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Play My foes aloft.

Cyclone is a status effect that causes afflicted units to be lifted up, completely disabling them, but also rendering them invulnerable to all sources of damage, similar to being hidden.

Cyclone dispels the target, removing some positive effects from enemies (with the exception of Cyclone).

While under the effect of cyclone, units cannot be targeted by attacks and most abilities. There are some abilities that affect cycloned units, such as Dispel Magic and Fortune's End, although they do not deal any damage to them because of the invulnerability.

After being lifted by cyclone, unit starts rotating counter-clockwise. If cyclone effect ends normally, unit lands facing the same direction as they were before being cycloned. However, if cyclone is ended prematurely (e.g. dispelled), the unit will land facing the same direction as they were while in mid-air.

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