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Complete Dark Moon Stalker

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Complete Dark Moon Stalker
Cosmetic icon Complete Dark Moon Stalker.png
Luna icon.png
Rarity: Mythical

The Dark Moon faithful consist of former scholars, laborers, orphans, and thieves. One may have served as magistrate of a city, another spilled blood as a warlord in the wilds. They have walked all imaginable paths to find Selemene. In her service, the trials and tragedies of the past matter not. They worship the Goddess together, guardians of the Nightsilver Woods.
Created By
Complete Dark Moon Stalker
Loading Screen of the Dark Moon Stalker
Complete Helm of the Dark Moon Stalker
Complete Tigress of the Dark Moon Stalker
Complete Shield of the Dark Moon Stalker
Complete Shoulders of the Dark Moon Stalker
Complete Glaive of the Dark Moon Stalker

This set is identical to Dark Moon Stalker, but comes with particle effects unlocked on the head piece. It does not contain the default style without particles.

Set Items[edit]


Customization Type Preview Bound to
Effect Dark Moon Stalker Ambient 2.gif



  • This set's internal name is The Burning Shadow.