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Cosmetic Item

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Cosmetic Items Splash.jpg

Cosmetic Items customize visual elements within Dota 2. These modifications are purely graphical and do not affect mechanics or gameplay. Some items are exclusive to the Dota Plus premium service. Items released before Dota Plus are called legacy items.


Cosmetic items can be obtained from:

  • The Dota 2 Store
  • The Steam Market
    • Most cosmetic items are tradeable on the Market
  • The Shard store
  • Opening Treasures
  • Drops after playing MMR games
  • Participating in certain events
  • Promotional codes that come with certain physical merchandise



Equipment Couriers Wards HUD Skins Loading Screens
Equipment Couriers Wards HUD Skins Loading Screens
Announcers Taunts Summoned Unit Emoticons Weather Effects
Announcers Taunts Pets/Summoned Units Emoticons Weather Effects
Music Terrain Custom Creeps Effigy Cursor Packs
Music Terrain Items Custom Creeps Effigy Cursor Packs
Multikill Banners Emblems Action Item Teleport Effects Blink Effects
Multikill Banners Emblems Action Items Teleport Effects Blink Effects


Treasures Bundles Gems Gem Tools Charms
Treasures Bundles Gems Gem Tools Charms
River Vials Gifts Miscellaneous Tools
River Vials Gifts Miscellaneous Tools

Tournament Items[edit]

Pennants Tickets League Bundles
Pennants Tickets League Bundles

Event Items[edit]

Diretide 2012 Items Diretide 2013 Items Frostivus 2012 Items Frostivus 2013 Items New Bloom 2014 Items
Diretide 2012 Diretide 2013 Frostivus 2012 Frostivus 2013 New Bloom 2014
New Bloom 2015 Items The International 2013 Items The International 2014 Items The International 2015 Items Dota 2 The International 2016 Items
New Bloom 2015 The International 2013 The International 2014 The International 2015 The International 2016
Dota 2 The International 2017 Items Dota 2 The International 2018 Items Fall Major 2015 Items Winter Major 2016 Items Fall Major 2016 Items
The International 2017 The International 2018 Frankfurt Major 2015 (Fall) Shanghai Major 2016 (Winter) Boston Major 2016 (Fall)
Winter Major 2017 Items Dota 2 Asia Championship 2015 Items
Kiev Major 2017 (Winter) Dota 2 Asia Championship 2015


Pins Custom Game Passes
Pins Custom Game Passes


Main Article: Rarity

All cosmetic items are categorized into Rarity tiers. Rarer items are less likely to drop, and tend to come with more customizations.


Main Article: Quality

All cosmetic items have a Quality. Some qualities, such as Heroic or Genuine are related to the circumstances by which the item was acquired, while others, such as Inscribed, allows the item to track certain statistics. Qualities are related to, and can be altered by, Gems. Most items are Normal quality by default.


Main Article: Workshop

Valve accepts submissions of community-created cosmetic items through the Steam Workshop. The majority of existing cosmetic items have been made by the community.

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