Dark Artistry Hair

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Dark Artistry Hair
Cosmetic icon Dark Artistry Hair.png
Invoker icon.png
Rarity: Immortal
Slot: Head

Traditional style of a master battle mage.
Dark Artistry
Dark Artistry Cape
Dark Artistry Hair
Dark Artistry Pauldrons
Dark Artistry Bracers
Dark Artistry Belt

This item comes with two selectable styles. The second style shares the same appearance and customizations as Magus Apex, with slightly different textures.



Customization Type Preview
Ambient* Effect
Sun Strike* Effect
Quas Effect
Wex Effect
Exort Effect

*Only used when the Alternate hair style is selected. Custom Sun Strike effect is only visible to allies. Enemies will see the default effect.

Ability icon[edit]

Sun Strike*
Magus Apex Sun Strike icon.png

*Only used when the Alternate hair style is selected.

Set items[edit]