Counter Logic Gaming

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Counter Logic Gaming
Team icon Counter Logic Gaming.png
United States United States
Created: 2011-02-06
Disbanded: 2012-10-29
Team Information
Manager(s): World Daniel "Silas" Samuelsson
Sponsor(s): Razer,
Prizemoney: ~$13,700 USD

Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) is an American based electronic sports organization founded in 2010, and is well known for their League of Legends division.


In February 2012, CLG picked up Swedish team exPerience, with Loda as captain. However, after SLTV StarSeries Season One, in which CLG placed third, smulgullig left the team to focus on his studies, and Loda moved from Sweden to Singapore, where he joined Team Zenith. They were subsequently replaced by MiSeRy and Lacoste from Evil Geniuses.

In October 2012, Pajkatt and MiSeRy left to join the team. The team disbanded later that month.


Former Players[edit]

The International 2012 Squad
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
Sweden Pajkatt Captain Per Anders Olsson Lille 1 2012-02-02 2012-10-15 Team icon
Denmark MiSeRy Rasmus Felipsen 2 2012-05-18 2012-10-15 Team icon
Croatia Lacoste Dominik Stipic 3 2012-05-18 2012-10-29 Team icon No Logic Gaming.png No Logic Gaming
Sweden Mirakel Jesper Nyhlén 4 2012-02-02 2012-10-29 Team icon Absolute Legends.png Absolute Legends
Sweden Akke Joakim Akterhall 5 2012-02-02 2012-10-29 Team icon No Tidehunter.png No Tidehunter
Former Players
ID Name Position Join Date Leave Date New Team
Sweden Smulgullig Johan Gidmark 3 2012-03-02 2012-05-18 Team icon Turtle Masters.png Turtle Masters
Sweden Loda Captain Jonathan Berg 2 2012-02-02 2012-05-18 Team icon Team Zenith.png Team Zenith
Sweden PiNoY Alexander Pettersson 3 2012-02-02 2012-03-02 Team icon Keita Gaming.png Keita Gaming


Dota 2[edit]

Place Tournament Location Date Prize money
A33rd Dota2Replays Brawl Online 11 February - 11 March 2012 $700 USD
A11st Fnatic PLAY RaidCall Dota 2 Cup #1 Online 5–7 March 2012 $500 USD
A11st JoinDOTA Masters V Online 31 March 2012 €500 EUR
A33rd SLTV StarSeries Season One Online & Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine 12 March - 29 April 2012 $2,500 USD
A22nd The Premier League Season 2 Online 17 April - 8 July 2012 $3,000 USD
A22nd Prodota2 Pro League Online 13 April - 5 August 2012 $6,000 USD
A33rd The Defense 2 Online 21 June - 12 August 2012 €1,500 EUR
A11st BeyondTheSummit World Tour Online 16 July - 21 August 2012 $1,000 USD


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