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Known Bugs


Clockwerk does not use his victory animations
Like every other hero, Clockwerk has victory animations. However, he currently does not use them. After a victory, he just freezes.
21 January 2018

Clockwerk's model has some clipping issues with itself
The huge chest plate is clipping with the belts of the smaller plate over his belly, and the plate on his back is clipping with his left leg. These are part of the base model, and not separate items, so they are always present. They are visible clipping on every set.
21 January 2018

Battery Assault[edit]

Recasting Battery Assault doesn't update the shrapnel interval
When refreshing Battery Assault with a recast, it does not update the interval of the shrapnels, if the interval reducing talent was chosen in between.
The damage updates immediately, even without recasting (each tick uses current level, not cast level).
25 November 2018

Battery Assault cast animation plays after cast, instead of during cast
Cast animations are meant to play during the cast time, and not after. Battery Assazult currently plays its animation after the cast finishes, making it look like Clockwerk is lagging (he stops and stands still for 0.3-0.4 seconds to cast).
21 January 2018

Battery Assault's loop sound doesn't fade in/out properly with fog
When losing and regaining vision over Clockwerk, Battery Assault's loop sound stops/starts abruptly, instead of fading in/out. It should fade like how others sounds do it.
21 January 2018

Power Cogs[edit]

Power Cogs' shock areas are inconsistent
Currently, it is possible to stand between 2 cogs and only one of them will shock, while the other completely ignores the player. However, if one of the cogs gets destroyed, the adjacent cogs can now shock the unit normally. This can also be seen when the cogs expire. When standing between 2 cogs, the 2nd cog shocks the unit as soon as the spell expires.
21 January 2018

Power Cogs health bar does not get lower when they take damage
Power Cogs take 2 attacks to be destroyed. But their health does not get lower when attacking them. They are always at 100%. Their health should get lower and represent how many hits are left to destroy them.
21 January 2018

Power Cogs' cast sound doesn't fade in/out properly with the fog
Power Cogs' sound has 2 of issues regarding the fog of war.
  • When not having vision over Clockwerk as he casts Power Cogs, the sound repeats whenever gaining vision over the center of the cogs, but also fade out when losing vision.
  • When having vision over Clockwerk while he cast it, losing vision over the cogs does not make the sound fade out. It will stay fully audible, regardless of vision. On top of this, the sound repeats like in the first point whenever regaining vision over the area.

    It should behave like other lasting ground area spells: The sound should fade in/out upon gaining/losing vision over the affected area. And it should not repeat whenever gainnig vision over the area.
21 January 2018

Power Cogs' cast animation plays after cast, instead of during cast
Cast animations are meant to play during the cast time, and not after. Power Cogs currently plays its animation after the cast finishes, making it look like Clockwerk is lagging (he stops and stands still for 0.3-0.4 seconds to cast).
21 January 2018

Rocket Flare[edit]

Rocket Flare's explosion particles appear at the map center
When casting Rocket Flare too close to the caster (easiest done via portrait), the explosion particles of it appear at the center of the map, and not where the spell was targeted.
It happens when targeting so close that the rocket doesn't "spawn", so the particles have nothing to attach to, causing them to appear at map center.
21 January 2018

The rocket on Clockwerk's shoulder re-appears based on first cast projectile, instead of the cooldown
Currently, the rocket on Clockwerk's shoulder disappears upon casting Rocket Flare, and re-appears as soon as the projectile reaches the targeted area. It should re-appear when the spell goes off cooldown. It should be based on the cooldown, and be there whenever the spell is ready.
21 January 2018

Clockwerk uses First Blood response when making kills with Rocket Flare
After Clockwerk makes First Blood, killing enemies with Rocket Flare triggers his first blood responses again, until he makes a kill in another way.
21 January 2018

Rocket Flare's cast animation does not finish after reaching the cast point, instantly getting canceled
There are a lot of heroes who get their animations instantly canceled as soon as the cast point is reached, resulting in some ugly jerking, strange looking animation resets, or partially even completely missing animations due to very low cast points.

