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Damage Block

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Damage Block is a passive ability that gives the wielding unit a chance to block some physical damage from an attack.


Relationship Between Effective HP % and blocked damage %
Average blocked damage %
Average damage block defense value

Damage Block has a chance to proc from attack damage, but not physical damage from abilities (except for Moon Glaive icon.png Moon Glaive, The Swarm icon.png The Swarm, and physical damage reflected by Blade Mail icon.png Blade Mail or Dispersion icon.png Dispersion). Only the attack damage from wards (Death Ward icon.png Death Ward, Mass Serpent Ward icon.png Mass Serpent Ward, Plague Ward icon.png Plague Ward) is not reduced by Damage Block. Unlike armor, Damage Block only reduces a set amount of damage, making it less useful over time.

Damage Block occurs as first step of incoming damage manipulation. See Final Attack Damage for the complete calculation.

All items that use Damage Block mechanics use pseudo-random distribution.

Most Damage Block items block different amounts depending on whether the user is melee or ranged. Poor Man's Shield icon.png Poor Man's Shield also has a reduced chance to proc from non-hero damage.


Only one instance of Damage Block can proc at a time. When multiple sources of Damage Block are present, the source with the highest blocked damage is checked first, and only if it does not proc, will any others roll. In other words, when two sources of Damage Block have the same chance to proc, the one that blocks more damage takes priority. While the amount of damage blocked from multiple Damage Block sources does not stack, the proc chance stacks multiplicatively. For example, when having two Stout Shield icon.png Stout Shields, the chance of blocking damage becomes 50% + 50% * 0.5, effectively having a 75% chance to block 16/8 damage.

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