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Known Bugs



Penitence uses a projectile, but applies its effects instantly on cast, so that the projectile does nothing
Penitence has a useless projectile currently. It does nothing at all, but apply a visual effect and play a sound on impact. The effect of Penitence (slow and incoming damage amplification) is applied instantly upon cast.

Either it should not use a projectile and be completely instant, or it should apply its effects on projectile hit
20 December 2017

Penitence's debuff values do not update on refresh
When refreshing the Penitence debuff on a target, the slow and incoming damage amplification values do not update to the ability's current level.
20 December 2017

Test of Faith[edit]

Test of Faith shows the heal number above the target twice on non-heroes
When casting Test of Faith on allied/own non-hero units, the floating number above the target showing the heal value appears twice.
20 December 2017

Test of Faith's particles and audio are applied before spellblock check, instead of after
When the Test of Faith target has Spell Block, the spell still creates the particle effects and plays its sound on the target. Similarly, when Test of Faith gets reflected back to a spell immune unit, the particles/sound appear on the spell immune unit.

Frost Blast has this issue as well.
20 December 2017

Holy Persuasion[edit]

Holy Persuasion can target allied wards, buildings, couriers and zombies
Currently, Holy Persuasion can teleport allied wards, couriers and Undying Zombie icon.png Undying Zombies, and target the spell on allied buildings (but cannot teleport them). It should not be able to target wards, buildings, couriers and Undying Zombies.
20 December 2017

Holy Persuasion has the wrong legacy key (was R, is now F)
Holy Persuasion was moved from the 4th into the 3rd ability slot. This had an unintended side-effect of changing its legacy hotkey from R to F, because for some reason, legacy keys are still bound to slots, instead of abilities.
20 December 2017

Holy Persuasion completely messes up the health of talent-buffed Treants
When persuading talent-boosted Nature's Prophet Treant icon.png Treants, their health gets increased beyond the health minimum of Holy Persuasion. Regular treants get their health increased to Holy Persuasion's minimum health value, plus the default health value of the treants. Nature's Prophet Treant icon.png Greater Treants get their health increased to 4950.

Helm of the Dominator icon.png Helm of the Dominator has this issue as well.
20 December 2017

Holy Persuasion turns the hp bonus from Granite Aura permanent
When converting a unit which is currently under the effect of Granite Aura, the Granite Aura bonus is turned into a permanent health bonus for that unit.

Helm of the Dominator icon.png Helm of the Dominator has this issue as well.
20 December 2017

Holy Persuasion can be cast on ancient creeps without having Hand of God leveled, wasting the cooldown and mana
Holy Persuasion does not check whether Hand of God is leveled or not, and allows targeting ancient creeps when having Aghanim's Scepter icon.png Aghanim's Scepter, which results in the spell being wasted, since the number of creeps is based on Hand of God's level.
20 December 2017

Holy Persuasion's convert buff is purgeable, but doing so does nothing
The buff Holy Persuasion, which plants on the converted unit, is currently dispellable. But doing so does nothing at all. The creep still is under Chen's control, and keeps its health bonus.
20 December 2017

Recasting teleport on the same target has no effect, wasting mana and cooldown
When casting Holy Persuasion on a unit who already has the teleport buff, it refreshes the buff, but does nothing besides that. When refreshed, the unit will still teleport based on the first cast, so the second cast effectively does nothing.
20 December 2017

Holy Persuasion's teleport finish sound is audible through the fog of war
When a unit gets teleport with Holy Persuasion, the teleport sound can be heard through the fog of war. It completely ignores the fog.
20 December 2017

Holy Persuasion uses the wrong error message when targeting enemy heroes
It currently uses #dota_hud_error_cant_cast_on_hero, which is "Ability Can't Target Heroes.". It should use #dota_hud_error_cant_cast_enemy_hero, which would be "Ability Can't Target Enemy Heroes."
20 December 2017

Holy Persuasion uses the wrong animation for converting creeps
Holy Persuasion uses the old Test of Faith Teleport animation for Holy Persuasion, regardless of whether it is used to convert an enemy or to teleport an ally. It should use Holy Persuasion's animation for converting (targeting enemies), and the old Test of Faith animation for teleporting (targeting allies or self).
20 December 2017

Chen uses his persuasion responses upon teleporting allies
The persuasion responses are for converting enemy units. They do not fit as teleport responses at all. Therefore, the persuasion responses should not play when targeting allies with the spell. They should only be used when cast on enemy creeps.
20 December 2017

Holy Persuasion's levelup response is hooked to an empty ability slot
Holy Persuasion was moved from the 4th into the 3rd ability slot. The response for maxing Holy Persuasion checks for the 4th ability slot, which is now empty. Therefore, the response currently never triggers.
20 December 2017

Hand of God[edit]

Hand of God doesn't heal Spirit Bears under the caster's control
Hand of God is supposed to heal every unit under the caster's control that is not a ward. But it currently does not heal Lone Druid Spirit Bear icon.png Spirit Bears under the caster's control. All other units do get heal, including other creep-heroes.
20 December 2017

Hand of God sometimes does not play its sound on healed units
Hand of God's sound plays a maximum of 5 times per cast, so that when there are hero clones, or illusions of the caster, the sound does not play on all healed heroes. The same goes for units under Chen's control, where it only plays a maximum of 4 times.
20 December 2017

Hand of God affects dead units under the caster's control
Hand of God heals the caster's dead units, creating the visual effect and playing the sound on them. Since the units are dead, they should not be valid targets for the spell.
20 December 2017


Chen's default mount's icon is not updated and is missing the armor
Some time ago, Chen used to have a separate slot for his mount's armor. That slot was removed and the items merged with the mount item. But the inventory icon was never updated to include the armor.
20 December 2017

Desert Gale Fourchard uses the default weapon particle, which don't fit it
The weapon of the Desert Gale Set (Desert Gale Fouchard) is currently using the default orb particle effects. The effect does not fit the weapon and just randomly hovers on it.
20 December 2017

The weapon particles are not centered properly on the Commanding Rod of the Penitent Nomad and the Square Sky Staff
The default orb particle effect is not centered properly on the following items:

On the Commanding Rod of the Penitent Nomad, the particle is slightly above the orb it is supposed to be on.

On the Square Sky Staff, the orb is far below the orb at the top. It's not even wihin the "head" oft he staff.
20 December 2017

Prospect of the Progenitor's Gaze shoulder item includes misc item
The shoulder slot item of the Prospect of the Progenitor's Gaze set currently include the entire misc slot item's model, which makes the misc slot item completely redundant.
20 December 2017

Two of Chen's custom mounts have unfitting names
Chen has 2 items in the Mount slot which are actually the default mount but with different armoring. But the name of the items suggests that it's a different mount, which they aren't.

These items are:

These 2 items used to be in the mount armor slot, which was removed, so these were moved to the mount slot. Their original names were

Since these cosmetic only change the mount's armor, a more fitting name would be the combination of both
20 December 2017