Affected spells are: Sticky Napalm, Viscous Nasal Goo, Rocket Flare, Fissure, Torrent, X Marks the Spot, Overwhelming Odds, Earth Spike, Howl, Earthbind, Sacred Arrow, Starstorm, Impale, Mana Burn, Nether Blast, Blink Strike, Smoke Screen, Shadow Poison, Shadow Poison Release, Soul Catcher, Mystic Flare, Shrapnel, Storm Hammer, Psionic Trap, Chakram, Chakram, Timber Chain, Ice Shards, Earthshock, Maledict and The Swarm
21 January 2018


Hookshot considers the height of the target, moving slower when elevated
Clockwerk acts like a regular projectile during Hookshot if it latches, but he always moves on ground level. However, the speed at which he gets pulled does still consider the target's elevation. So when the target gets tossed in the air, Clockwerk moves slower. If the target stands on a cliff, Clockwerk moves slower. Due to the limited pull time of Hookshot, this may cause him to not reach the target. The pull speed should not factor in the target's z position.
21 January 2018

The vision provided by Hookshot has several issues
Hookshot has multiple vision problems:
  • The vision is applied randomly along the path the hook travels. As of now, it is pretty much pointless, because it is very unreliable due to the randomness and small radius. Only at max distance it reliably grants vision.
  • The hook grants vision at the center of the map, at random intervals.
  • When the hook latches on a unit, it grants vision behind the caster.
21 January 2018

Multiple Hookshot at the same time malfunction
When casting Hookshot while a previous hook is already flying, they interact badly with each other.
  • When casting Hookshot a second time before the first hook reached full length, the second hook starts retracting as soon as the first hook does, while the first hook freezes at max range, staying there for some time.
  • When casting Hookshot a second time while the first hook started to retract, the second hook starts retracting as soon as the first hook finishes retracting. Also, the second hook stays on Clockwerk's hand for some time before it disappears.
  • When launching multiple hooks, any of them can latch on a unit, but as soon as one latches, all other hooks fly to that unit, too, and get visually stuck on it for some time.

    Since Clockwerk has only one hook, it should not be castable until the previous cast fully finished and retracted the hook.
21 January 2018

Hookshot's animation does not cancel upon canceling the cast
Spell cast animations are supposed to cancel when the spell cast gets canceled in any way (be it by manually stopping the cast or getting disabled). The animation of Hookshot does not stop. It always fully plays once initiated. It should stop like other spell animations.
21 January 2018


Mortal Forge and Steelcrow Munitions shoot the entire cannon with Flare
These Mortar Forge and Steelcrow Munitions sets have the rocket cannon in the rocket item slot, instead of the armor slot, so when casting Rocket Flare, the entire cannon with the rocket gets shot, instead of only the rocket, Rocket Flare should only shoot the rocket, and not the cannon itself.
21 January 2018

Pressure Regulator's set has a broken Hookshot projectile
The Pressure Regulator set of Clockwerk breaks Hookshot's projectile. The custom hook gis not attached properly and flies detached from the chain. It's also unusually small.
21 January 2018

Warcog's set's Rocket Flare projectile is broken
The custom Rocket Flare projectile of the Warcog set is not attached properly. When launched, the rocket flies off set to the left side.
21 January 2018

Teleboltin' kinetic gem + Paraflare Cannon teleport animation is broken
The custom Teleboltin' kinetic gem animation has a Paraflare Cannon version, in which the rocket is supposed to hover next to Clockwerk. But it does not do that. The paraflare teleboltin' teleport animation is identical to the regular teleboltin' animation. It should hover.
21 January 2018

Paraflare Cannon is missing victory and generic_channel anims
The Paraflare immortal rocket of Clockwerk has a custom copy of every animation of Clockwerk, in which the rocket hovers, except for the victory and generic_channel animations, which are missing. Clockwerk currently uses his default animations instead, which causes the rocket to attach to his shoulder.
21 January 2018