Claddish Guard

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Claddish Guard
Cosmetic icon Claddish Guard.png
Kunkka icon.png
Rarity: Rare
Slot: Shoulder

A high collar keeps salty waters and harsh weather from marring Kunkka's visage, while heavy shoulder-plates have deflected many a tooth and claw belonging to such abominations as lurk in the murky waters.
Created By
Armaments of Leviathan Set
Neptunian Sabre
Claddish Hightops
Admiral's Foraged Cap
Admiral's Stash
Claddish Gauntlets
Claddish Guard
Admiral's Salty Shawl
Ye Olde Pipe

This item gives Kunkka custom loadout and idle animations.


Customization Type Preview
Loadout Animation Claddish Guard Loadout.gif
Idle Rare Animation Armaments of Leviathan Set Idle Rare.gif

Set Items[edit]