Crumbling Island Arena

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Crumbling Island Arena
Crumbling Island Arena preview.png
The island is crumbling!
Workshop:Crumbling Island Arena
Last update:??
Latest version:2.0
Average duration:10-15

Crumbling Island Arena is a 2-6 player game in which players battle atop the map trying to avoid falling and trying to make their enemies fall. It is one of the few custom games to come with a Custom Game Pass.


  • Crumbling Island Arena uses a completely custom map and is the first (and maybe only) custom game to have completely destructible terrrain. Players fight far above the ground and try to avoid plummeting to their deaths, as the map around them gradullay crumbles.


Full details of heroes on official website:

All Heroes Strength attribute symbol.pngAgility attribute symbol.pngIntelligence attribute symbol.png[edit]

Zeus icon.png

BASIC ATTACK Enemies hit are affected by Shock Damaging them with another ability will stun them 3 3.2 Damage enemies in the area 7 Create a lightning wall, allies get bonus speed when passing through it

Your basic attack is 2x longer and deals more damage when travelling through the wall 2 7 Teleport to a target point

Teleporting through the lightning wall damages all enemies between teleport locations 4 12 Channeling Become invulnerable during the channeling Reappear in the target area after the channeling ends, damaging enemies and applying Shock to them


  • Crumbling Island Arena is a PvP game with 2-6 players. It takes place on a floating island arena that crumbles as the game goes on. Each round the player takes control of one of the 28 unique characters. The objective is to be the last man standing. Every hero has 20 hp, and default attack which has its cooldown temporarily increased after 4 subsequent uses. In addition each hero has three basic abilities, and an ultimate, which unlocks after the initial 40 seconds. Players are eliminated from a round if they fall off the arena.

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