Dark Seer

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Dark Seer
Dark Seer icon.png
Strength attribute symbol.png
Agility attribute symbol.png
Intelligence attribute symbol.png
22 + 2.3
12 + 1.2
25 + 2.7
Level 0 1 15 25 30
Health 200 640 1280 1740 1960
Health regen 0.25 2.45 5.67 7.97 9.12
Mana 75 375 819 1143 1311
Mana regen 0 1.25 3.14 4.49 5.17
Armor 5 7 9.8 11.8 12.8
Att/sec 0.59 0.66 0.76 0.83 0.86
Damage 31‒37 56‒62 93‒99 120‒126 134‒140
Magic resistance 25%
▶️ Movement speed 300
▶️ Attack speed 100
Turn rate 0.6
Vision range 1800/1800
Attack range 150
Projectile speed Instant
Attack animation 0.59+0.58
Base attack time 1.7
Damage block 8
Collision size 24
Legs 2


Vacuum icon.png
Dark Seer creates a vacuum over the target area that sucks in enemy units, disrupting them and dealing damage.
Cast Animation: 0.4+0.7
Cast Range: 500 (Talent 600)
Effect Radius: 250/350/450/550
Damage: 40/80/120/160
Pull Duration: 0.5
Cooldown: 28 (With talent: 24.64)
Mana: 100/130/160/190
Does not pierce spell immunity. Attempts to deal damage if enemy turns spell immune before the pull ends.
Debuff Vacuum: Dispellable with strong dispels.
Ish'Kafel modifies the center of gravity to a place of his choosing.


  • Modified values: None.
  • The pull duration always takes 0.5 seconds, no matter how far or close the units are from the center, so the speed varies.
  • Affected units are fully disabled during the pull.
  • The damage is applied after the 0.5 second pull duration.
  • Can pull units over impassable terrain.
  • Vacuum destroys trees within 275 radius at the targeted point upon cast.

Ion Shell
Ion Shell icon.png
Surrounds the target unit with a bristling shield that damages enemy units in an area around it.
Cast Animation: 0.4+0.7
Cast Range: 600 (Talent 700)
Damage Radius: 250
Damage per Second: 30/50/70/90 (Talent 100/120/140/160)
Duration: 25
Cooldown: 9 (With talent: 7.92)
Mana: 70/90/110/130
Partially pierces spell immunity. Can be cast on spell immune units.
Does not damage spell immune units.
Buff or Debuff, based on the target's alliance Ion Shell: Dispellable with any dispel.
The Dark Seer slices holes into the 'Land Behind the Wall,' causing prismatic energy to seep forth.


  • Modified values: None.
  • The shell can be put on enemy and allied units, damaging only enemy units. The unit with the shell itself is not damaged.
  • Successive casts on the same unit do not stack. Casting it on a unit that already has the Ion Shell on, only refreshes the duration.
  • Deals 3/5/7/9 (Talent 10/12/14/16) damage in 0.1 second intervals, starting 0.1 seconds after the cast, resulting in 250 damage instances.
  • Can deal up to 750/1250/1750/2250 (Talent 2500/3000/3500/4000 damage to a single unit (before reductions), if it stays in range for the full duration.
  • Affects invisible units that go close to the shell wearer. The shell nor the visual effects do not appear if the wearer is invisible.

Surge icon.png
Charges a target friendly unit with power, giving it a brief burst of maximum movement speed.
Cast Animation: 0.4+0.57
Cast Range: 600 (Talent 700)
Haste Speed: 550
Duration: 3/4.5/6/7.5
Cooldown: 12/11/10/9 (With talent: 10.56/9.68/8.8/7.92)
Mana: 50
Buff Surge: Dispellable with any dispel.
Ish'Kafel once used his speed of mind to navigate the maze between the walls.


  • Modified values: None.
  • Applies a haste on the target, meaning it cannot be slowed below the set value.

Wall of Replica
Wall of Replica icon.png
Raises a wall of warping light that slows and creates replicas of any enemy unit who crosses it. Enemy replicas serve at the Dark Seer's will. Dark Seer may only have one copy an individual enemy unit at a time. Replicas last until they are destroyed, or until the wall's duration ends.
Cast Animation: 0.4+0.57
Cast Range: 500/900/1300 (Talent 600/1000/1400)
Wall Length: 1000
Wall Width: 50
Movement Speed Slow: 75%
Illusion Damage Dealt: 100%%/125%/150% (Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. 125%/150%/175%)
Illusion Damage Taken: 100%/75%/50%
Duration: 45
Slow Duration: 1
Cooldown: 100 (With talent: 88)
Mana: 125/250/375
Aghanim's upgrade: Increases the damage dealt by illusions.
The Dark Seer, while unable to return to his natural realm, can channel part of the prismatic wall with powerful strength of mind, sowing confusion amongst enemy ranks.


  • Modified values: Illusion damage dealt (included upgraded) and taken.
  • The wall is always created perpendicular to the line between Dark Seer and the targeted point.
  • Does not create actual illusions of the units. Instead, it creates copies.
    • This means they can cast spells and items. Their items can also be sold.
    • They also die normally, instead like illusions.
    • Stats which do not work for illusions do work for the copies (regen, attack damage, armor and magic resistance bonuses).
    • The Zombie Torso ability is disabled on copied Berserk Zombies.
    • Health Aura of the Demon Charmers does not work for heroes.
  • When the illusion dies, the wall cannot create a new one of that unit.
  • Does not create illusion of ancient units.
  • Slows the unit upon creating an illusion of it.


Hero Talents
+70 Ion Shell Damage2512% Cooldown Reduction
+25 Intelligence attribute symbol.png Intelligence20+12 Strength attribute symbol.png Strength
+14 Health Regen15+90 Damage
+100 Cast Range1012% Evasion
  • Replaced talents: None.
  • The evasion stacks multiplicatively with other sources of evasion.
  • The health regen is added as a bonus and does not benefit illusions.
  • The attack damage is added as bonus attack damage, and therefore does not benefit illusions.
  • Cooldown reduction affects abilities and items. Stacks multiplicatively with Octarine Core icon.png Octarine Core.