapt if the distance changes, but rather accelerates or decelerates at a slow rate.
  • The tossed unit can be avoided by blinking or moving rapidly, but cannot technically be disjointed.
    • This means the tossed unit can fly up to 3000 range away when the target teleports far enough away.
  • If the tossed unit dies in mid-air, it still deals the area damage upon landing.
  • Buildings cannot be targeted, but take 33% damage (33/66/99/132) from a tossed unit landing near them.
  • The 20% extra damage, and the further increased values from Grow are only applied to the tossed enemy unit.
    • Other enemy units (including buildings) within the radius only take the basic damage.
  • Can toss any unit, except ancient creeps and wards.
  • Invisible enemy units cannot be tossed, but still take damage from a unit being tossed onto or near them.
  • Units in the Fog of War can be tossed if they are within a 275 radius of Tiny, but cannot be selected as a target.
  • While in the air, other units may pass below the tossed unit.
  • The tossed unit takes 20% more damage (before reductions) from Toss. Grow increases this to 40%/60/80% (Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. 60%/80%/100%).
    • Grow Level 0: 120/240/360/480 damage.
    • Grow Level 1: 140/280/420/560 (Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. 160/320/480/640) damage.
    • Grow Level 2: 160/320/480/640 (Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. 180/360/540/720) damage.
    • Grow Level 3: 180/360/540/720 (Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. 200/400/600/800) damage.
    • Tossed allies take no damage.
  • Can directly target and toss towards runes, but cannot toss runes.
  • The buff or debuff of Toss is hidden, means it is not visible in the HUD.

Craggy Exterior icon.png
No Target
Self / Enemies
Tiny rushes forward, trampling enemy units with his craggy mass. He gains bonus movement speed and phased collison, while each enemy he tramples is stunned and dealt a portion of his attack damage.
Cast Animation: 0+0
Damage & Stun Radius: 150
Own Attack Damage as Damage: 25%/50%/75%/100%
Movement Speed Bonus: 20%/30%/40%/50%
Stun Duration: 0.75/1/1.25/1.5
Trample Duration: 4
Cooldown: 12
Mana: 30/40/50/60
Buff Trample: Dispellable with death only.
Debuff Stunned: Dispellable with strong dispels.


  • Replaces Craggy Exterior.
  • Causes Tiny to perform instant attacks on enemies he runs over. This means any attack modifier he has applies normally.
  • Can only hit an enemy once per cast.

Grow icon.png
(Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. Enemies)
Tiny gains craggy mass that increases his power at the cost of his attack speed. Increases Tossed unit damage and improves movement speed.
Attack Damage Bonus: 50/100/150
Attack Speed Loss: 20/35/50
Move Speed Bonus: 40/50/60
Tossed Unit Bonus Damage: 40%/60%/80% (Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. 60%/80%/100%)
Attack Range Bonus: 0 (Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. 85)
Cleave Starting Radius: 0 (Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. 150)
Cleave Distance: 0 (Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. 600)
Cleave End Radius: 0 (Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. 400)
Cleave Damage: 0 (Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. 50%)
Building Attack Damage Bonus: 0 (Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. 75%)
Aghanim's upgrade: Allows Tiny to equip a tree, increasing his attack range, damage versus buildings, and granting a cleave attack. Improves Tossed unit damage.
Partially usable by illusions. Illusions benefit from everything, except for the cleave and bonus damage against buildings.
Watching a hill become a mountain is awe-inspiring - especially if the mountain begins laying waste to adversaries.


  • Modified values: Tossed unit bonus damage.
  • Each level changes Tiny's appearance, making him bigger and making his voice deeper.
  • Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter makes Tiny equip a tree, regardless of his level. However, to get the bonuses, Grow has to be learned.
    • Increases attack range to 235, grants 50% cleave in a 400 radius, and causes attacks to deal 75% bonus damage to buildings.
    • Cleave damage is reduced by armor type but not by armor value.
    • Cleave damage cannot be amplified with spell damage amplification and cannot spell lifesteal.
    • Cleave damage is reduced by Damage Block.
    • The complete area is shaped like an isosceles trapezoid in front of Tiny.
    • Fully stacks with other sources of cleave. Each source of cleave works completely independent.
    • Does not cleave upon attacking wards, buildings or allied units. Wards and buildings are unaffected by the cleave damage.


Hero Talents
+200 Avalanche Damage2520% Cooldown Reduction
+14 Mana Regen20+25 Attack Speed
+15 Movement Speed15+45 Damage
+10 Intelligence attribute symbol.png Intelligence10+6 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength
  • Replaced talents: None.
  • The attack damage is added as bonus attack damage, and therefore does not benefit illusions.
  • The mana regen is added as a bonus and does not benefit illusions.
  • Cooldown reduction affects abilities and items. Stacks multiplicatively with Octarine Core icon.png Octarine Core and additively with Arcane Rune minimap icon.png Arcane Rune.