Dagon 3

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Dagon 3
Dagon 3 icon.png
A lesser wand that grows in power the longer it is used, it brings magic to the fingertips of the user.
5250 (1300)
Bought From
Active Energy Burst
Bonus [?] +10 Strength
+10 Agility
+10 Intelligence
Disassemble? No
Alert allies? No
Dagon 4 (6550)
UsedIn1.pngDagon 3 (5250)Components2.png
Dagon 2 (3950)
Recipe (1300)
Main Article: Dagon


Energy Burst
Emits a powerful burst of magical damage upon a targeted enemy unit. Upgradable.
Cast Range: 700
Effect Delay: 0
Damage: 600
Cooldown: 25
Mana: 160
Does not pierce spell immunity. Attempts to damage if debuff was placed before spell immunity.
Blocked by Linken's Sphere. Particles still visually appear.
Debuff modifier_dagon: Dispellable with death only.


  • Places a debuff on the target, which applies the damage upon expiring. The debuff lasts 0 seconds.
    • Due to server tick rates, the debuff effectively lasts 0.033 seconds. A true 0 second duration for modifiers is not possible.
    • This means the damage can be avoided by being invulnerable or hidden as the debuff expires.